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Tom Clegg, 02/07/2019 08:07 PM

Migrating from arvados-node-manager to crunch-dispatch-cloud

Choose a node

The dispatch service can run on any host that can connect to the Arvados API service, the cloud provider's API, and the SSH service on cloud VMs. In the following example it runs on the same node as the API server and controller.

Update cluster configuration file

In /etc/arvados/config.yml, add configuration items for the dispatch service.

      BootProbeCommand: "mount | grep /mnt/scratch" 
      SSHPort: "2222" 
      SyncInterval: 1m
      TimeoutIdle: 2m
      TimeoutBooting: 10m
      TimeoutProbe: 5m
      TimeoutShutdown: 30s
      ImageID: "image-12345678" 
      Driver: Azure
      PrivateKey: "..." 
      StaleLockTimeout: 1m
      PollInterval: 10s
      ProbeInterval: 10s
      MaxProbesPerSecond: 10
        ProviderType: x1.large
        VCPUs: 16
        RAM: 128G
        Scratch: 128G
        Price: 1.23
    ManagementToken: "example-secret-management-token" 
      apiserver:                       # references ARVADOS_NODE_PROFILE in environment file (see below).
          Listen: ":9005" 

Create the host configuration file /etc/arvados/environment.


Stop crunch-dispatch-slurm

Stop and disable the crunch-dispatch-slurm service, and uninstall the package to make sure it doesn't start after the next reboot/upgrade.

# systemctl stop crunch-dispatch-slurm
# systemctl disable crunch-dispatch-slurm
# apt-get remove crunch-dispatch-slurm

Containers that have already been locked and submitted to SLURM will make their way through the SLURM queue, but newly queued containers will be left for crunch-dispatch-cloud to run.

Install crunch-dispatch-cloud

# apt-get install crunch-dispatch-cloud

Verify the service is running

$ token="example-secret-management-token" 
$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" http://localhost:9005/metrics

Verify the service is functional