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Anonymous, 04/17/2013 02:50 PM

Data Manager

The Data Manager enforces policies concerning data access and storage resource consumption. The Data Manager primarily works with Keep, the content addressable distributed file system, to provide additional data management functionality.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Granting access to data blocks (according to permissions found in the system/metadata DB)
  • Monitoring and adjusting redundancy of valuable data blocks (according to targets found in system/metadata DB)
  • Deleting unneeded data blocks to increase disk space
  • Rebalancing data blocks among available disks
  • Monitoring block read and write activity
  • Monitoring free disk space
  • Monitoring disk activity
  • Monitoring disk performance and health (via SMART and empirical measurement)
  • Tracking physical disk changes (disks added, removed, moved)
  • Collecting per-user, per-group, per-node, and per-disk usage statistics

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