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# Tracker Subject Story Points
16102 Bug User doesn't appear in user list after "New user" dialog
14509 Bug [Bug][Graph] Cwl graph edges are not painted 3.0
15334 Story [Workbench2] Unit testing 2.0
15335 Story [Workbench2] Integration testing
16066 Bug Advanced view (API response) missing data
16078 Bug User page for admins doesn't work correctly
15763 Bug Owner field in Details pane should contain name and should link to correct location
15010 Bug Search bar filter shouldn't persist after clicking into a new project
14914 Bug [Data operations] After adding a description on existing project "show full description" is not visible until is refreshed
15023 Bug [Data operations] Adding no-predefined value
14782 Bug [Running a Workflow] Advanced Menu of a process is not working
15789 Story [Workbench2] Fix user management UI
15822 Story [WB2] Update to React 16.9 2.0
16064 Story View file in browser
15581 Story [Workbench2] Improve error handling and reporting
15780 Story WB2: starting process should also show in which project the process would be started
15238 Support [Workbench] Change the content inside the owner column from uuid to Projects and user names
14091 Feature [Data operations] Filter project tree from projects that a resource cannot be moved to
14587 Feature [Vocabulary] Disable default use of vocabulary.json.
13832 Story [Data operations] Make a copy (projects) 8.0
14272 Feature [Running a workflow] Dropdown filter 3.0
15056 Bug Error on requests with large query in URL
15321 Bug [workbench2] Test run, package building & deploy integration
15774 Bug Advanced Search editor keeps adding search terms instead of replacing
15018 Bug [Workbench2] Show the version number in workbench2
16077 Bug Virtual Machines menu: Explain how to configure ssh to go through switchyard
15571 Bug [WB2] Show correct arvados version/commit

Closed Sprints

Backlog Q1, Q2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14730 Bug [Bug] Redirect to workflow from process information card

Arvados - 2020-02-26 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15781 Story [WB2] Support multiple values for a given property key 4.0

Arvados - 2020-10-07 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16592 Bug File renaming doesn't work

sprint 14


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14638 Bug [Bug]Main Container][Other] Remove the option to click "Actions" sorting method 0.5