Moving branches from arvados-workbench2 to arvados repo

Future releases will have workbench2 packages built from the source:services/workbench2 directory in the arvados.git repository.

Procedure for working on a new branch is obvious: create it in the arvados repo instead of the arvados-workbench2 repo, and edit files & run tests in the services/workbench2 directory.

Unmerged branches (12345-example-branch-name) in an arvados-workbench2 workspace (~/arvados-workbench2) should be moved into an arvados workspace (~/arvados) like this:

cd ~/arvados
git checkout -b 12345-example-branch-name
git subtree pull --prefix=services/workbench2 ~/arvados-workbench2/.git 12345-example-branch-name

The default commit message for the resulting merge looks like this:

Merge commit '3c187313eb0211b0f53d303f22097092396d70d5' into 12345-example-branch-name

Please make it look like this instead:

12345: Merge branch '12345-example-branch-name' from arvados-workbench2.git

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Your Name <>

Use git commit --amend if you need to edit the commit message after committing.

The resulting git history should look something like this:

$ git log --oneline --graph
*   6ddf267fd9 (HEAD -> 12345-example-branch-name) Merge branch '12345-example-branch-name' from arvados-workbench2.git
| * 3c187313eb 12345: Your last commit on 12345-example-branch-name in the arvados-workbench2 repo.
* | 3d5a1c29aa (origin/main, main) Merge branch 'some-other-branch'

The branch-vs-main diff in the arvados repo should look the same as it did in the arvados-workbench2 repo, except that the paths now have services/workbench2/ in front:

$ git diff --stat main...
 services/workbench2/ | 1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

Push your branch, and run developer tests at (or to run only the workbench2 tests).

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