Arvados v1.4 - Q1/Q2 2019


  • New Arvados Workbench implementation as a single page web app using the React framework (Beta)
  • New Java SDK
  • Rails 5 support in API Server & Workbench 1
  • Prometheus metrics support in a number of components
  • arvados-cwl-runner updated to support Python 3. Arvados will be ready for Python 2.x retirement at end of 2019.
  • all Arvados utilities written in Python now packaged with their own virtualenv to minimize dependency issues
  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04
  • Support for Python 3.7 in Python SDK


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
14338 Feature [Workbench] add flag to disable repositories menu items in workbench
14110 Bug crunch-dispatch-slurm is DoSing SLURM
13952 Feature [Data operations] Data operations view - Files card - files context menu
13563 Feature Login service 2.0
13776 Feature [Data operations] Process Statuses

Closed Sprints

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 1


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13590 Feature Main app bar component 2.5
13545 Feature Service for reading arvados projects 5.0
13535 Feature Tree component 5.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13683 Feature Apply sorting and filtering to available data from projects and collections
13679 Feature Empty-data-table
13634 Feature Data explorer context menu
13633 Feature Data explorer column filtering component
13628 Feature Connect breadcrumbs with project tree component
13618 Feature Tree component adjustments for dynamic content
13610 Feature Improve project service to load tree structures
13598 Idea Left side panel
13601 Idea Basic data exploring component
13622 Bug Root tree contains subprojects
13632 Feature Collections service
13637 Feature Workbench general look adjustments
13666 Feature Data mapper for data explorer

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13694 Idea [Data operations] Project creation
13765 Idea [Looking for data and advanced search] Information inside Details Panel
13777 Feature Double click handler in project panel
13704 Feature [Navigation] Details panel
13703 Feature [Navigation] Data explorer and contents API
13684 Feature Create project - functionality in project service
13678 Feature Connect data explorer to the store
13748 Feature API host configuration
13702 Idea [Data operations] Contents API
13775 Bug Custom theme tests errors
13747 Bug Incorrect items in project tree
13770 Bug Browser context menu opens on top of app context menu

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 4


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13886 Feature Integrate toggling favorites with snackbar notifications
13805 Feature Extract context-menu view component
13798 Feature [Workbench] Refactoring - Michał Kłobukowski
13797 Feature [Workbench] Refactoring - Artur Janicki
13796 Feature [Workbench] Refactoring - Paweł Kowalczyk
13889 Bug Bad temporary base api url
13885 Support [Navigation] Refactor and unify icons on tree component
13753 Feature [Navigation] Favorite view 1.0
13781 Feature [Data operations] Creating a project validation 2.0
13784 Idea [Data operations] Add to favorite 3.0
13786 Feature [Navigation] Current token 1.0
13764 Support [Workbench] Icons from FontAwesome to 1.0
13840 Feature Favourites service
13834 Feature Update icons in context menu
13817 Feature Runtime project configuration 1.0
13705 Feature [Data operations] Item common details service 3.0
13750 Bug Project item remain active when another side panel is activated 1.0
13746 Bug Infinite project loading animation 1.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13967 Feature Collection files stringifier
13855 Feature [Data operations] Data Collection view - Files card 8.0
13856 Idea [Data operations] Data uploading (upload component) 5.0
13854 Feature [Looking for data] Data Collection view - Tags card 3.0
13905 Feature [Workbench] Restoring correct tree state and panel item highlighting on page refresh with given url 2.0
13901 Feature [Services] Architecture revisiting (part I) 2.0
13887 Support [Data operations] Extract common functionality from project-panel and favorites-panel 2.0
13903 Feature [Data operations] Edit collection (popup) 3.0
13893 Feature [Data operations] Collection creation 3.0
13830 Feature Change SnakeCase to UPPER_CASE in enums 1.0
13853 Feature [Data operations] Data Collection view - Information card 3.0
13883 Bug [Workbench] Arrow animation is not working after loading 1.0
13819 Bug [DEMO] No functions available on Arvados Workbench 2 Demo

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14015 Feature Rename a file
14014 Feature Create a collection with selected files
14013 Feature Upload collection files using WebDAV
13990 Feature Collection files listing, download and removal based WebDAV service
13989 Feature WebDAV service
14078 Feature [Workbench] Obtain configuration data from rest endpoint 1.0
13988 Feature [Data operations] Make a copy (popup) 3.0
13902 Feature [Data operations] UI - Move to (popup) 3.0
14058 Feature Build number / Git short hash commit info on the app toolbar 1.0
13894 Feature [Workbench] Display information when page doesn't contain any content 2.0
14044 Support Filter builder and Order builder simplification 2.0
14007 Support [Refactoring] Replacing relative imports with typescript paths 1.0
13831 Idea [Data operations] Move to (projects) 2.0
13896 Idea [Data operations] Move to (collections) 2.0
13833 Idea [Data operations] Edit project (projects) 2.0
13898 Idea [Data operations] Edit collection (collections) 2.0
13979 Bug [Data Operations] Creating Project - name of previously created project is still populating name field when creating another 1.0
14024 Bug [Workbench] Undefined config variables
13992 Bug [Projects] Creating a Collection within a Project does not refresh the list of Collections 1.0
14039 Bug Project Details View improvements 1.0
13986 Bug [Projects] Create project button is not visible if there are no projects or nothing on the tree is selected 1.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 7


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13897 Idea [Data operations] Make a copy (collections) 3.0
14095 Bug [Workbench] Filters shouldnt be at every column in data-explorer 1.0
13859 Feature [Running a workflow] Process view - subprocesses 3.0
13828 Feature [Data operations] Trash view 3.0
14099 Feature [Running a workflow] Process service - status for subprocesses 3.0
13858 Feature [Running a workflow] Process view - Information card 3.0
14098 Feature [Running a workflow] Log view 3.0
14100 Feature [Running a workflow] Process service - Log 3.0
14138 Feature [Running a workflow] Log CodeSnippet 2.0
13860 Feature [Running a workflow] Process view - status for subprocesses 3.0
14119 Support [Data operations] Improvement of uploading files in collection 2.0
14102 Support [Architecture] Actions repository 5.0
14103 Support [Data operations] Improve dialogs 5.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14186 Feature Progress indicator store
13751 Feature [Navigation] Shared with me view 3.0
14155 Idea [Data operations] Edit (process) 2.0
14096 Idea [Data operations] Move to (process) 2.0
14097 Idea [Data operations] Make a copy (process) 2.0
14161 Feature [UI] Focus on first input elements is missing, default button don't react on Enter 2.0
14130 Feature [Running a workflow] Command modal 3.0
14141 Feature [Backend] Trashed files 1.0
14125 Feature [Navigation] Help panel 2.0
14084 Support [Workbench] Workbench primary and secondary color 1.0
14137 Support [Data operations] "+ New " button 3.0
14148 Support [Data operations] Icons for Log and Command, Inputs, Outputs in process context menu 1.0
14149 Support [Navigation] Improvements of top bar and breadcrumbs 3.0
14038 Bug [UI] Allow resizing of left side tree panel 2.0
14093 Bug [Workbench] Max-width for 'name' in data-explorer 1.0
14135 Bug [Bug][Side Bar][Layout] The layout design can be corrupted by using the TAB button 2.0
14183 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Layout can be altered when accessing "Creating a collection with selected" 1.0
14206 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Accessibility] Icons' descriptions are not displayed when using TAB hover 1.0
14178 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Text] Missing tooltip for More Options icons 1.0
14219 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Text] Missing tooltip for "Filters" icon 1.0
14180 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Text] Missing tooltip for Restore icon in Trash View 1.0
14160 Bug [Trash view] Entire view disappears after typing text in search bar that cannot by found 2.0
14123 Bug [Bug][Top Bar][Functionality] Top-left Title does not function as a link 1.0
14166 Bug [Bug][Top Bar][Text] Description for "?" is missing 1.0
14127 Bug [Bug][Top Bar][Accessibility] Menu triggered by clicking on the "?" icon is placed incorrectly 1.0
14146 Bug [Improvement][New Project][Text] Inconsistent naming between "New Project" and menu it triggers 1.0
14144 Bug [Bug][Side Bar][Text] "Recent open" sub-menu title does not have the correct form 1.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 9


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14225 Idea [Running a workflow] Merge running a process elements 3.0
14041 Support [Workbench] General UI improvement ideas - upload icon 1.0
13857 Feature [Navigation] Workflow view 5.0
13935 Feature [Workbench] Log in page 1.0
14120 Feature [Data operations] Project description - rich text editor 5.0
14244 Feature [Data operations] Context menu for collection in trash
14224 Bug [Bug][Running a workflow] Correct shell quoting in command modal 1.0
14266 Bug [Bug][Collection][Functionality] It is impossible to upload data into a created collection 1.0
14265 Bug [Bug][Top Bar][Graphic] Search icon in Search bar is misplaced 1.0
14271 Feature [Running a workflow] Search facility 2.0
13861 Idea [Running a workflow] Run a process - workflow selection 3.0
14043 Bug [Data operations] Switch the "tagging" (adding properties) to use the collections API instead of the links API 3.0
14163 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Performance] A screen flicker can be observed when accessing Trash 1.0
14221 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] User is moved to Shared with me after opening a project in Trash 1.0
14185 Bug [Bug][Side Bar][Performance] A page flicker can be observed when accessing any of the Side Bar sub-menus for the first time 1.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 10


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14080 Feature [Data operations] CWL graphs 4.0
14229 Feature [Running a workflow] Chips field 2.0
14227 Feature [Running a workflow] Text field 2.0
14231 Feature [Running a workflow] Multiple file selection - project/collection tree 3.0
14277 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - Search results view 3.0
13862 Idea [Running a workflow] Run a process - inputs selection 5.0
13827 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - Advanced view 5.0
14313 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - basic view - recent queries 3.0
14308 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - basic view - saving and removing queries 3.0
14275 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - basic view 3.0
14307 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - basic view - filling the input and autocomplete 3.0
14278 Bug [Bug][Data operation] Unexpected behavior with property tags 2.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 11


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14361 Bug [Bug][Running a workflow] - Inputs tab layout broken when there are many inputs 1.0
14364 Bug [Search] Arrow navigation + saved queries & recent queries visibility (if nothing is there) 3.0
14351 Bug [Improvement][Main Container][Functionality] Editing Collection's files names can be smoother 1.0
14276 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - Service 5.0
14365 Feature [Data operations] Share modal 5.0
13969 Feature [Data operations] Advanced tab 3.0
14363 Support [Demo][Data operations] Warning note 1.0
14349 Support [Demo][UI] File size and number of files placeholders remove 1.0
14347 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - Advanced view - Data Modified Improvements 2.0
14402 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Creating a new Project or Collection anywhere in the app creates it in main Projects folder 1.0
14391 Bug [Bug][Top Bar][Functionality] Proper saving tags and disabling Search button at Advanced view 1.0
14250 Bug [Bug][Log In][Graphic] A flicker can be observed when logging in 1.0
14353 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] A file inside a Collection disappears if the user changes its name using SPACE button 1.0
14316 Bug [Improvement][Main Container][Functionality] An "info" message should be displayed after a collection has been successfully copied 2.0
14318 Bug [Bug][Side Bar][Functionality] "+New" button is missing in several places 1.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 12


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14466 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Handling an error which occurs when trying to upload a big file into the collection 1.0
14268 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Item type Filters do not work in Shared With Me main menu 1.0
14436 Bug [Bug][Files tree] Expanding file tree in collection stopped to work 1.0
14129 Feature [Running a workflow] Inputs modal 5.0
14430 Feature [Navigation] Shared with me tree 5.0
14421 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] "Last modified" filtering does not work properly 1.0
14270 Feature [Running a workflow] Do not change inputs after going back during running a process 3.0
14431 Feature [Data operations] Metadata 3.0
14425 Support [UI] Update material UI to 3.3.2 and fix side panel icon sizes (they're too big after upgrade) 1.0
14463 Bug [Bug][Details view][Graph] Graph content stays the same, cumbersome nodes moving 1.0
14424 Feature [UI] Storing splitter position in local storage 1.0
14037 Bug [Data operations] Collection file operations menu should be selection sensitive 1.0
14400 Bug [Bug][Side Bar][Functionality] View Details shows no data if triggered as a first thing in a fresh session 1.0
14315 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Name column in Trash view is to wide 1.0
14319 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] An error occurs when trying to browse the contents of a Project in Trash 1.0
14422 Bug [Bug][Functionality][Main Container] Item sorting in "copy to project" modal is improper 1.0

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 13 (lucky number)


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14528 Feature [Navigation] SSH Keys - table view 3.0
14258 Feature [Data operation] Collection filtering 3.0
14479 Feature [Navigation] SSH Keys 5.0
13865 Feature [Navigation] Repositories 5.0
14433 Feature [Data operations] Properties inside projects 5.0
13864 Feature [Navigation] Virtual machines 5.0
14494 Bug [Improvement][Main Container][Functionality] Add an option to run a process from workflow view 1.0
14529 Bug [Bug] Moving, renaming processes in final state 1.0
14310 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] An error occurs when trying to upload a big file into the collection 1.0
14473 Feature [Navigation][Shared with me] Switch endpoint for fetching top level shared items 1.0
14471 Bug [Bug][Tree picker] Files subtree is flat 1.0
14252 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Redundant functionality to add own items to Shared With Me 1.0
14420 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Graphic] Graph underline is misplaced after triggering Details panel when creating a workflow 1.0
14461 Idea [Data operations] Remove process permanently 2.0
14470 Feature [Data operations][Tree picker] Update tree pickers to handle shared items 5.0
13863 Feature Running a process ( [Navigation] SSH Keys ) 3.0

2018-12-12 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14594 Bug [CWL] Update cwltool / schema-salad
14584 Bug API] Do not disqualify container from reuse due to different runtime_user/scopes
14538 Feature [keep-web] Do not block writes while flushing blocks to Keep
14574 Bug Workflow deadlocked
14343 Idea Design for Group/Cluster favorites/library 1.0
14476 Bug CommandLineTool hanging in unexpected limbo state between
14181 Bug [keep-web] [Documentation] Increase client_max_body_size for WebDAV requests

2018-12-21 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14640 Bug [API][Workbench] Security vulnerability on activejob
14012 Bug arv-put does not check cached signatures when resuming
14495 Bug [crunch2] include space required to download/unpack docker image in tmp disk request
13006 Bug is_a filter doesn't work with remote objects 1.0
14596 Bug [crunch-dispatch-slurm] Abandoned container starts again instead of being cancelled
14595 Bug [API] logs.event_at has wrong timestamp
11419 Idea [SDKs] support text-mode open() in Python 3
14327 Bug [CWL] Don't make any create/list API calls when preprocessed inputs turn out to be identical to original inputs
14360 Idea [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Merge incomplete implementation 1.0
14510 Bug [e51c5] scheduling happens every 5 minutes.
14617 Support Migrate public channel to gitter
14439 Idea Write configuring federation admin documentation 0.5

2019-01-16 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14703 Bug [SSO] Login fails when configured with only the local provider
14660 Idea [Workbench 2] Investigate feature parity with Workbench 1 3.0
14324 Feature [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Azure driver 3.0
14691 Bug Update suggested .ssh/config section in documentation and workbench

Arvados Workbench 2 - Backlog Q1, Q2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15165 Bug [Running a workflow] Running a process from workflow section doesn't contain values in advanced
15120 Bug [Data operations] Content from shared with me cannot be added to Public Favorites.
15020 Feature [Data operations] Collection with the same content address.
15160 Bug [Data operations] Replacing files during upload
15166 Support [Running a workflow] Size between columns with icons inside the workflow section is too wide.
14941 Feature [Data operations] Public favorites
14917 Support [Looking for data and advanced search] Searching by properties
14971 Support [Data operations] Filter icon
14856 Bug [Bug][Data operations] Actions on selected files inside collections are not working.
14910 Bug [Data operations] Uploading file to an existing collection is not working
14901 Support [Data operations] Sorting by date
14721 Idea [Running a Workflow] Cancel running workflow
14759 Bug [Bug][Data operations] Cannot share with groups
14744 Bug [Bug][Looking for data and advanced search] - Inappropriate results 5.0
14643 Bug Re-Run Workflow does nothing
14830 Bug [Bug][Running a Workflow] Some processes are failing while trying to get a docker image.

2019-01-30 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14718 Feature [API] Option to issue salted token in login procedure 2.0
14739 Idea [GA4GH] Review DRS for Arvados 2.0
14482 Bug [SDKs] Handle "." empty directory placeholder in manifests in Ruby SDK
14733 Bug Secrets example

2019-02-13 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14725 Idea [GA4GH] Support WES 1.0 0.5
13306 Idea arvados-cwl-runner supports Python 3
14806 Bug [crunch1] unescape filenames when parsing manifests in crunch-job
14325 Feature [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Dispatch containers to cloud VMs directly, without slurm or nodemanager 1.0
14326 Bug Our custom-compiled `python-future` and `python3-future` packages can't be installed together and have precedence
14539 Bug [SDKs] [arv-mount] Use "." placeholder to persist empty directories
9945 Idea [SDK] Package Python apps as virtualenvs 1.0

2019-02-27 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12958 Feature [Federation] Workbench login chooser
14383 Bug [API] Java SDK double slash bug with arvados-controller
14853 Feature Merge chapmanb py3k-subprocess32 pull request
14841 Idea Link from Workbench 2 to Workbench 1 0.5
14794 Idea Link from Workbench 1 to Workbench 2
14804 Bug [keepstore] Return 5xx (not 4xx) if block is not found due to transient backend device failure
14720 Feature [Federation] Workbench2 login chooser 1.0
11561 Bug [API] Limit number of lock/unlock cycles for a given container 2.0
14845 Bug [controller] Fix flaky test
14745 Bug [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Azure cloud driver fixups 3.0
14828 Bug [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Fix flaky test

2019-03-13 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13593 Bug [API] Sequence of "create group" requests runs slowly, and can crash API server 3.0
14784 Bug [node manager] not shutting down all nodes
14920 Bug [crunch-dispatch-cloud] New Azure instances always have state=unknown instead of state=booting
13937 Idea [keepstore] Move legacy metrics to prometheus /metrics endpoint 1.0
14938 Bug [crunch-dispatch-cloud] flaky test in lib/dispatchcloud/worker
14936 Bug ImportError: No module named future_builtins
14880 Bug arv-keepdocker is very picky about the order of its command line arguments and crashes with an obscure error if the order is wrong
14870 Idea [API] Access logs from previous attempts after auto-retrying a container request 2.0
14886 Bug Recursion runtime error in arvados.cwl-runner running on su92l
14819 Feature Upgrade the arvados/jobs image to Debian Stretch
14885 Bug Review and merge chapmanb's ciso and conda packaging pull request
14291 Feature [crunch-dispatch-cloud] AWS driver 2.0
9865 Bug [CWL] Fix undefined behavior after ignoring an unhandled exception
14382 Idea Review Java SDK PR
14911 Bug [dispatch-cloud] Azure driver panic at startup
14844 Bug [dispatch-cloud] Azure driver bugs discovered in trial run 1.0
13823 Idea Package Arvados for Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04 LTS 0.5
14884 Bug arv-put doesn't handle non-ASCII filenames correctly

2019-03-27 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15007 Bug [dispatch-cloud] Azure driver panic in Address() (missing nic?)
14606 Idea [CWL] CWL v1.1 spec work and support 1.0
14900 Bug [arv-put] when reusing a local cache, arv-put does not check if the blocks exist and blindly creates the collection
14322 Feature [CWL] Accept collection uuid in input 2.0
12026 Bug [crunchstat-summary] gives invalid min_cores recommendation
10570 Bug [crunchstat-summary] should not report 0% CPU and 0 RAM in cases where stats were not reported at all
14451 Bug crunchstat-summary recommends 563 TB Keep cache (or more!)
14807 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Features/fixes needed before first production deploy
14645 Idea [arv-mount] Report FUSE operation latency 3.0
14669 Idea [Java] Merge into main Arvados repo
14977 Bug [arvados-dispatch-cloud] kill crunch-run procs for containers that are deleted or have state=Cancelled when dispatcher starts up
14947 Feature [Tests] --interactive
14966 Bug [API] Fix hanging test - suspect permission changes

2019-04-10 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15040 Bug Fix federation tests
14873 Idea [API] Update to Rails 5 2.0
14484 Idea [API Server] Return collection size and number of files in collection record 1.0
14796 Idea [crunch-dispatch-cloud] Document installation / migration from c-d-slurm + node manager 1.0
15044 Bug [Tests] Update tests to work on base debian:9 image
15050 Bug Limit number of containers crunch-dispatch-local runs at one time

2019-04-24 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14627 Bug [crunchstat-summary] job elapsed time wrong for crunch2 jobs 0.5
14939 Idea Update crunchstat-summary to Python 3 1.0
14835 Idea Update cluster configuration wiki from scratch doc
15109 Bug [Documentation] Add details about logs table purging on the Admin section
15002 Idea [API] Admin can prevent reuse by cancelling a completed container 1.0
13996 Idea [API] Migrate RailsAPI to new cluster config file 3.0
14573 Feature [Spike] [API] Fully functional filename search 2.0
14723 Bug [CWL] File that should appear multiple times in output collection only appears once
15092 Bug [SSO] [c6coi] [q2] Support for non-email login in LDAP
15058 Bug [SSO] "Not found. Authentication passthru" when using local account authentication

2019-05-08 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15180 Idea [Spike] Test migration on production database 0.5
15164 Bug Container request not finalized
14670 Idea [Java] Write / merge Java SDK documentation

2019-05-22 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15241 Bug [a-c-r] crashing using collection in writable initialWorkDir
15230 Bug [wb2] Crash loading federated collection
15232 Bug [config] BlobSigningTTL should be expressable with a suffix
15064 Feature [Workbench2] Use long-lived cookies to improve login chooser defaults 1.0
15227 Bug [API][Workbench] Adding tags via workbench1's tag editor saves the JSON string to properties
15167 Bug Complete logs table management docs with unlogged_attributes setting
15088 Idea [Workbench2] Replicate Workbench1 merge account feature 2.0
14988 Idea [Workbench] Upgrade to Rails 5 0.5
15225 Bug [API] installation gives error: Creating git_internal_dir ''...mkdir: cannot create directory ‘’: No such file or directory
15161 Bug Dev clusters are failing: uninitialized constant ArInternalMetadatum (NameError)
8189 Bug [FUSE] Listing a project directory is slow when there are many subprojects

2019-06-05 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15275 Bug [API] Collection DELETE call fail when versioning is active
15255 Bug [workbench2] 401 retrieving user info on c97qk
15258 Bug [Workbench] Report problem/Show version popup failing

Arvados Workbench 2 - sprint 14


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14434 Support [Running a workflow] Display workflow name inside info card inside process view
14604 Support [Worbench] UI Improvements
14652 Support [Workbench] Admin - API Tokens - Pagination 2.0
14653 Feature [Refactor] Refactor route-change-handlers
14348 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - Advanced view - Clusters 3.0
13540 Feature Custom pluggable viewers for certain data types 3.0
14478 Feature [Workbench] Log in into different clusters 5.0
14500 Feature [Workbench] Admin - API Tokens 2.0
14280 Feature [Looking for data and advanced search] Structured search - query language 2.0
14498 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Virtual Machines 2.0
14504 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Users 5.0
14566 Feature [Workbench] Admin modal 2.0
14512 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Links 3.0
14505 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Groups 5.0
14603 Feature [Global search] Add controlled vocabulary to properties form in advanced search
14602 Feature [Workbench] Admin - compute nodes - create pagination 2.0
14502 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Compute nodes 2.0
14480 Feature [Data operations] Show Link to Process which created a collection (if the information is available) 1.0
14563 Feature [Data operations] Preview of image files in a collection files tree
14503 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Keep services 2.0
14490 Feature [Running a workflow] Workflow presets 5.0
14452 Feature [Workbench] My account 3.0
14248 Idea [Data Operations] Support assigning properties to Projects during creating of the project 2.0
13708 Idea [Running Workflows] Workflow Runner Ram
14393 Idea Provide support for using controlled vocabulary/terminology service when setting properties on collections 3.0
14639 Bug [Improvement][Main Container][Text] Replace variants that will be removed in the next major release in material-ui
14644 Bug [Bug] NANh NANm in subprocess view 1.0
14649 Bug Search-Bar ui improvements
14489 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Layout] More Options modal persists after using browser's "back" option 1.0
14614 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] Outputs option does not work from More Options list 1.0
14491 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Layout] Graph field is too big when no workflows were chosen yet 1.0
14553 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Performance] Infinite loading occurs when trying to access any sub-folder of Shared With Me section
14582 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Text] Missing output link inside process view 1.0
14581 Bug [Bug][Main Container][Functionality] It is impossible to edit Process description after creating it 1.0
14524 Bug [Bug][Running a process] White screen 2.0