Arvados 2.1.0


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
12308 Idea [FUSE] Golang-based fuse driver
14532 Idea [Epic] Port to Python 3 to for Python 2 sunset in December 2019

Closed Sprints

2020-02-26 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16157 Feature dispatch-cloud metrics includes node count by {state, instance type}
16080 Idea Better github presentation

2020-03-11 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15954 Idea [boot] Bring up test cluster using provided config file and source tree 4.0
16215 Bug arvbox build failing

2020-03-25 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16129 Idea Document scoped tokens
12409 Idea CWL 1.2 with conditionals 4.0

2020-04-08 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16217 Bug [arvados-ws] Websocket server stops processing events, but stays connected
16053 Idea [boot] subcommand to install/update dev and runtime dependencies 4.0
16260 Idea Merge java sdk support for links contribution



# Tracker Subject Story Points
16048 Feature Automatically reload/restart services on configuration change

2020-05-06 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16212 Feature Can choose PAM as an authentication backend
16364 Bug Websockets not starting in arvbox
16029 Idea Investigate Cypress testing framework for Workench2 integration tests
16356 Feature Testing framework publishes Arvados Health Aggregator's port

2020-05-20 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16392 Bug [keep] trailing slash in InternalURLs entry for keepstore causes problems with keepproxy
16451 Feature [testing] give run-tests interactive a mode to run a test many times
16312 Feature Support encrypted S3 buckets

2020-06-03 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15881 Feature [controller] LDAP login support
16430 Feature [k8s] add jenkins integration test for minikube
16429 Feature [k8s] add jenkins integration test for GKE
16468 Bug clean up packer build image for jenkins federation tests
16464 Bug clean up packer build image for jenkins package building
16319 Feature packer build for jenkins images updated to use arvados-server install

2020-06-17 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16523 Bug [Workbench1] uploader fails - discovery doc URL with double slash fails CORS check 0.5
16425 Bug [keepstore] should not scan directories it doesn't write in
16427 Idea "undelete" command to recover trashed blocks and restore a deleted collection 3.0
16524 Bug rsa >= 4.1 doesn't support python 2

2020-07-01 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16513 Feature Get reference Keep performance numbers for Keep-on-S3
16441 Support Document user merge by admin
16568 Bug [packaging] add missing package test for python3-arvados-python-client
6649 Bug [Documentation] webshell installation 1.0
16522 Feature [packaging] create python3-arvados-fuse package
16564 Bug Security update on api & workbench
16476 Feature Upgrade the arvados/jobs image to Debian Buster
16472 Bug Shows error snackbar even when the code will handle the error.
16521 Support Add links to Discourse forum from Arvados web site/docs
16480 Bug [keep-balance] should not timeout/fail when keepstore index takes more than 5 minutes
16007 Bug Permission graph update is slow with large numbers of groups 5.0
16437 Feature Indicate when projects are not editable by user
16482 Bug [crunch] bump a-c-r's cwltool dependency to pass CWL v1.2.0-dev3 tests
16526 Bug Make it possible to build/upload just the ruby gems or the python packages
16171 Feature Support generic OpenID Connect login provider



# Tracker Subject Story Points
15348 Idea [pam] PAM module in Go 3.0
16582 Bug [Workbench2] Dockerfile installs golang 1.11 but we need 1.13+
16586 Bug ArvadosR: Dependency package(s) 'XML' not available.
16534 Idea [controller] facilitate database access by localdb API methods
16573 Feature [keep] deduplication reporting tool
15610 Bug Timeouts when working with large collections and projects which contain them 3.0

2020-08-12 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16353 Idea 1.2 spec work
10477 Idea [keepstore] switch s3 driver from goamz to a more actively maintained client library 2.0
16616 Support Clean up Packer repo & make public
16377 Bug Workflow fails when keep references in `defaults` are inaccessible even if not used by actual workflow.
16611 Bug arvados-docker-cleaner package broken on Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04
16584 Bug Error when submitting cwl using schemas to Arvados
16585 Feature [keep-exercise] improvements

2020-08-26 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15886 Feature Delete arv-web and example
15964 Idea Remove qr1hi from docs
16678 Feature Default lifetime for tokens issued through login
16735 Bug Require password login check throws error that variable is undefined
16470 Bug Update to Rails 5.2
16565 Bug Don't upload development images as arvados/jobs:latest to Docker hub
16625 Feature Support creating VMs from Azure "image" resource not just bare VHD
15887 Feature Update python cookbook examples
16698 Feature arvbox to expose ports 45000-45020 for debugging purposes
16659 Feature Add a "Copy to Clipboard" Button for the token
16663 Bug [a-d-c] restarting a-d-c kills all running workflows
16631 Bug [arvados-dispatch-cloud] scheduling containers on instances in "drain" state
16580 Bug Remove Python 2 packages from build

2020-09-09 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15888 Feature Update to use python 3
16679 Feature Option to store token in session storage & idle timeout
16421 Support [doc] document deletion lifecycle of collections, and steps to undelete collections
16796 Feature add webshell to arvbox
16778 Bug Cannot set up federated user with a VM with LoginCluster
16803 Feature script to push arvados tokens to shell node accounts
16689 Bug [arvados-login-sync] user groups are not being updated
16726 Bug other cluster's special users (root and anonymous) can appear in user list
16795 Bug [a-d-c] flaky test
16680 Idea Ensure expired tokens are handle properly
16790 Bug [keep-web] S3 ListObjects response should not have empty NextMarker field
16779 Bug arvados-login-sync incorrectly skips users without an ssh key
16739 Feature [a-d-c] throttle option for concurrent VM create requests
16788 Bug a-c-r depends on nodejs, should be documented and/or a package dependency
16602 Idea Workbench 2 uses correct version of arvados/jobs when submitting a workflow, not "latest"
16723 Bug [a-d-c] flaky test "Error: container completed twice"
16749 Idea conveniently edit login/pass user list in arvbox to avoid hardcoded logins
16743 Bug Some links do not work for wb2 v2.0.4
16314 Idea Support literal user/pass pairs in config file + make arvbox use it instead of SSO 1.0
16720 Bug arv-mount exception handler bug
16535 Idea [keep-web] Minimal implementation of S3 API
16613 Bug System Root Token cannot create tokens - null value in column "api_client_id"

2020-09-23 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16850 Bug [keep-web] Add KeyCount field to ListObjects response
16596 Support Testing S3 support
16859 Bug API should return collections when queried by PDH and they exist in a past version.
16861 Support Determine minimum version of Ruby we support
16856 Bug Pass through --disable-color
16791 Bug [API] flaky test case use_ownership_and_permission_links_to_determine_which_logs_a_user_can_see
16831 Bug arvbox and bundle errors
16838 Feature [a-d-c] probe metrics
16839 Bug Deleting container requests and workflows doesn't work
16601 Idea Convert tutorial doc to markdown/textile & add to documentation site
16842 Bug [keepstore] S3 driver should handle sub-second precision in timestamps
16833 Bug [build] replace python-epydoc in our build environment
16636 Feature [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Add instance metrics 1.0
16834 Bug [a-d-c] containers going from running -> non-running state repeatedly
16826 Bug AuditLogs.UnloggedAttributes is being ignored
16813 Bug User batch updates should avoid useless work
16578 Idea Scripted setup of the tutorial cluster by copying data from data cluster
16814 Bug Remove python2 from arvbox
16808 Bug [arvados-server] config-check is returning ERROR (non-zero) on warnings

2020-10-07 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16956 Bug [doc] liquid code from file is not being included
16809 Idea [keep-web] Check V4 signature on S3 requests, don't require sending entire Arvados token as AccessKey
16947 Bug 401 errors with search sessions when login still succeeds
16941 Bug Multi-site search showing inactive users as "logged in" but can't be searched
16750 Bug workbench 1 trash page not working with logincluster enabled
16919 Feature [doc] [federation] Document the two types of federation better
16923 Bug workbench getting token with untrusted client
16927 Bug [Workbench2] [login federation] snackbar error on page load: Getting current user for Network Error
16914 Bug [federation] [login cluster] at satellite cluster, log into inactive account on login cluster
16913 Bug [controller] logout error in federation configuration with login controller
16267 Bug arvbox build uses arvados-server install
16825 Support Document how to expire / delete tokens
16884 Bug API server tests failing with "Didn't match" error
16885 Support Publish new ArvadosR package
16827 Bug R SDK not returning all files from WebDAV listing
16264 Idea Handle R SDK dependencies better
16811 Bug Ensure that "public favorites" still work

2020-10-21 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16662 Idea Release Arvados 2.1
16874 Bug Playground action items
16989 Bug Workbench1 user is setup on home cluster but not setup on satellite cluster
16976 Idea Handle release candidate packages
16928 Bug [api] [login federation] lots of 'Warning: received non-boolean messages' in the logs
16955 Bug Fix jenkins jobs arvados-cwl-conformance-tests and arv-federation-migrate-test