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h1. Governance
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Development of the Arvados software is currently managed by the Curoverse engineering team. Anyone is welcome to [[Download|clone the code]] and make pull requests for the commit team to review.
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If you intend to make a small change, feel free to send a pull request. If you would like to write a more substantial amount of code, please come talk to the development team on IRC or the mailing list before you start work. We might be able to help you avoid unnecessary effort. Your contribution is also much more likely to be merged in a timely fashion if it is based on a conversation with the development team.
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Curoverse is happy to add non-Curoverse developers to the team of committers based on their participation in the project and the quality of their work (as assessed by the existing commit team).
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h2. Creation of a Foundation
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As participation grows in the community, we plan to transfer the governance of the Arvados project to a foundation that is organized in a way similar to the OpenStack project. This will be a function of getting more individuals and organizations involved in the project in the coming year. We're deeply [[Mission, Philosophy and Principles|committed to open source]], so we see this project as one that is ultimately for the community by the community. 
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