Workbench2 feature parity

Feature list

Google Sheet (not synced with redmine)

Missing/buggy/incomplete feature Note Issue #
Responsive layout, reflows based on window width horizontal layout is very bad
Title bar
Keyword search there's UI for it but it doesn't seem to work as expected
Go directly to page by pasting UUID or PDH into search
Browse public projects has "shared with me" but not public projects as such
Link to Composer
Link to manage git incorrectly located on the admin menu
"Link accounts" feature
there is no dashboard
List of things currently running and recently finished
Project page
Edit name technically possible, but no affordance for editing current project, can access actions through context menu on parent project or sidebar, updating name fails to update sidebar and breadcrumbs
Textile formatted description, display and edit offers HTML rich text editor, doesn't support textile
Browse specific item type (collection, process, workflow, subproject, "other") doesn't have "other" but we probably don't need it
Visit item page Must double click which is not a typical web app gesture
Select individual items, select all/unselect all no multi-selection
Combine selected collections
Copy selected item(s) to another project single item only
Move selected item(s) to another project single item only
Trash selected item(s) single item only
Run a process in current project new process button appears to ignore current project
Only show top level processes
Manage sharing with users sharing popup is confusing
Manage sharing with groups sharing popup only shares with users, not groups?
Show most recent things first can sort by date
Collection page
Display/edit textile-formatted description Doesn't support textile, and doesn't offer the rich-text HTML editor either
Display collection PDH, easy to copy
Create sharing link
Delete a file Got "TypeError: fileViewers.filter is not a function"
Rename a file
Download file Doesn't pass token to keep-web #14671
View file in browser Supposed to use "file viewers" feature but that feature is incomplete?
select all/unselect all
Deleted selected files Confusing, can select files but not sure what action to use
Extract selected files to a new collection
Provenance/used by graphs
Advanced view (API response) a bunch of fields are undefined or null that should be filled in
Navigate to collection by PDH, or show menu of collections with same PDH I tried this and it just spun in a circle
Work unit page
Display/edit textile-formatted description Doesn't support textile, and doesn't offer the rich-text HTML editor either
Run summary (start/stop time) Doesn't calculate run time, queued time
request uuid Available under "Details" sidebar, but sidebar is buggy, doesn't track currently viewed item
who it ran as (legacy code is using modified_by_user_uuid but this should be runtime_user_uuid)
container uuid has a link, but broken when you try to visit it
runtime constraints keys are mangled by capitalizing the first letter
Link to Docker image incorrectly linked (output_path is also incorrectly linked)
command line mangled with backslash quoting, no line breaks
cwl.input.json with links to collections opens a modal but display is broken
live logs live log is unreadable, rendered black-on-black
See logs from collection "Go to Log collection" text doesn't link to anything
provenance, parent workflow (for child containers)
Advanced view (API response) Mangles keys so mounts like "/var/lib/cwl/cwl.input.json" display as "varLibCwlCwlInputJson"
Child processes with summary name, status, runtime Layout is too compressed, can't read the name
Get details of child processes Cannot expand or visit child process from parent view
Re-run, enable/disable container reuse There's a re-run button but it doesn't seem to do anything
Workflow page
Display/edit workflow name
Display/edit textile-formatted description
Run this workflow but layout is terrible, run action is scrolled off the right side
Copy, move this workflow no action or context menu
Advanced view (API response)
Multi-site search
Manage remote sites Page exists but I haven't tested it
Keyword search across multiple clusters Untested
Manage ssh keys
Use the "comment" part of the key for the default name
List keys by name, key fingerprint No key fingerprint
Virtual machines
Explain how to configure ssh to go through switchyard Uses in the example
Manage git repositories
is under the "admin" menu not the "user" menu
Link to individual git repository page Only "attributes" popup. uuid is blank
Git repository page
Rename repository
Link accounts
Add another login to this account, or use this login to access another account
Log in as 2nd user
Group page
Rename group
(workbench1 does not have user management on the groups page, neither does wb2)
Users list for admins
User page for admins There's a "manage" action but doesn't seem to go anywhere
Log in as user
Set up shell account for user (general "set up" feature)
Deactivate (unsetup) user
Assign group membership
Trash page
Show trashed collections with name, parent project, date of trash/deletion, uuid/PDH, untrash button Missing parent project
Show trashed projects with name, parent project, date of trash/deletion, uuid, untrash button Missing parent project
Can select multiple and untrash all selected
404 page
Offer to untrash target if it wasn't found because it was trashed Seems like the /collections endpoints just spins forever if you try to navigate to a UUID it can't find, wonder about other error handling

Other stuff

  • Loading projects is sluggish. I haven't determined if this is due to running a development build of wb2, or if the underlying project/contents API being used is slow and needs to be optimized.
  • Does not cover adding federation features to wb2

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