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Tom Clegg, 08/16/2014 12:55 AM

Source Tree Overview and Implementation Status

This page indicates current implementation status for Arvados components, and where each component's source code can be found.


The source repository is available from github.

git clone git://


Component Path in source tree Status / notes
API server and metadata database /services/api/ Hacking API server
Pipeline Manager /sdk/cli/bin/arv-run-*
MapReduce Engine (Crunch) /services/crunch/ Also see /services/api/script/crunch-dispatch.rb
Keep Content Addressable Storage server /services/keepstore
Hacking Keep
Single sign-on authentication server (external)
Documentation /doc/ See Documentation and
Docker containers for Arvados /docker/ Permits running Arvados in Docker containers on a local Linux system.
Command line tools (CLI SDK) /sdk/cli alpha.   gem install arvados-cli
Language SDKs (Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, Go) /sdk
Workbench (web based console/dashboard) /apps/workbench