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Radhika Chippada, 05/05/2015 07:10 PM

Performance profile workbench


Workbench makes repeated calls for the same object(s) from the API server. Also, workbench sometimes makes multiple calls to the API server. For ex: get a link, one at a time rather than pulling all links needed by the object in one request from API server. This was observed several times in the past. And, we have used “preload-*” in those instances when we noticed this.

As recently as of fixing #5622, it was observed that each link was being retrieved in a separate call. Similar behavior is observed in #5908.

Given this, it is clear that we have this symptom in several areas in workbench. It is likely that we have other such problem patterns in our implementation.

Thus, it makes sense to do performance profiling of workbench to identify potential areas of improvement in workbench. This can also help identify API methods that can be tweaked to improve API server performance.

Proposed solutions

Profile using ruby-prof

This seems like a good profiling tool and we are already using it in our performance testing.

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