Curoverse Public Beta Program

Curoverse Public Beta Program gives you the ability to use Arvados for free for 6 months with 1TB of storage and 100 compute hours per month. Please visit our Beta Program to sign up.

This page lists some size limits imposed by the Curoverse public beta cluster. Please note that these are not limitations of Arvados and are applicable only to this specific cluster configuration.

API Server Request Size

The maximum request size supported by the arvados API server in Curoverse public beta is 128MiB.

Thus this limits the size of the request that can be sent by a client when making an API request. For example, the manifest text used to create a new collection cannot exceed this limit.

Compute Nodes

Each compute node in Curoverse public beta cluster uses the configuration of 16 cores, 60GiB RAM, with 300GiB of scratch space on disk to run jobs.

The maximum number of simultaneous compute nodes is 256.


Docker is not available on the standard shell node in Curoverse public beta.

Users who would like to use a shell node to build Docker images can contact Curoverse support at and explain what they plan to work on.

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