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Bryan Cosca, 01/24/2020 04:07 PM

Curoverse Lunch - Friday at 12:00 (noon) no plastic-ware please.

Bryan uses this for ordering:

2 Vegans
1 Vegetarian
3 Omnivores

Beef Momo x1 (steamed)
Beef Momo x1 (fried)
Veg Momo (Vegan) x2 (steamed)

Pumpkin Balls

Tofu Chocho (Vegetarian)
Pumpkin Curry (Vegan)
KP Tofu (Vegan)

Beef with Butternut Squash
Chili Chicken
Fiery Pork Belly Chili

2x Bhale
White Rice (x4)
Brown Rice (x2)

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Things we've gotten before

Chili Chicken
Pork Gyathuk Chocho (stir fried noodles)
Pork Apple
Beef Tangerine
Peppered Beef
Pork Apple
Pakora (Vegan)
Tofu Almond (Vegetarian)
Pork Momo (fried)
Pakora (Vegan)
House special fried rice
Beef Tangerine
Vegetable Nezom (Vegan)
Lamb Curry
Chili Chicken
Pork Gyathuk Chocho

How to estimate:

  1. amount of "rice" = people * 0.5 (make sure 50-50 brown and white)
  2. amount of "momo & rolls" = people * 0.60
  3. amount of "Meals" = people * 0.75

You can do the class division of omni, vegan, veggie.If in doubt: Round to the upper integer.

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