Release Status

Arvados is still in beta, but can be used for day-to-day production work. If you are interested in helping to design and improve Arvados, please join us on IRC or on the mailing lists.

The following core components have been implemented:
  • REST API server
  • Client-side pipeline manager
  • Workbench Web front-end
  • Keep server and proxy
  • FUSE driver
  • Crunch job manager
  • Node Manager
The following core components are still under development:
  • Data Manager: Data Manager has the logic to determine which Keep blocks should be moved or removed. However, integration work with the Keep daemon is ongoing.
Most APIs are stable, with only back-end support or critical bugfixes anticipated.
  • The Arvados REST API is not officially v1.0 but very stable.
  • Keep client API is stable. System-facing API (e.g., related to garbage collection) is still in development.
  • Crunch v1 API (job task environment) is very stable.
SDKs are stabilizing but may receive further development based on need.
  • Python SDK is stable. The next major planned development is a new API to define and dispatch Crunch work.
  • Ruby SDK is stable but lacks a native Keep client.
  • Go SDK is stable but lacks higher-level API interfaces.
  • CLI SDK is stable but could use a number of interface and implementation improvements:
    • Incorporate core commands like arv copy, arv edit, and resource manipulation into the Python SDK, to trim down the installation requirements for client software.
    • Provide nicer options to let users query and manipulate resources with less inline JSON.
  • Rails SDK (an ActiveRecord-like interface) is not yet packaged separately from the Workbench app.
Documentation is in active development.
  • Tutorials and examples are pretty settled, but improve along with supporting SDKs and tools.
  • Install docs are incomplete, but improving rapidly and a major focus area.
  • API docs are uneven. Important models like Collection and Job are well-documented, but others only provide a basic field overview with no details.
  • Admin docs are a terse cookbook and could use expansion.

Last update: July 2015

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