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h1. Arvados Contributor Wiki

This wiki has information related to the open source project. It's a work in progress, so come back often for updates and feel free to become a contributor.


h2. Platform Overview

* [[Introduction to Arvados]]
* [[Technical Architecture]]
* [[Cloud Operating Systems and Virtualization]]
* [[Provenance and Reproducibility]]
* [[Federation and Data Sharing]]
* [[Glossary of Arvados Terms]]

h2. Key Components

h3. Storage

* [[Keep]], the content addressable distributed storage service
[[Data Manager]]
* [[Computation and Pipeline Processing]] [[Keep|Content Addressable Distributed File System ("Keep")]]
* [[System and Metadata Database]]
** [[REST API Server]]
[[Names -- Unique Descriptors for Objects]]
* [[SDKs]], including the Python library [[System and the CLI "arv" tool Metadata Database]]

h3. Development

* [[Computation and Pipeline Processing|Computation and Pipeline Processing]]

* [[Workbench]], the web-based application for doing day-to-day work in Arvados

[[Workbench|Web-Based User Interface ("Workbench")]]
* [[REST API Server]]
* [[SDKs|SDKs and Command Line Interface]]

h2. Using Arvados

* [[Release Status]] — Important!
* "User Guide": — How to manage data and do analysis with Arvados.
* "API Reference": — Details about the Arvados APIs.

h2. Contributing and hacking

* [[Source Tree Overview|Source Tree Overview and Implementation Status]]
* [[Installing a Development Arvados Instance]]
* [[How to Contribute]]
* [[Documentation|Documentation Project]]

h2. Community

* [[Mission and Principles]]
* [[Governance]]
* [[IRC and Mailing Lists]]
* [[Design Process]]
* [[Roadmap and Release Plan]]
* [[History]]
* [[Arvados Summit - Fall 2013]]

h2. Legal

* [[Licensing Terms]]