Arvados 2.2.0


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17415 Feature Create Mountainduck Bookmark files
17008 Bug AttributeError: module 'httplib2' has no attribute 'SSLHandshakeError'
17014 Feature Add Container Requests endpoint to controller

Closed Sprints

2020-07-01 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16382 Bug arvados-cwl-conformance-tests failing in jenkins

2020-10-21 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16998 Bug R SDK Collection create doesn't return ArvadosFIle object as documented
16558 Support Document FS structure & supported features of WebDAV and S3 compatible APIs
16982 Idea Use ~devN versions so they sort before release candidates

2020-11-04 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17010 Bug Workbench lets you re-run containers in a project you don't have write access to?
17047 Feature [centos7] use python3 package from the base repository
16883 Bug mention Debian packages in installation instructions
17044 Feature [packaging] remove debian stretch in 2.2~dev



# Tracker Subject Story Points
17012 Bug [versioning] generate correct development version numbers for all packages after a major release
17086 Idea Support Ubuntu 20.04

2020-12-02 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17072 Bug local variable 'result' referenced before assignment
17150 Bug SystemRootToken with non-alphanumeric characters silently fails
16950 Feature [cli] add costanalyzer to arvados-client
17106 Bug Cannot use federated tokens with keep-web S3 API

2020-12-16 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17011 Feature Add keep-web wildcard DNS to salt 1.0
17187 Feature [costanalyzer] feature improvements
17177 Bug [salt][provision] when using SnakeOil certs, Arvados needs a CA or some components won't work correctly
17022 Support Generate report about user activity on playground

2021-01-06 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17218 Feature debian package repos: switch from freight to something faster

2021-02-03 Sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17299 Bug [controller] runtime_constraints should be spelled {API:true}, not {api:true}
16306 Idea [install] Build all-in-one server package using arvados-server install/boot in production mode 1.0
16974 Bug Explain RemoteClusters.Proxy and .ActivateUsers better
17255 Bug Document "can_login" permission links for VM login
17245 Bug install/crunch2-slurm/install-slurm.html missing from ToC
17286 Bug Print workbench URL for submitted CR
17271 Support document that compute nodes need to use cgroupsv1 / cgroupsfs for Docker

2021-02-17 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17165 Support Work on user guide & training
17312 Idea Make a note about using PAM can use Unix users that do not have a shell
17249 Feature Make costanalyzer aware of preemptable instances
17170 Feature Shell into container proof of concept
17338 Feature [deployment][compute-images] role and fqdn parameters are not used anymore

2021-03-03 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17398 Bug [crunch-dispatch-local] [crunch-run] error starting gateway server: missing port in address

2021-03-17 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17352 Bug [packaging][debian] missing dependency for arvados-api-server
16669 Feature Accept OpenID Connect access token
17213 Bug Failing some v1.2 conformance tests
17414 Bug Collection file listing shows only half of the last entry
16745 Feature [keep-web] Improve performance of S3 APIs using server-side cache

2021-03-31 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17503 Bug arvados-client deduplication-report paper cuts
17119 Feature Virtual folder in FUSE/S3/WebDAV with contents defined by a query 3.0
17491 Bug [packaging] centos7 api server package build fail on CI (nokogiri version)
17495 Feature [documentation] arvados-client deduplication-report
17353 Bug [deployment] Misleading WARNING messages on arvados-api-server install?
10458 Bug [Documentation] Document crunchstat-summary

2021-04-14 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17436 Bug Favorites in workflow picker dialog is different to favorite list
17498 Bug Document upgrade from python-fuse to python3-fuse
17392 Feature Support writing blocks to correct storage classes in Go SDK
13382 Feature [keepstore] Write new blocks to appropriate storage class 3.0
17426 Idea Support plug-ins
17508 Bug Arv-keepdocker implicitly tries to delete a collection protected property
17337 Bug Files not visible in Arvados Workbench 2
17422 Bug Determine if keep-web correctly handles '#' in path

2021-04-28 bughunt sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17521 Bug Handling of ./ in arvados-cwl-runner
17507 Bug [keep-web] [s3] Implement NextContinuationToken per ListObjectsV2 API
17343 Feature [boot] Make workbench1 optional (for workbench2 integration tests, etc) 0.5
17566 Bug [controller] Request body size incorrectly limited to 10M when content-type is x-www-form-urlencoded
17570 Bug [deployment][salt] remove extra example Vagrantfile
17427 Feature Sample tracking plug-in
17246 Idea Single node salt install improvements
17530 Bug [arvados-client] when ARVADOS_API_HOST/TOKEN are not set, error out quickly
17437 Bug connecting from controller using nginx <-> api
17529 Bug [a-d-c] AWS/EC2 driver should return a RateLimitError to dispatcher if the upstream error is RequestLimitExceeded
17531 Feature [controller] Remove ForceLegacyAPI14 config flag
17462 Bug secondary file objects on file defaults are not resolved, crashes a-c-r

2021-05-12 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17222 Support Blog post - keep fundamentals
17657 Feature [container shell] support SSH port forwarding
17600 Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] webshell's shellinabox pam file must be named /etc/pam.d/shellinabox
17582 Bug Cannot assign names that start with '['
17651 Bug [documentation] move SSO to a deprecated state in the documentation
17587 Bug [Workbench] home page broken (#<ActionView::Template::Error: cannot execute federated list query with limit, offset, or order parameter [API: 400]>)
17568 Bug Get API token dialog shows incorrect token expiration on federated tokens
17610 Bug [API] Federated token scopes are not obeyed if scopes include "GET .../users/current"
17284 Idea [controller] Redact internal RailsAPI URLs from error messages returned to caller
17598 Bug [keep-web] should be tolerant of superfluous :443's in the arvados config

2021-05-26 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17711 Bug Upgrade nokogiri on railsAPI & workbench1
17708 Bug [crunch-run] should be more tolerant of unsupported file types in the output directory
17604 Bug [deployment][provision][arvados-formula] remove @*--collections@ and use @*.collections@
17606 Bug [deployment][provision] extra dirs and files are poorly managed
17637 Bug "Not found" error when trashing project
17668 Feature [Documentation] Container shell access
17449 Idea Add page discussing features useful for GxP complianance
17589 Bug [arv-mount] hangs on ls keep/home/, slowly increasing memory
17608 Feature [deployment][arvados-formula] run @arvados-server --config-check@ on all the roles but shell

2021-06-09 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17512 Idea Release Arvados 2.2
17738 Bug [ruby] sudden gem load errors on ubuntu 18.04 (ruby 2.5.1)
17605 Bug [deployment][provision] letsencrypt credentials when using route53
17601 Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] webshell needs a cron for login-sync
17602 Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] anonymous token is not being added in the config

2021-07-07 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17607 Feature [deployment][provision][arvados-formula] register shell nodes with Arvados