Arvados 2.2.1


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2021-06-09 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17653 Bug Apply security related upgrades
17305 Bug WB2 shows project and process file size always as "0"
17757 Bug [a-d-c] the BootProbeCommand default leads to race conditions in our default/documented configuration

2021-06-23 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17333 Bug arvados-cwl-runner does not validate that project-uuid is valid, and returns confusing error message if not
17801 Bug Cannot use $(runtime.outdir) for outputBinding glob
17783 Bug [a-d-c] [ec2] VcpuLimitExceeded should throttle node creation attempts
17777 Bug [a-d-c] [ec2] MaxSpotInstanceCountExceeded should throttle creation attempts for preemptible instances
17776 Bug [a-d-c] [ec2] when InsufficientInstanceCapacity is returned, we should throttle node creation.
17810 Bug [keep-web] S3 signature check fails if path contains ","
17800 Bug arv-put --no-follow-links issues
17803 Bug [config-check] failing to warn about unrecognized config keys
17774 Bug [api] unable to cancel workflow - "Mounts cannot be modified in state 'Committed'"
17799 Bug Upgrade rails to 5.2.6

2021-07-07 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16971 Bug Issues with Project and Collection name/description not being saved/shown in the edit menu.
17464 Story Logging and restricting downloads in keep-web and keepproxy

2021-07-21 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17877 Story Release Arvados 2.2.1
17705 Story explain arvados-dispatch-cloud behavior
17879 Bug Upgrade schema salad & cwltool for bugfixes, set --thread-count=0
17858 Bug merged_map[cur_id] KeyError: None crash