Roadmap and Release Plan

Arvados releases are named after elements in the periodic table, starting with names we think are cool, in alphabetical order.

Beryllium Release

Completed Date
January 2014

  • Workbench: log in, set up access, monitor jobs and pipelines
  • Python/Ruby SDKs, CLI tool, example crunch scripts and pipelines
  • Tutorials and API documentation
  • Packaging for deployment and development

Argon Release

Completed Date
July 2013

Create and run pipelines in an AWS instance for Arvados

  • Refactored, stable set of core REST APIs
  • Stable syntax for describing pipelines
  • New naming for internal components
  • Works with ext4 volumes on EBS
  • Very basic version of Workbench to browse files
  • Very basic metadata attributes
  • Complete User Guide for Argon Release features