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h1. Source Tree Overview

This is an introduction to the source code of the Arvados services, components, SDKs, and sample applications (clients).

h2. Download

Get the code: instructions live on the [[Download]] page.

h2. Components

|*Component* |*Name* |*Source path* |*Notes*|
|API server |API server |/services/api/ ||
|Content Addressable Storage server |Keep |/services/keep/ |Currently using server from Free Factories project, pending rewrite.| ||
|Authentication server |SSO server |/services/sso/ ||
|Documentation |Documentation|/doc/ |Build static html with jekyll: gem install jekyll; cd doc; jekyll; output in _site/|
|Command line client |wh |/sdk/cli |beta|
|Rails SDK |Rails SDK |/sdk/rails |planned|
|Python SDK |Python SDK |/sdk/python |alpha|
|Ruby SDK |Ruby SDK |/sdk/ruby |planned|
|Web based console/dashboard |Workbench |/apps/workbench |Explorer |/apps/explorer ||