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h1. How to Contribute 

 We encourage interested developers The Arvados project was first introduced at Bio-IT world on April 11, 2013. We're looking for people to join the project and contribute. Resources: 

 * Talk    It's best to us on [[IRC start by [[Download|cloning the source repository]] from Github. Then you can make pull requests for changes that you've made. Right now Tom Clegg and Mailing Lists]] 
 * "Create an account at":/account/register Ward Vandewege are the only two committers, but more will be added to the project over time.  

 With the code in hand, "register for": so you can contribute to post issues and wiki pages participate in redmine 
 * Clone the "source tree": -- @git clone 
 * Fork discussion. Don't forget to [[IRC and Mailing Lists|join the project on github mailing list and send us a pull request 
 IRC chat]] so you can get involved with the discussion with other users.