Arvados 2.2.2


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2021-07-07 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17828 Bug bootsnap load error in arvbox

2021-07-21 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17926 Bug [controller] lib/pq 1.3.0 does not handle stale db connections properly (Aurora RDS)
17913 Bug Upgrade addressable from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0
17782 Bug Migrate WB2 app from react-scripts-ts to create-react-app

2021-08-04 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17591 Bug Improve explanation of wildcard DNS for keep-web
17691 Bug [Workbench2] the "add new ssh key" page does overly strict validation
17526 Bug [workbench2] UX improvements for collections 3rd party access information
17951 Bug [workbench2] Remove unused compute nodes UX (admin dropdown)
17903 Bug arvados-login-sync fails on centos 7

2021-08-18 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17983 Bug [arv-mount] 2.2.1 deadlock when --read-write and --collection is specified
18001 Feature [api] add Users/UserNotifierEmailBcc config option
17984 Bug --project-uuid validation should accept user uuids (regression)
17532 Feature Collection version history panel adds column for modified_by_user_uuid (by user name) for each past version.
17947 Bug [packaging][centos7] new @python3-@ packages should remove deprecated @rh-pythonXX-@ ones
18005 Bug [api] collection versioning regression
17936 Feature Arv-put resume cache handling when having expired block signatures
17985 Bug [a-c-r] add cwltool to the list of binstubs in our packages
17982 Bug Recent searches / saved searches should show up when clicking on search bar not after entering and then deleting input
17952 Bug [workbench] Remove unused "compute nodes" UX (admin dropdown)
17564 Bug Reports file sizes as too large
17690 Bug [Workbench2] as an admin user, the /ssh-keys-user url (*user* ssh keys menu) shows everyone's keys

2021-09-01 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18004 Bug Cached federated token creation race condition on RailsAPI
15159 Bug [workbench2] "Open in new tab" shows "cannot serve inline content"

2021-09-15 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17966 Story Release Arvados 2.2.2