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2021-06-09 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17717 Feature [costanalyzer] should be able to do its thing for all computation between 2 timestamps
17706 Bug [costanalyzer] should handle container requests in Uncommitted state gracefully
17465 Idea Support writing blocks to correct storage classes in Python SDK
17296 Idea Singularity proof of concept 5.0

2021-06-23 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17823 Feature [deployment][provision] change the nginx formula link and tag to saltstack-formula's
17609 Feature arvados-client subcommand to run diagnostics on already installed cluster
17351 Feature [arv-put] Storage classes

2021-07-07 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17841 Feature [costanalyzer] add container duration to totals
17853 Bug [keep-web] concurrent map iteration and map write
17778 Idea Document that using serverless / on-demand PostgreSQL (Aurora Serverless) is not supported
17395 Feature Control storage class of container / container_request output
17821 Feature [deployment][provision] add a parameter to dump files without deploying
17829 Idea Remove josh_id / omniauth from rails API
17833 Bug Don't print whole stack trace on arv-put errors
17812 Feature [deployment][provision] improve documentation for the provision script and salt
17572 Feature arv-mount understands storage classes
17389 Feature Storage classes support in keepproxy

2021-07-21 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17748 Bug OIDC should read given name / family name fields
17816 Bug singularity not setting working directory
17573 Idea User interface for exposing / changing storage classes on a collection
17394 Feature Go SDK CollectionFS writes files to correct storage class

2021-08-04 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17574 Feature keep-balance updates API server with correct storage_classes_confirmed
17928 Feature "New collection" form lets you select storage classes
17949 Feature Start building packages for Debian Bullseye
17756 Feature Initial implementation of LSF dispatcher
17813 Feature Cache docker-to-singularity image conversions
16665 Bug Keepproxy reports error 413 (entity too large) even if the original error was something else
17388 Feature [arv-copy] Storage classes revisit
17863 Bug Use bundler 2.2.19 consistently

2021-08-18 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17390 Bug Set storage classes for intermediates and final outputs
18013 Bug [api] the rake tasks db:check_long_lived_tokens and db:fix_long_lived_tokens should take API.MaxTokenLifeTime into account
17726 Feature [singularity] add documentation
17967 Feature Prioritize reads from different storage classes

2021-09-01 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17217 Feature [controller] move blob signature calculation from api to controller
17994 Feature [api] storage class fields should be supported in filters
17698 Feature Parallelize writes inside keepstore when there are writes that request multiple storage classes.
15430 Idea [API] Remove the @@ list method filter 1.0
17948 Feature create some large collections for testing (on ce8i5, tordo, 9tee4)

2021-09-15 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
14018 Feature arvados-cwl-runner should support setting properties on container requests
16655 Bug Upload speed indicator shows wrong information
18126 Bug With python2 no longer supported python-rsa can be un-pinned
17960 Bug [arv-copy] document ability to copy projects
18027 Bug [crunch-run] upload failed (singularity)
18029 Bug NaN paging for Public Favorites when you click on the next page arrow on an empty data table
17995 Feature [api] add method to get collections where replication_confirmed < replication_desired
17857 Idea Run WGS variant calling workflow on 9tee4 with LSF and Singularity enabled
18102 Bug max dispatch attempts error
18024 Bug cwl ValidationException: not found (Docker installed with snap)
17989 Bug PySDK socket read timeout on big collection create calls
18078 Bug RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration
18112 Bug [ubuntu 18.04] bundler 1.16.1 incompatible with latest arvados-api-server and arvados-workbench packages
18021 Bug Fix flaky keepstore test
18094 Bug Remove unused Users#update_uuid endpoint
18076 Bug Properly handle cached user records that don't exist anymore on federation scenarios
17755 Idea Test singularity support on a cloud cluster by running some real workflows
17696 Feature Exported config has default storage class(es), SDKs use the configured default storage class if not overridden 3.0
17535 Idea Jenkins step to test + salt formula

2021-09-29 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18184 Bug Flaky test due to bug in old version of singularity
17585 Idea Redesign navigation of files in collections
13697 Idea Prevent the API server and database from continuing to serve requests to clients after timeout 0.5
17229 Feature Integrate webshell
8363 Feature crunch-run scans arv-mount logging for errors 0.5
18098 Feature [crunch-run] should print out the runtime engine used
17749 Feature [Keep] avoid AWS S3 request limits -- add option to use more prefixes on S3 2.0
18164 Bug permission links not findable using link 'list' by non-admins
18051 Bug Investigate backend performance for WebDAV requests on very large collections
18097 Feature Case-insensitive matching of usernames by sync-groups tool
18122 Bug Support 'select' on 'get', 'update', and 'delete' calls to limit what fields are returned in update response
17770 Bug [a-d-c] while in throttle mode, the logs are full of "creating new instance" lines
18002 Bug ruamel.yaml and google-api-python-client are out of date and cause conflicts for users

2021-10-13 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18187 Bug Investigate RT #241
18258 Bug Manage Singularity download cache
18116 Bug Advanced search -> Search by properties -> Add crashes
18113 Feature [a-d-c] non-zero defaults for MaxCloudOpsPerSecond and MaxConcurrentInstanceCreateOps
18248 Bug [deployment][provision][tests] ubuntu 18.04 fails to generate openssl certificates
18216 Feature Refactor keepstore to be part of arvados-server
17779 Bug Exceptions thrown by the Python SDK should include the request id if possible
18247 Bug [arv] faraday gem warnings on Ruby 2.7+
18253 Bug [doc] add alternate way to get our gpg key
18245 Bug [doc] clarify bundler system package requirement in docs
18003 Bug filter group validation incorrectly rejects 'contains' and 'exists'
17830 Bug Controller doesn't propagate back X-Request-Id headers on "new code path" endpoints

2021-10-27 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18293 Bug MemoryError creating SIF
18290 Bug [LSF] Add "/host" to rusage strings
18289 Bug [crunch] allow_other is not required when using Singularity
18288 Bug token expiration migration rake tasks expire the anonymous token
18281 Bug [login-sync] automatically replaces expired tokens
18286 Bug [Documentation] dispatch-lsf requires Services.DispatchLSF.InternalURLs entry
18260 Bug [CWL] integration test 35 failed (singularity/LSF)
18238 Bug CWL integration test failing
18259 Bug [doc] singularity doc improvements

2021-11-10 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18130 Bug Release Arvados 2.3.0