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h1. Data Manager 

 The Data Manager enforces policies concerning data access and storage resource consumption. The Data Manager primarily works with [[Keep]], the content addressable distributed file system, to provide additional data management functionality. 

 Its responsibilities include: 

 * Granting access to data blocks (according to permissions found in the system/metadata DB) 
 * Monitoring and adjusting redundancy of valuable data blocks (according to targets found in system/metadata DB) 
 * Deleting unneeded data blocks to increase disk space 
 * Rebalancing data blocks among available disks 
 * Monitoring block read and write activity 
 * Monitoring free disk space 
 * Monitoring disk activity 
 * Monitoring disk performance and health (via SMART and empirical measurement) 
 * Tracking physical disk changes (disks added, removed, moved) 
 * Collecting per-user, per-group, per-node, and per-disk usage statistics