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h1. Orvos Open Source Project Wiki

The wiki has most of the information you need to get a good understanding of Orvos. It also includes lots of working docs for different aspects of the project to support the development effort.

*Platform Overview*
[[Introduction to Orvos]]
[[Technical Architecture]] Data Management System
[[Data Manager]] Compute Management System
[[Content Running on Cloud OS
Orvos Content
Addressable Objective File Store ("Keep")]] Storage (Keep)
[[Pipeline Manager]]
[[MapReduce Engine ("Jobs"]])
Orvos Pipeline Management (Jobs)
[[User Orvos User Dashboard ("Workbench")]] (??)
[[API API Server ("Juicer")]]
[[System & Metadata Database ("Bob")]]
[[SDKs]] SDKs
[[Documentation]] Orvos Documentation Project

*Getting Started*
Installation How-To howto
Compute Node Setup node setup
EC2 Compute Node Life Cycle compute node life cycle
User Guide

How to Contribute
Contributor Agreement
How to Get Code
Submitting Code
IRC and Mailing Lists
Source Tree Overview tree overview

Project Principles
Overview of Process Philosophy
User Personas
What is a Story
Contributing Stories and Voting on Stories
Managing Issues
Managing Backlog
Roadmap and Release Plan

Website Privacy Policy
Website Terms of Use
Project Individual Contributor Agreement
Code License Agreement