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h1. Website Checking Tools 

 h2.      Responsiveness/mobile 


     Firefox Responsive Design Mode (CTRL + SHIFT + M shortcut on linux) 
     Resize the window to really small (mobile, or xs- in bootstrap, then increase a little to about 400-800 px when the medium viewport must trigger, or md I think in bootstrap) 

 h2. Accessibility 

     WAVE - 
     Firefox - Right click anywhere on the screen and "Inspect Accessibility Properties" 
     Accessi - 
 * - 
     For contrast, my favorite is squinting my eyes… similar to how you can do to simplify colors in a painting… I find that when the text color fades and almost disappears, that's normally because of bad contrast, and users with disabilities/diseases that cause blurred vision probably won't be comfortable reading it (I did that for and noticed some text that was hard to read, before testing with WAVE & accessi :joy: I just try never let anyone see me doing it) - 
     ORCA Linux screen reader - I find that these automated reports are useful for auditing, but for really confirm if a site is accessible, the best is always to ask a person with a disability to test it, or use a screen reader. Windows has a screen reader that's a lot better than ORCA. 




     Chrome Lighthouse - 


     Link Check 
 * Check: 

     W3C Link Checker - 

     Typos & Grammar 

     WebStorm (it has a "Inspect" feature that uses a dictionary for typos, and a mix of custom language-rules & LanguageTools for Grammar). Not perfect, and I only run it when I have the code (I didn't use it for 


     These two pages recommended by google, for tags - (e.g. 


     Firefox console, checking for warnings/errors.