Source Tree Overview

This page outlines the organization of individual components in the Arvados source tree, with links to more information about each component. Check the Release Status of these components.


The source repository is available from GitHub.

git clone git://


Component Path in source tree Links
Single sign-on authentication server (external)
API server and metadata database /services/api Hacking API server
Keep Content Addressable Storage server /services/keepstore
Hacking Keep
Keep Data Manager /services/datamanager
Keep FUSE driver /services/fuse
Crunch work dispatcher /services/api/scripts/crunch-dispatch.rb
Arvados Git repository server /services/arv-git-httpd
Node Manager /services/nodemanager Hacking Node Manager
SDKs (Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, Go, CLI tools) /sdk Hacking HQ includes links with more about each SDK
User documentation
Workbench (web based console/dashboard) /apps/workbench Hacking Workbench
Crunch scripts /crunch_scripts Includes run-command, utility, and tutorial scripts
Docker images for Arvados /docker Most images are designed to let you run a small test Arvados cluster on a single host.
Documentation /doc See Documentation and

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