Keep-web flow

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Keep-web serves files from Keep collections as normal HTTP documents.


We are serving arbitrary files, which can include HTML files with Javascript. We don't want serve these files as regular documents from Workbench, because this would expose a cross-site-scripting (XSS) attack where the HTML page is loaded and executed with the credentials of the viewing user.

This is mitigated two ways:

  1. By serving files with "content-disposition: attachment" which tells the browser to open up the download dialog straight away and don't try to show the files.
  2. Using separate a separate domain for downloading, so the browser won't send workbench cookies.

This raises the challenge: how to provide the API token to keep-web to enable download?

keepweb accepts an API token the following ways:

  • With Authorization: OAuth2 header
  • With Authorization: Basic header
  • With ?api_token=xxx query string
  • With a cookie called arvados_api_token
  • With /t=xxx/ at the start of the path
  1. when doing a GET request, the API token must be either part of the request URI or a header (browser does not send the workbench cookie when keep-web is on a different domain)
  2. We want to hide the API token from the user unless it is a "sharing" link

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