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Peter Amstutz, 06/08/2020 08:01 PM

Release Checklist


  1. Create an issue for the release.
  2. Add each of the following steps (starting at step 1) as tasks with the step number in the subject
  3. Assign each task
  4. The current task goes into the "In Progress" column
  5. When the current task is finished, move it to resolved, and move the next task into "In Progress"
  6. Notify the assignee of the next task that it is ready to begin
Step Who Time Estimate What
0 engineering Write lots of great code, build new features
0 engineering Go through
1 engineering Prepare release branch ready for release candidate
2 engineering Review release branch, make sure all commits that need to be in the release are in the release, make sure that dependencies of Python and Ruby packages have upper version pins (to ensure that 3rd party dependencies updated post-stable-release don't break our code)
3 product mgr Create a redmine release for the next point release beyond this one so that future bugfixes can be assigned to it, if there's a chance that such a release will be made.
4 engineering Record git commits that will be used to build the release following the instructions at
5 release eng 2 hours Build release candidate packages
6 product mgr Send out draft release notes
7 everyone Review release notes
8 ops 30 min Deploy RC packages to playground 1
9 bfx 27 hours Run bam-to-vcf pipeline on playground 1
10 ops 30 min Deploy RC packages to su92l 1
11 everyone Test playground/su92l 1
12 product mgr Sign off on last built RC as the release
13 release eng 1 hour Push packages to stable repos (
14 release eng 1 hour Publish arvados/jobs docker image, Python packages and Ruby gems
15 release eng Tag the commits in each repo used to build the release in git
16 product mgr Add release notes to and Update release list at
17 product mgr Send release notes to arvados and arvados-dev mailing list, tweet from the Arvados account about the new release, announce on gitter, notify customers, etc

1 If issues are discovered in these steps, get a fix developed, reviewed and merged, and then update the ops ticket from step 3 with the relevant new git commit(s), notify ops, and resume the checklist from step 4.