Arvados 2.0 - Early 2020


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15848 Bug [Workbench1] multi-site search does not display results
15819 Bug [packages] workbench dev package not being built
15795 Idea [API] Accept configured SystemRootToken without doing a database lookup
14151 Idea Extend vocabulary support for properties to support strong identifiers and multiple labels
15660 Bug [doc] update aws spot instance doc page for a-d-c
15612 Bug centos7 tests and build jobs are failing
13648 Idea [Epic] Use one cluster configuration file for all components
15028 Feature [CWL] Support CWL draft v1.1 0.5
15069 Idea [Workbench 2] Extend search UI to support vocabulary IDs as well as text 3.0

Closed Sprints

2019-06-05 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14931 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Configurable instance tags 1.0

2019-06-19 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15000 Feature [controller] publish safe config 2.0
15106 Feature [API] Index 'like' queries and use for search 2.0
15087 Feature [Workbench] Show number of queued containers on dashboard (instead of busy/idle nodes) 1.0
15340 Feature [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Error-counting metrics 1.0
14946 Idea Update to Ruby 2.5 - 2.3 is going EOL 1.0
15368 Bug list arvados-python-client external deps for "pip install"
15332 Idea Federated workflows demo
15138 Feature Support building of documentation for each stable release 2.0
15350 Idea [Documentation] Add Python SDK recipe on how to get a container request's real state 0.5
14930 Feature Add flag to arv-put to set a trash_at date 1.0
15311 Bug Validation failed: Mounts cannot be modified in state 'Queued'
15306 Bug [API] Ensure 0 and false are accepted as false for boolean params in a www-form-encoded body or query string, if they were in rails4.

2019-07-03 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15396 Bug pg_trgm extension installation issue.
15345 Feature [arvados-dispatch-cloud] kill container (management API) 1.0
15209 Bug Arvados Python packages have corresponding dependencies pinned
15296 Bug [a-c-r] Handle case of canceling container that is already cancelled.
15295 Bug [a-c-r] keep: reference validation
14874 Feature [API] Protected collection property -- preserves original project owner through copy/move/modify operations 2.0

2019-07-17 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15422 Bug Update provenance/used_by endpoint to support containers and document 1.0
15421 Bug Document include parameter for the group contents API
15319 Feature [API] make rails stacktraces more useful, and correlate them with a requestID, ideally in a json struct. See if we can expose that in the rails logs that way, or via journal, or something else? 1.0
15003 Idea [config] Go package & tool for preprocessing cluster config file 1.0
14812 Feature [Workbench1] Load configuration from cluster config file 2.0
15454 Support Stop building debian8 and ubuntu1404 packages
15318 Feature [API] Include X-Request-Id value in every RailsAPI error message 1.0
13913 Feature Crunchstat-summary graphs tmpdir usage 0.5
15449 Support Workbench and API server packages depend on arvados-server
15380 Idea Document that @@ is deprecated (and doesn't index all filenames)
15358 Bug [cwl] CWL conformance test formattest2 fails with C locale
15026 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Cloud driver/config testing tool 0.5

2019-07-31 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14717 Feature [websockets] Use cluster config 1.0
14713 Feature crunch-dispatch-slurm uses cluster config file 1.0
14965 Idea Port arv-mount to Python 3 2.0

2019-08-14 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15133 Idea Remove crunch v1 (jobs api) 3.0
10998 Feature [keep-web] configurable block cache size 0.5
14716 Feature [keep-web] Use cluster config file 1.0
15516 Bug arvados-api-server and arvados-workbench packages dependent on arvados-server
15522 Bug [arv-mount] Use inode encoding for operations
15453 Bug [controller] Error fetching collection - "No host in request URL"
15181 Idea [cwl] Remove support for jobs api in a-c-r 1.0
15356 Idea [Composer] Use cluster config 1.0
14813 Idea [Workbench2] Use cluster config 1.0
15467 Feature Revisit new config, ordered lists must end in "List" and unordered sets should be turned into maps 1.0
12020 Bug [Tests] Flaky test in Python SDK tests.test_events.WebsocketTest.test_subscribe_poll

2019-08-28 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14712 Feature [git] arv-git-httpd uses cluster config file 2.0
14715 Feature [keepproxy] Use cluster config file 1.0

2019-09-11 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15558 Idea [SSO] [API] Identify users by (alternate) email addresses
15529 Idea [API] [Controller] Share user account database with a group of trusted clusters 5.0
15361 Bug [acr] --create-workflow failures

2019-09-25 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15615 Idea Auto retry individual workbench integration tests

2019-10-09 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
11016 Idea Document how to choose a suitable blob signature TTL
15684 Bug centos7 arvados-api-server package build broken
15678 Bug arvados-server "version" is incorrect in packaged binaries -- just reports "dev"
15673 Bug [SDKs][Ruby] Update faraday usage
15654 Bug [Workbench] Update gems
15640 Bug [CWL] some tests failing with "jshint failed to run succesfully"
13647 Feature [keepstore] Load cluster configuration file 2.0
15014 Bug [Workbench] Hide busy/idle nodes display when crunch1 is not active
14714 Feature [keep] keep-balance uses cluster config file 1.0
15599 Feature [keepstore] AWS support IAM roles for authentication 2.0

2019-10-23 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15707 Bug [arvados-dispatch-cloud] should not include "on hold" containers in "queued" metrics
15429 Feature [Workbench] Use trigram based full text search. 0.5
15716 Bug [api] deleting all keep_service records results in 422 error on subsequent request for keep_service list
15721 Bug OPTIONS on /arvados/v1/config returns status 503
15717 Bug getListenAddr behavior with multiple instances on same host
15424 Idea Make the welcome/login page configurable 2.0
15694 Bug [CWL] workflow hangs after getting 502 Bad Gateway
15531 Feature [SDK] Migrate federation to central LoginCluster 3.0

2019-11-06 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15736 Feature [WB2] add fallback mechanism to site manager for adding ephemeral clusters 2.0
15779 Idea [workbench2] [docs] Add workbench2 to install guide
15766 Bug [Workbench 2] Property tag/value text is not copyable
15728 Bug Property Drop Down filtering is case sensitive
15521 Bug [keepstore] error reporting improvements 2.0
14287 Idea [Controller] Refactor API code / routing 0.5
15669 Feature [Advanced Search] Search parameters in URL 2.0
15606 Bug [keep-web] logging doesn't include error messages
13936 Feature [Workbench] Modal after first log in (Steps for registration) 1.0
15740 Bug Merge github PR 94
15713 Bug [Controller] Internal error not logged
15530 Feature Workbench2 trusts federation users 2.0

2019-11-20 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15839 Feature Add Debian Buster packages
15734 Bug [a-d-c] needs to populate node.json in the container log collection
15828 Feature [API] Workbench is "trusted client" trusted by default
15642 Bug [config] Don't erase cluster config values just because their counterparts don't appear in legacy configs
15538 Bug Update component .service files
15577 Idea [API] User ownership reassign 1.0
15067 Idea [Workbench 2] Update property editing to use IDs 1.0
15305 Bug [keep-balance] total_bytes metric is wrong
15107 Idea [controller] Implement native Google login (configurable as an alternative to sso-provider) 3.0
15799 Bug [Workbench1] multi-site search broken due to bogus default baseURL

2019-12-04 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15863 Bug [JENKINS] run cwl tests failing on dev clusters
15856 Idea [WB2] Warn user when viewing a project / collection containing illegal characters
15849 Idea Migrate collection & project properties to new vocabulary format
15831 Bug [SSO] Do not accept non-verified email addresses
15803 Idea [security] Force use of user unsetup instead of is_active=False 1.0
15877 Bug Cannot update collection with EnableBetaController14287: true
15720 Idea [API] Unified user listing across all clusters in a federation 3.0
15866 Bug [JENKINS] Test jobs are breaking with Could not find builder-3.2.3
15867 Bug LoginCluster redirect broken with EnableBetaController: true
15851 Bug [controller] returning 'null' instead of '[]' for empty result lists
15854 Feature Add container request filtering based on container.exit_code and container.state
15573 Idea [API] Deprecate the @@ list method filter

2020-01-02 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15936 Bug [keep-web] document single-origin collections behavior
15915 Bug Document that CWL secrets aren't protected when running from Workbench
15776 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Add nodemanager->a-d-c instructions to upgrade notes 1.0
15775 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Promote a-d-c from "experimental" to default in install docs 1.0
15572 Idea Update migration and install docs 3.0
15933 Bug [API] user setup method missing "uuid" parameter in discovery document
15932 Bug workbench package needs dependency on 'make' and 'zlib1g-dev'
15930 Bug [workbench2] File upload sending invalid 'files' parameter
15928 Bug Deadlock in crunch-run tests
15924 Idea Change Go modules to import from
15921 Bug [Workbench2] Remove spurious trailing slash from API endpoints
15920 Bug [Java SDK] Merge PR #104 from github
15919 Bug [Java SDK] Merge PR #107 from github
15922 Idea Change EnableBetaController14287 (default false) to ForceLegacyAPI14 (default false) 0.5
15910 Bug [crunch-run] Crash while writing output files
15900 Bug [API] [Workbench1] [SDKs] ruby gems report wrong version number
15256 Support [Data operations] Removing files during upload
15905 Bug [API] Add ruby gem build dependencies as API server package dependencies
15942 Bug [a-d-c] Doesn't fail when resources can't be satisfied?
15946 Bug [crunch-run] [collectionfs] Deadlock while writing output collection
15953 Bug lib/dispatchcloud/container IntegrationSuite.TestGetLockUnlockCancel is flaky
15759 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] deploy/run correct version of crunch-run binary on worker nodes 3.0
15904 Bug [API] remove application.yml and database.yml from arvados-api-server package

2020-01-15 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16010 Bug arvbox demo image failing to build
15823 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Add arvados-dispatch-cloud management APIs to doc site
15937 Bug [arv-mount] [crunch-run] fusermount: failed to unmount
16006 Feature Add install worksheet
15963 Idea Release 1.4.3
15934 Bug Can't create container request using SystemRootToken
15965 Bug ordinal not in range reading docker metadata
15949 Bug Merge
15542 Bug Update crunch-dispatch-slurm usage.go to match cluster config
15541 Bug Update websockets doc.go to match cluster config

2020-01-29 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15902 Bug Very slow query for large workflows
15944 Bug [Arvbox] Publicdev and keep issues
16052 Bug update serialize-javascript and js-yaml packages
16072 Bug a-c-r default image should be same as self
16051 Bug workbench1 setup account dialog not working
15019 Support [Data operations] Process status - filter
16046 Bug arv-keepdocker creates collections with slashes in the name
16045 Bug Support Ruby 2.3 / Bundler 1.11 (available in Xenial)
15672 Bug List of subprocesses limited in process view 2.0
15047 Feature [Navigation] Exclude child processes
15012 Feature Add /all_processes page
16044 Idea Add "copy file from one collection to another" to cookbook.
16014 Bug Change Containers.Logging.LogSecondsBetweenEvents default
16041 Bug Client side validation disallows '/' in name even when configured to allow it
15836 Bug Escape / convert forward slashes in collection names accessed via WebDAV
16000 Bug arvados-cli needs "apt-get install build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev"
16001 Bug shell node needs arv-mount

2020-02-12 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16144 Bug container_request missing nil checks
16141 Bug [controller] Missing collection's new fields on responses
15835 Idea Document Prometheus metrics available from Arvados
16133 Bug [controller] add loop prevention to federation lookups in new code path
16139 Bug arvados-cwl-runner 2.0.0 secondaryFiles issue with CWL v1.0
16134 Bug [controller] handle unreachable federation peer better
16128 Bug Add a note about PATCH to upgrade notes
16136 Bug property with Function: original_owner is set to null
16067 Bug Copy collection doesn't work
16116 Bug Can't rename collection
16111 Bug ssh instructions potentially misleading
16104 Bug Can't load properties for tag editing in wb1
16108 Bug "Favorites" behavior documented & consistent between wb1 and wb2

2020-02-26 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16152 Bug [keep-balance] nil pointer reference