Releasing Java SDK packages

The Java SDK is distributed on the Sonatype artifact repository. Here are the steps to release a new jar file:


  1. Build and upload package using
  2. Go to and log in with the appropriate credentials (gopass
  3. Under "Build Promotion" on the left sidebar, click on "Staging Repostories"
  4. Find "orgarvados-XXXX" and click on it
  5. In the toolstrip, click on "Close" -- this locks the repository against further changes and runs validation checks
  6. The validation checks take a few minutes. You can monitor it on the "Activity" tab
  7. Once the validations have passed, you'll be able to hit the "Release" button
  8. This moves the packages to the release repository and drops (deletes) the staging repository
  9. Reportedly there is lag of a few minutes on when a released package becomes visible / searchable