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h1. Design & Development Process 

 The design process for Arvados is based on agile development principles. We maintain a list of all known bugs in the Issues database. The development work is currently organized into 3 2 week sprints, but contributions are welcome at any time. 

 The plan for what we build is described in the Backlog of user stories. Anyone is open to contribute user stories by creating a New Issue and making it a story. Please try to write "well crafted stories.":   

 Right now, the engineers at Curoverse decide which Backlog items go into each sprint. As the community expands, we expect to lengthen sprints, and expand use of IRC and email lists to get a lazy consensus on the backlog for each sprint. Of course, you don't have to work on the Backlog. If some other aspect of the project interests or you want to write other code, go for it. The Backlog is just a suggestion.  

 We are starting to organize the work driving towards releases. Look a the [[Roadmap and Release Plan]] to see what we're currently thinking. We expect to shift to a regular release schedule and use a process of online design summits to decide on release themes.