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h1. Orvos Open Source Project Wiki

The wiki has most of the information you need to get a good understanding of Orvos. It also includes lots of working docs for different aspects of the project to support the development effort.

*Platform Overview*
[[Introduction to Orvos]]
[[Technical Architecture]]
[[Data Manager]]
[[Content Addressable Objective File Store ("Keep")]]
[[Pipeline Manager]]
[[MapReduce Engine ("Jobs"]])
[[User Dashboard ("Workbench")]]
[[API Server ("Juicer")]]
[[System & Metadata Database ("Bob")]]

*Getting Started*
[[Compute Node Setup]]
[[EC2 Compute Node Life Cycle]]
[[User Guide]]

How to Contribute
Contributor Agreement
How to Get Code
Submitting Code
IRC and Mailing Lists
[[Source Source Tree Overview]] Overview

Project Principles
Overview of Process Philosophy
User Personas
What is a Story
Contributing Stories and Voting on Stories
Managing Issues
Managing Backlog
Roadmap and Release Plan

Website Privacy Policy
Website Terms of Use
Project Individual Contributor Agreement
Code License Agreement