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Tom Morris, 07/06/2016 04:36 PM
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1 1 Ward Vandewege
h1. IRC and Mailing Lists
3 5 Peter Amstutz
h2. Mailing lists
4 1 Ward Vandewege
5 7 Alexander Wait Zaranek
The "Arvados user mailing list": is a forum for general discussion, questions, and news about using Arvados or developing applications with Arvados.  The "Arvados developer mailing list": is a forum for more technical discussion, intended for developers and contributors to the Arvados platform.
6 5 Peter Amstutz
h2. IRC
9 8 Tom Morris
The "#arvados":irc:// IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel on the "Open and Free Technology Community": ( is available for live discussion and support.  You can use a traditional IRC client or "join OFTC over the web.":