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h1. Hacking Arvados

Setting up your development environment:
* [[Arvbox]] provides a self contained development environment
* [[Hacking prerequisites]]: everything you need to run the test suite locally (manual configuration, not needed for Arvbox)
* [[Go]]
* [[Running tests]] for all components, like the "Jenkins server":https://ci.curoverse.com does
* [[Arvswitch]] provides some shell functions that make it easy to switch between different Arvados instances

Development processes:
* [[Coding Standards]]

Learning about technologies:
* [[Go#Learning Go]]

Working on Arvados components:
* [[Hacking API server]]
* [[Hacking Keep]]
* [[Hacking Workbench]]
* [[Hacking SDKs]]
* [[Hacking Python SDK]]
* [[Hacking Ruby SDK]]
* [[Hacking Node Manager]]

Running the very latest code:
* [[Upgrading to master]]