Arvados - Future

Due in over 13 years (01/01/2038)

This is where tickets go that have been triaged but not prioritized to work on yet

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20686 Idea Expanded metrics
18800 Idea Update Python SDK documentation
18179 Idea Better spot instance support
16557 Idea Reorganize user guide, update for wb2
16447 Idea Improve container image handling
18337 Idea Easy install via OS package
20273 Idea More CWL runner improvements
19592 Idea Assigning a portable data hash to a project tree
19246 Idea Investigate running NextFlow on Arvados (possibly using TES)
19170 Idea Arvados-Seek
19089 Idea Cross-federation filter groups
18847 Idea Structured type checking for properties
18685 Idea Synchronize configuration on multi-node cluster
18350 Idea Login cluster with only arvados-controller & no fallback to Rails
18047 Idea Faceted search of metadata
17849 Idea FUSE driver v2
17701 Idea WB2 usable on small screens / mobile
17207 Idea External access to web services running in containers
16858 Idea Collection check in / check out
16782 Idea Add-on module system
16560 Idea Single-click install & subscription via cloud marketplace
16514 Idea Actionable insight into keep usage
16446 Idea Manifest format improvements
16445 Idea Expand permission system
16303 Idea Kubernetes support
16210 Idea Research Object provenance (CWL-PROV)
15941 Idea arvados-boot
13080 Idea Create/upload workflows through Workbench
16082 Idea Port client tools to Go
9053 Idea Port API server to Go
15958 Idea Workbench2 federated browsing

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20473 Idea Automated scalability regression test
20389 Idea Container/compute node stats recorded in/reported from Prometheus
19132 Idea Registered workflow improvements
16943 Idea WB2 Descriptions, project & collection operations
16517 Idea Workflow resource usage, runtime, and cost visibility and forecasting
20344 Idea Arvados 3.0
15960 Idea Computing on external data
18342 Idea Keep performance optimization
17001 Idea Arvados uses WB2 by default
20599 Idea Scaling to 1000s of concurrent containers
16442 Idea Scalable + reliable container logging
16428 Idea Metrics dashboard
18117 Idea Sample tracker
19591 Idea Workbench 2 Design Guidelines
19171 Idea Playground onboarding
17848 Idea CWL runner improvements
16945 Idea WB2 Workflows / containers feature parity
17050 Idea 2.0
17002 Idea Arvados Overview Video (Big Picture Video)
16011 Idea CWL support, docs, training, website
16330 Idea Public Sequence Resource
18727 Idea Avoid configuration skew between different services and hosts
15957 Idea GPU support
16946 Idea WB2 user/group management features
17454 Idea Vocabulary checking of properties by API server/controller
16444 Idea Improved error detection/reporting
16944 Idea WB2 collections page feature parity
16516 Idea Run Keepstore on local compute nodes
16305 Idea Singularity support
16304 Idea LSF support
16107 Idea Storage classes
16520 Idea GxP Qualification
15961 Idea End-to-end demo
16360 Idea Keep-web supports S3 compatible interface
15333 Idea Workbench2 feature parity with Workbench
17103 Idea Developer shell inside running container
15955 Idea CWL 1.2
15322 Idea Replace and delete sso-provider
15959 Idea Documentation and marketing refresh
16443 Idea Redesign permission table updates
15962 Idea Easy cloud install

Closed Sprints