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h1. Orvos Open Source Project Wiki

h2. Store, organize, analyze and share omic data.

Orvos is an open source platform designed
The wiki has most of the information you need to make it easy to build large-scale cloud computing environments for working with NGS data and other biomedical big data. The platform provides get a set good understanding of powerful services Orvos. It also includes lots of working docs for data management, pipeline management, distributed computing, and high-performance analysis. It's designed different aspects of the project to run on multiple cloud operating systems including Amazon Web Services and OpenStack.

support the development effort.

[[Introduction to Orvos]]
[[Technical Architecture]]
[[Data Manager]]
[[Content Addressable Objective File Store ("Keep")]]
[[Pipeline Manager]]
[[MapReduce Engine ("Jobs"]])
[[User Dashboard ("Workbench")]]
[[API Server ("Juicer")]]
[[System and Metadata Database ("Bob")]]
[[Documentation]] |

*Getting Started*
[[How to Get The Code]]
[[Source Tree Overview]]
[[Compute Node Setup]]
[[EC2 Compute Node Life Cycle]]
[[User Guide]]

[[Mission, Philosophy and Principles]]
[[IRC and Mailing Lists]]
[[How to Contribute]]
[[Design Process]]
[[Roadmap and Release Plan]]

[[Licensing Terms]]
[[Website Privacy Policy]]
[[Website Terms of Use]]
[[Individual Contributor Agreement]] |