Arvados 2.3.2


2021-12-08 sprint

Due in 2 days (12/08/2021)

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18376 Bug [keepstore] Avoid long-lived readdirent cookies in filesystem driver
18490 Bug Permission table bloat
18257 Bug Chips error in workflow File/Directory array inputs
18484 Bug Direct links to Collections are retrieving the full manifest_text for no reason
18491 Bug Address jwt-go's security advisory
18482 Bug Info Button for projects is broken in 2.3.1
18480 Bug Arv-put tries to open non-regular files
18169 Bug WB2 drag and drop: cancel button not working

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
18488 Bug [controller] does not release pg_advisory_lock($1) when it fails to start

Closed Sprints