Sprint 2014-04-16

Sprint Focus: Dev tools and data/resource management

Release notes for sprint ending April 16, 2014:


  • Display collection tags wherever available
  • Render thumbnails of images in collections
  • All public PGP data and human/trait metadata available in Workbench


  • Second-generation Keep server implemented in Go

Metadata server

  • Research into SPARQL-based metadata server SPARQL begun
  • Performance testing work underway


  • Fixing race conditions

Admin tools

  • Improved logging
  • Rich tools for creating new users via Workbench
    • Admin can quickly reset test user accounts
    • Users receive email notification by default
  • More finely-grained administrator permissions
  • Data Manager underway: report disk usage per user and per site

Bug fixes

  • arvados.api(‘v1’).collections().list(limit=X).execute()
  • make rake linkchecker
  • Workbench search returns everything
  • Login screen crashes
  • Dynamic page reloads for pipeline instances


  • "Hacking Workbench" written, to be added to the Wiki