Arvados 1.1.4


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2018-02-14 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13068 Bug [Composer] Layout doesn't fit in window with long repository list
13025 Feature [keepstore] runtime metrics endpoint
12863 Bug [Workbench] Container requests in projects should show status
13023 Bug [Workbench] No newlines when cutting and pasting from workbench log
11454 Idea Support federated search across a set of Arvados clusters 2.0
12883 Bug [Composer] Chrome silently suppresses when using "run" button
12840 Bug [Workbench] Don't show cancelled pipeline instances as failed
13022 Bug crunch-run broken container loop
12977 Bug [Composer] Verify syntax checking works
12884 Bug [Composer] Failure to connect to git not well reported
12640 Feature Workbench links to composer
12991 Bug [crunch2] Propagate memory limit from runtime constraints to docker container 1.0

2018-02-28 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13106 Bug [SDK] API errors in Python keepclient don't reset cache slot
13090 Bug [CWL] Pass through --eval-timeout to runner container
13037 Bug [Composer] Link from workbench to composer should include API token
11850 Bug [CWL] arv:RunInSingleContainer should take max() of ResourceRequirements of substeps 0.5
12707 Idea [API] Add columns for desired/actual storage classes for each collection 1.0
12315 Feature [Workbench] on all processes page, add filter to make it possible to exclude sub workflows 1.0
11645 Feature [keepstore] Add "StorageClasses" field to volume config 1.0
12199 Bug Don't schedule jobs on nodes which are too much bigger than requested 3.0
13063 Bug [keepstore] update azure-sdk-for-go library

2018-03-14 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12522 Feature [Composer] Browse Arvados git repos
11843 Bug Timeout attempting to create job for component gatk-haplotypecaller-cram-gvcf: Net::ReadTimeout
13135 Feature [CWL] Support for secrets
13143 Feature [API] Add secret_mounts attribute to containers and container_requests
13147 Idea [arv-put] Add request ID to requests for tracability 1.0
12526 Feature Setting priority field through arvados-cwl-runner 0.5
12268 Idea Update to standard libcloud 2.x 0.5
12369 Bug Update documentation to reflect split of FUSE driver into its own package
13134 Feature [crunch-run] Support for secret_mounts
13140 Bug [CWL] Update cwltool for latest cwl conformance tests

2018-03-28 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13253 Support Code cookbook example creating a collection and uploading a local file into it
7931 Idea [keep-balance] Count block replication by volume IDs
12552 Idea When priority is equal, the children of an earlier-submitted workflow should run first 2.0
13212 Bug Make deleted output collections more obvious in container request display
13179 Bug CWL extensions docs incorrect
13166 Bug [node manager] wishlist should consist of top priority containers