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h1. Source Tree Overview

This is an introduction to the source code of the Arvados services, components, SDKs, and sample applications (clients).

h2. Repository Download

The source repository is available from github.

git clone git://
Get the code: instructions live on the [[Download]] page.

h2. Components

|*Component* |*Source path* |*Notes*|
|API server |/services/api/ ||
|Keep Content Addressable Storage server|/services/keep/ |Currently using server from Free Factories project, pending rewrite.|
|Single sign-on authentication server |/services/sso/ ||
|Documentation |/doc/ |Build static html with jekyll: gem install jekyll; cd doc; jekyll; output in _site/|
|Command line tools (CLI SDK) |/sdk/cli |beta|
|Rails SDK |/sdk/rails |planned|
|Python SDK |/sdk/python |alpha|
|Ruby SDK |/sdk/ruby |planned|
|Workbench (web based console/dashboard)|/apps/workbench ||