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h1. Arvados

_*Store, organize, analyze and share omic data.*_

Arvados is an open source platform for building large-scale cloud computing environments and working with NGS data and other biomedical big data. The platform provides services for data management, pipeline management, distributed computing, provenance, and high-performance analysis. It uses a horizontally scaling architecture designed to run on multiple cloud operating systems including Amazon Web Services and OpenStack.

*Platform Overview*
[[Introduction to Arvados]]
[[Technical Architecture]]
[[Data Manager]]
[[Keep]] (content addressable storage system)
[[MapReduce Jobs]]
[[Workbench]] (web dashboard / console)
[[REST API Server]]
[[System and Metadata Database]]

*Using Arvados*
[[Download]] -- download the code
"Getting started": -- sign up, log in to Workbench, log in to VM.
[[Hello World]] -- run a sample analysis pipeline, then customize the analysis.
"API Reference":

*Contributing and hacking*
[[Source Tree Overview]]

[[Mission and Principles]]
[[IRC and Mailing Lists]]
[[How to Contribute]]
[[Design Process]]
[[Roadmap and Release Plan]]

[[Licensing Terms]]
[[Website Privacy Policy]]
[[Website Terms of Use]]