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Tim Pierce, 02/28/2014 04:23 PM
added Warehouse client library installation instructions.

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h1. Installing a Development Arvados Instance
Arvados is primarily intended as a system to be run on large server clusters.  For developers, we have provided a process to build and deploy the Arvados system in "Docker containers": on a single machine.
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# *Install the Arvados servers in Docker containers.* The full process of configuring and building a Docker instance of Arvados is documented in the "docker/": file in the source distribution.
# *Install the client SDKs.* After following those instructions, install the "client libraries": on your workstation as well. Make sure to install all three: Perl, Python and Ruby.
# *Install the Warehouse client library for Perl.* Running Crunch jobs locally requires having the Warehouse SDK for Perl installed locally. Follow the instructions at under "Client Library Installation."
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Once you have installed the servers and started them with @arvdock start@, and installed the client libraries, you should be able to work through the "user tutorials": to upload data into Arvados and run simple Crunch jobs in debug mode.