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Peter Amstutz, 08/02/2018 02:11 PM

1 1 Tom Clegg
h1. Collection version history
5 7 Peter Amstutz
Background: desired API features (#13494, #13561) epic ticket is #13109
6 1 Tom Clegg
* Get current + previous versions of a collection with a single API call
* Search all current + previous versions of collections with a single API call
* Stable small numeric "version number" for each version of a given collection
10 8 Peter Amstutz
h2. Design
12 1 Tom Clegg
* Store all versions in the collection table (much easier to do paging)
13 7 Peter Amstutz
* New database column "current_version_uuid" for latest version this the same as "uuid"
14 2 Tom Clegg
* New database column indicates user-friendly version number (starting at 1) -- can be assigned safely after locking "current" row for update
15 3 Tom Clegg
* Assign version number to the current version -- this way {uuid,version} can be used as a permanent reference to a specific version
16 5 Peter Amstutz
* Flag "include_past_versions" for "list" API to include old versions (otherwise, filter on current_version_uuid=uuid -- might need to adjust indexes to maintain performance)
17 1 Tom Clegg
* Flag in site configuration to enable preserving old versions in database
18 7 Peter Amstutz
* Update owner_uuid of all old versions (in a transaction) when it changes in the current version
19 8 Peter Amstutz
* A permission link to the current version only implies permission to the most recent version (not the history)
20 1 Tom Clegg
* Prohibit permission links to old versions (should be handled by check "can only make links to things that are visible to you", which should not include old versions)
* Old versions may not be modified except for certain fields which must be synchronized with "current" version changes (owner_uuid, trash_at, delete_at).  Updating owner_uuid, trash_at, delete_at does not update modified_at so modified_at shows when the version was created
* Old versions with duplicate "name" does not conflict with (owner_uuid, name) uniqueness constraint
23 8 Peter Amstutz
* The following changes introduce a new version: manifest_text (portable_data_hash), description, properties, name, 
* The following changes do not introduce a new version, and a copied to all past version records: replication_*, storage_classes_*, trash_at/delete_at/is_trashed, owner_uuid, uuid (update current_uuid to retain database consistency)
25 7 Peter Amstutz
26 8 Peter Amstutz
h2. Implementation
27 7 Peter Amstutz
28 8 Peter Amstutz
* Implement in Go
* Configuration option to enable/disable