Copyright and licenses

Every commit (even merge commits) must have a DCO sign-off. See Developer Certificate Of Origin.

Most source files must have a copyright notice and license statement.
  • Example: source:services/api/Gemfile
  • Run build/check-copyright-notices to check
  • Run build/check-copyright-notices --fix to add the appropriate statement to files where it's missing (please preview result before committing!)
  • Run build/check-copyright-notices --fix -- path/to/file1 path/to/file2 ... to check only specified file(s) (much faster!)

Third-party code in tree

It is acceptable to copy third-party code into the source tree, although there's usually a better way (e.g., use a Ruby gem and let bundler pull the code from an external repository at package-building time).

Third-party code that has been copied into the source tree:

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