Arvados 1.3

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Major new features:


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points

Closed Sprints

2018-09-05 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14152 Bug [keepstore] S3 support for AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 required for Frankfurt 0.5

2018-09-19 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14087 Feature [controller] Fetch remote-hosted collections by PDH 2.0
14203 Bug Container fails when initial working directory and output share a directory
13994 Feature [Keepstore] Fetch blocks from federated clusters 3.0
13773 Feature "Will fail" status for failing (but not yet failed) containers 3.0
13993 Feature [API] Fetch remote-hosted collection by UUID 2.0
14082 Bug [c-d-s] validation needs to be done if outdirMin is a number with decimals
13973 Bug CR Priority does not propagate to children

2018-10-03 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13573 Feature GA4GH WES action items from Toronto 1.0
13619 Feature [Controller] Federated multi object retrieval 3.0
10181 Feature Crunch job output logging improvement stories 2.0
14201 Feature [API] Accept "exclude_home_project" flag in groups#contents 1.0
14197 Feature [controller] Federated container requests 2.0
13752 Bug Cannot find collection using exact file name 0.5
14242 Idea [controller] Verify hash on manifest text when querying by PDH 0.5
14236 Bug [WebDAV] Can't delete the last file in a collection
10865 Feature [Crunch2] [Crunch1] Disable crunch1 APIs by default on new installs 0.5
13493 Feature Federated record retrieval 1.0

2018-10-17 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14285 Feature [keep-balance] metrics endpoint 1.0
13964 Bug crunch-dispatch-cloud spike 1.0
14274 Bug "FactoryGirl" deprecation warning in API tests
14196 Feature [API] issues v2 format auth tokens 1.0
14199 Feature [keepstore] copy block from remote keepstore to local keepstore 2.0
14086 Idea [keep-web] Serve previous collection versions 0.5
12690 Bug crunchstat-summary --container-request does not report on keep i/o
12748 Bug [crunch2] crunchstat-summary doesn't report elapsed time for crunch2 jobs
13759 Bug crunchstat-summary Error parsing value

2018-10-31 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14407 Bug [Workbench] tests fail on current version of firefox
14337 Bug [1.2.0] search performance regression on e51c5
14388 Bug [keep-balance] reporting or replication accounting bug
14398 Bug [keep-balance] deadlock on index retrieval error
14299 Idea [keep-balance] Ensure blocks referenced by old collection versions are safe from garbage collection 1.0
14260 Feature [API] Add "runtime_token" field to container_requests 1.0
14366 Idea Crunch 1 to Crunch 2 migration documentation
13561 Feature [API] Store, and add APIs to retrieve, previous versions of collection objects 0.5
14377 Bug [API] 401 on 4xphq with generated token

2018-11-14 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14475 Bug [Controller] POST .../collections/$uuid seems to have broken Workbench integration tests
14458 Bug [controller] collection federation panic send on closed channel
14397 Bug [keepstore] S3 (frankfurt): delete calls fail with "A header you provided implies functionality that is not implemented"
14455 Bug [API][Workbench] Security vulnerability on loofah dependency
14406 Feature [SDK] Go collection uses copy remote block to local keepstore 2.0
14259 Feature [SDK] Python collection class uses copy remote block to local keepstore 2.0
14262 Feature [Controller] Specify runtime_token when creating container requests on a remote cluster 2.0
14328 Bug [e51c5] crunch-run <-> docker issues
14323 Feature [API] Accept container mounts that specify both uuid and portable_data_hash 1.0

2018-11-28 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14507 Bug [controller] database ping failed
14497 Bug [API][Workbench] Security vulnerability on rack
14423 Bug [keepstore] Misleading log messages say Deleted but mean "marked as trash"
14419 Bug [keepstore] while deleting a lot of blocks: fatal error: concurrent map writes
14516 Bug [api] merged account usernames should be taken into account when calculating the next available username
14519 Bug [Workbench] Textile table markup
14520 Bug SSO security issue
14440 Idea Write user documentation for writing and running distributed workflows 1.0
14345 Bug [webdav] Windows/Mac compatibility -- empty folders and locking
14441 Bug [sso] merge account feature issues
13197 Idea Support distributed analysis across clusters in a Roche federation
13109 Feature Support collection versions
13932 Idea [Epic] Roche 2018 NRE
14483 Idea Update ruaml version for a-c-r
14198 Feature [CWL] run steps on remote clusters 3.0

2018-12-12 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14583 Bug dockerCollectionPDH breaks cwltool in RunInSingleContainer
14576 Bug [1.3.0] performance: slow postgres collections queries
14551 Bug [Workbench] As an admin, using the "Log in as..." button uses v1 tokens
14560 Bug [1.3.0] error: ERROR: string is too long for tsvector (2299194 bytes, max 1048575 bytes)