Workbench 2 Backlog


2021-09-29 sprint

Due in 9 days (09/29/2021)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18123 Feature Group edit page
17229 Feature Integrate webshell

2021-10-13 sprint

Due in 23 days (10/13/2021)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16248 Story Propose redesign of process view based on feedback

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16071 Story [Process view] [Collection view] Provenance, parent workflow (for child containers)
18124 Feature User edit page
17565 Bug Add level-by-level expansion when browsing large collections
17434 Bug project not shown in hierarchy on the left of wb2
17354 Feature Be able to inject additional documentation text into WebDAV/s3 info dialog
16510 Bug Indirectly trashed item's context menu show editable actions
16951 Bug Can refresh listing when opening context menu, resulting in wrong item being operated on.
17261 Feature Determine ownership of objects within wb2
17262 Bug Synonym used for property instead of RTS preferred label
17178 Feature Render live graphs of container crunchstat in wb2
17174 Feature Menu item ordering
17172 Feature Stale-while-revalidate caching strategy for requests 3.0
17168 Bug Add some basic documentation about wb2 to user guide
17158 Bug Cannot execute a registered CommandLineTool, only Workflow
17157 Bug Workbench should have all collection updates result in new versions
17153 Bug Displays "Your project is empty." instead of "Nothing matched the search" when a search doesn't find anything
16671 Feature Copy-to-clipboard project uuid
17074 Bug Use count=none & keyset paging
17104 Feature Feature to toggle "detailed rows" in project view
16970 Bug "Shared" option in sharing dialog is confusing
16933 Bug [login federation] post-trashing collection UX bug
16932 Bug [login federation] trashing collections: snackbar issues
16931 Bug [login federation] Not Found modal when looking at trashed collection
16225 Bug Issues with interactively deleting project from Workbench 2 from Project Browser
16593 Feature Way to determine owner to be able to request access
16119 Bug display lingers after error
16226 Bug should be able to view files in browser
16975 Feature Direct navigation to federated objects
16553 Bug Disable non-functional "download folder" feature
16672 Bug Live container logs not updating
16629 Bug Remove "Compute Nodes" and "Keep services" from wb2 admin menu
16123 Bug Browsing trash produces spurious errors
16241 Bug Object's description display & editing is inconsistent & lacks textile support
16065 Bug Navigate to the newly created collection when extracting files from an existing one
15768 Feature [Workbench 2] Support multi-select operations
14858 Feature [Workbench] Admin - Adding a new user to the group. 3.0
16329 Bug Inconsistent upload behavior between wb1 and wb2
16115 Feature Cannot create "sharing" links (missing wb1 feature)
16063 Bug Enhance share popup dialog design
16124 Bug "Setup shell account" doesn't work
16114 Bug "Log in as user" doesn't work
16073 Bug [Process view] Inputs show cwl.input.json with links to collections
16068 Story [Process view] Process panel main view data
16070 Bug [Process view] Process command line view mangled with backslash quoting, no line breaks
16246 Bug [Process view] Logs are difficult to reach
15557 Bug [Process view] Run workflow inputs issues
15084 Bug [Running a workflow] Inputs inside subprocesses are not displayed.
16208 Bug Workbench2 doesn't show inputs then #main object is not a Workflow
16168 Feature edit 'properties' of container requests
16969 Bug User with can_manage access can drop own permissions by making "private"
17510 Feature Create filter group based on an advanced search query in the UI
16130 Bug Copying container request gets error
15871 Story [Workbench2] Identify critical paths that require end to end tests
16490 Bug Projects & collections creation fail when trying to use a preexisting name
16929 Bug [login federation] search interface incorrect notification
16244 Bug “process type” column on listings doesn’t differentiate between parent and child processes
16242 Bug Missing ‘create empty collection’ feature: The new collection dialog shouldn’t require files to be uploaded.

Closed Sprints

2020-06-03 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16118 Bug Offers editing actions on read-only collections



# Tracker Subject Story Points
14990 Bug [Navigation] Attempting to navigate to non-existent path not handled

2020-08-12 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16627 Feature Add refresh button to views
16594 Bug Add --project-uuid when starting workflow
16245 Bug Horizontal scroll bar is at the bottom of the page instead of the viewport.

2020-09-23 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16243 Story Filter files by name on collection’s file listing

2021-01-20 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17231 Bug Stuck on loading screen after login
15771 Bug Deleting a selection of files fails
16622 Feature Collection/project pages include instructions to connect via WebDAV and S3 2.0

2021-02-03 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17109 Story Support keep-web URLs with collection the domain name

2021-02-17 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17205 Bug Render object name instead of owner uuid

2021-03-03 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17319 Bug CommonService.get(uuid) should throw an exception when uuid is empty string