Updating Zenodo Version of Arvados after Release

  1. Login to zenodo (
    • Use the sysadmin account not your personal account, use password and login made available (gopass zenodo)
  2. Go here - and selection the New Version option:
    • Using the version let's us use the overarching doi for our and also let's us keep all the versions together
  3. Update the zip files to get the latest version (needs to be zip of the latest release, I got it from what was available in github)
  4. Update version number, publication date, documentation link (in additional notes field)
    • All other updates are optional. Updating author list is recommended if new people have started working on Arvados
  5. Once you add you can't change the doi but everything else is editable if you accidentally make a mistake. So, don't worry :)
    • Don't make a new version, just edit the one you already have.

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