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Tom Clegg, 06/25/2019 07:21 PM

Cloudtest utility

The arvados-server package provides a cloudtest tool that checks compatibility between your Arvados configuration, your cloud driver, your cloud provider's API, your cloud provider's VM instances, and the worker image you use for Dispatching containers to cloud VMs.

arvados-server cloudtest performs the following sequence:
  1. Create a new instance
  2. Wait for it to finish booting
  3. Run a shell command on the new instance (optional)
  4. Pause while you log in to the new instance and do other tests yourself (optional)
  5. Shut down the instance
This is meant to be a convenient way to expose problems like these:
  • Configured credentials don't work
  • Configured image types don't work
  • Configured driver is not compatible with your cloud API/region
  • Newly created instances are not usable due to a network problem or misconfiguration
  • Selected machine image does not boot properly
  • Selected machine image is incompatible with some instance types
  • Driver has bugs

Before bringing up the arvados-dispatch-cloud service for the first time, we recommend running cloudtest to check your configuration:

$ arvados-server cloudtest -command "crunch-run --list" 

Before updating your configuration with a new VM image, we recommend running cloudtest with the new image

$ arvados-server cloudtest -image-id $new_image_id -command "crunch-run --list" 

After adding an instance type to your configuration, we recommend testing your image with the new instance type:

$ arvados-server cloudtest -instance-type $new_instance_type_name

For a list of additional options, use the -help flag:

$ arvados-server cloudtest -help
  -command string
        Run an interactive shell command on the test instance when it boots
  -config file
        Site configuration file (default "/etc/arvados/config.yml")
        Destroy any existing instances tagged with our InstanceSetID, instead of erroring out
  -image-id string
        Image ID to use when creating the test instance (if empty, use cluster config)
  -instance-set-id value
        InstanceSetID tag value to use on the test instance (default "cloudtest-user@hostname.example")
  -instance-type string
        Instance type to create (if empty, use cheapest type in config)
        Prompt and wait before destroying the test instance