Issues that are open but not currently prioritized for fixing.



Due in over 13 years (01/01/2038)

This is where tickets go that have been triaged but not prioritized to work on yet

# Tracker Subject Story Points
21495 Idea optionally assign unique usernames to groups to provide a flat, human-assigned identifier space
9364 Feature [keep-balance] "Expedited delete" tool: perform garbage collection on some specific (recently deleted) collections, bypassing usual GC race protections 3.0
20836 Bug S3 file listing returns files multiple times
20830 Bug Workflow failing with 403 Forbidden: Uuid XXX is not writable by YYY
20694 Bug Unable to create Git repository in Workbench 2 (Playground)
20679 Bug Full support for synthetic attributes like User.full_name in the API
16057 Feature Combine selected collections
20306 Bug Going from Private→Shared in the sharing dialog gets reverted
16168 Feature edit 'properties' of container requests
16593 Feature Way to determine owner to be able to request access
17261 Feature Determine ownership of objects within wb2
20669 Feature keep-nfs for exporting file shares as NFS mounts
20668 Feature keep-smb service exporting file shares that can be mounted on Windows
19962 Bug singularity crunch-runner jobs cannot deal with a very large number of bind mounts
19934 Feature arv-mount --exec can run the subprocess with the mount point as its working directory
20687 Feature Support user agreement
19815 Bug Common method arguments are undocumented in the API reference
20373 Bug Remove AdRoll/goamz dependency in keep-web testing code 1.0
19270 Bug Fix flaky tests
20492 Bug EBS autoscaler possibly not deleting volumes on terminate
18990 Bug should reflect the value of TLS/Insecure in the "Get API Token" dialog
19047 Feature Pythonic interface to launch workflows
18311 Bug [cwl] test 221 in the 1.2 conformance suite is failing on singularity
19797 Idea API object pool in Python SDK
19263 Feature Support preemptible containers on LSF
19795 Bug API discovery document uses unrecognized type names
18944 Feature [controller] should log the user uuid used for the request
19794 Idea Add sliding arrow or other drawer affordance to the "Additional info" button
19743 Bug Create a collection from files project picker might have same issues as inputs for registered workflows
19742 Bug Cluster labels in search results are hyperlinks but that is unexpected
19739 Feature No ability to get files from other collections or copy a collection into another collection when you are in a collection
19738 Feature Add an option for New Registered WF
19737 Feature Not clear that when you click on a key-value metadata pair it will copy it in WB2
19736 Bug No way to get out of "Run a WF" panel if you don't want to be there
19735 Bug Small files show they are 0% uploaded instead of 100% because they upload too quickly
19734 Bug If you click the window while creating a new collection or a new project in WB2 - it gives you an error message that you haven't added a name.
19733 Feature Ability to add a collection in a different project usng +New Button
19701 Bug arvados-server install should install under /opt instead of /var/lib
19697 Bug Development arvbox Docker image builds with bad permissions if run with umask 077
19696 Bug Development arvbox fails to install sdk/ruby - cannot run binstubs/bundle
19695 Bug Development arvbox complains arvados/nulldb is not checked out
19694 Bug Development arvbox fails to install services/api - missing mini_portile2
19628 Feature metadata concept: schema to display properties as tabular data
19630 Feature Navigate to collection by PDH should favor collection in current project
19626 Idea workbench 2 process panels & sidebar notes
18902 Bug Make video / screenshots of sample tracker
19593 Feature Ability to deploy the same arvados-server package to all nodes, all nodes can handle certain types of requests
19590 Bug Uneven captialization for documentation section titles
19403 Idea Review eager requirement eval PR
18697 Bug Cypress tests for federated scenarios
19149 Idea Writeup proposal for federated virtual folders
19586 Bug Error creating a collection with "preserve_version" using the Python SDK
19573 Bug More secure login-sync deployment
18266 Bug Turn manual testing plan for WB2 into tickets to write cypress tests
18897 Feature [go services] should log the uuid of the token used for each request (and if available, the uuid of the associated user)
18762 Bug rails background tasks scaling issues
18221 Idea Test coverage plan for combinations of slurm/lsf/cloud singularity/docker
18937 Feature [config] simplify AnonymousUserToken configuration
17988 Feature Enforce memory limits using Singularity + cloud
19564 Feature AutoReloadConfig usable in production
19561 Bug arv-copy should use environment when no other credentials available
19517 Bug Can't find the button to kill a wf running in wb2
19499 Bug Better viewing of long commands in Process views
19498 Bug clicking on property is unexpected behavior
19497 Bug Drop down panels for help, notificatio and admin, etc are formated differently
19496 Bug Help icon so small on menu you don't know what it is?
19495 Bug unexpected behavior when searching on federated clusters
19494 Bug LHS Top "Project" icon - i am not sure what it is?
19493 Bug Search button text not vertically centered
19492 Bug Consistent search button behavior
19491 Bug Revisit panel mechanism for hiding and bringing back panels on process and collection page
19490 Bug is refresh button needed to be so big and one of the first elements people see?
19489 Bug Don't default to main log on tools/subprocesses
19488 Bug Logs icon is confusing
19487 Bug If collections has no description don't show it
19486 Bug No properties for processes is in a larger font
19485 Bug if a collection has no properties - just don't show the properties section
19484 Bug Need Uniform Captialization For Types
19483 Bug font for name of workflow run on registred workflow page is super small
19481 Bug back button on registered wf run page is not intutive
19479 Bug "Run" button should be at the top of the page
19478 Bug registered workflow page is lacking in wb2
19477 Bug Link to registered workflow from panel with list of files in a project opens more info tab
19476 Bug can't go direct from workflow process page in wb1 to wb2
19475 Bug Icon for "processes" doesn't make much since
19474 Bug Reword and Restyle Link to Process on Collection
19470 Bug make useful hover overs when hovering over breadcrumbs on WB2
19469 Bug Add visiual way to examine an excuted workflow (for debugging and just examing performance, etc)
19468 Bug Add a trouble shooting guide for running workflow in arvados
19461 Bug Hamburger bun on collection page only shows actions after you selection - I find this confusing
19460 Bug Collection UUI label probably doesn't need Collection on Collection Page
19459 Bug Create different icons for main workflow step and sub steps
19458 Bug Collection icon doesn't make sense to me
19456 Bug Collections hamburger bun workflow
19455 Bug hamburger bun on collections says "more options" but there are no options there
19440 Bug Pin formulas to a particular version and avoid re-cloning formulas if the version is already cloned
19436 Bug rearrange descriptive information on top panel for collections
19435 Bug Remove non-essentail information in the top description of collection
19432 Bug Filter option for Projects seems confusing
19431 Bug Can't wrap my head about what the stars mean when filtering?
19430 Bug Names for filtering on project view are confusing
19422 Bug When replacing references with $imports make sure the thing is defined at least once
19429 Bug Somehow detect that scratch space failed to mount
19427 Idea User guide page on data transfer patterns (getting data into & out of keep)
19420 Feature arv-put prints when waiting on stdin, create empty collections
19410 Feature Support fractional CPUs
19216 Bug we don't log to journald and that's confusing
18564 Feature [art] run jenkins release build steps with a set of parameters
19301 Bug Details panel layout improvements
18936 Bug [api] [controller] remove reader_token support
19292 Bug feature of keep-block-check to do deep verification that all blocks in a collection are intact
19239 Bug Require username field to be populated consistently
13144 Bug [SDKs] Wean all components off old arvadosclient and keepclient libraries
19314 Bug Arvados wb2 doesn't like names with / and maybe other characters but that is the default name for docker images
17918 Bug cwltool 'id' changes packing behavior
16329 Bug Inconsistent upload behavior between wb1 and wb2
18964 Bug Write better prefetch tests
19272 Feature Support creating buckets & access by name in the S3 API
19259 Bug Data Collection header section text overflow
19258 Bug unexpected behaviour in "make collection from selected" in WB2
19257 Bug no filter option for workflows in WB2
19255 Feature Download of data collection additional possibilities
19254 Bug Workbench shows blank page for users who have no access
19252 Bug Project path sometimes disappears on Arvados WB2
19251 Feature Group search in Sharing Dialog only limited to 5 groups
19250 Feature User search in the sharing dialog too unspecific
19262 Feature submit containers as different users on HPC
19131 Feature Sharing URLs/Links: Allow the user to attach a personal note
19199 Feature Add Google Analytics to Arvados forum
19196 Feature Allow API select parameter to add/remove fields from the default set
19198 Feature Feature to normalize and re-pack manifest so that same content always has same hash
19167 Idea Ginko requests (tracking)
19150 Feature `arvados-server install -type=test -test-suite-user=X` should add user X to docker and fuse groups
19102 Idea Article about using Arvados by a sequencing lab
19091 Feature Managed property to assert valid unix username
17054 Feature Custom naming for scatter steps
19082 Feature Scale default keep cache request with cores or RAM request
19056 Feature Environment variable / command line convention that specifies where to get HOST/TOKEN settings.conf
18788 Feature User merge & migration support on LoginCluster federations
18960 Feature Config option to make crunch-run use Go FUSE driver when all mounts are read-only
19087 Idea "Out of the box" data management proof of concept
19058 Support Add code scanning to jenkins pipeline
18977 Bug Mishandled Azure error?
18988 Feature [CWL] support singularity/docker hint to make debugging workflows easier
18576 Feature arv-put converts properties aliases to vocabulary ids
18689 Feature support secret_environment
18969 Bug Controller should monitor its own memory usage and pause requests handling when memory usage is high
18967 Idea drop legacy columns and tables
18765 Bug engine configuration too big > 1048448 with singularity
18942 Idea Remove perl SDK, tests, dependencies
18871 Feature WebDAV uses replace_files API
18643 Support Redmine strategy to track customer requests
18864 Bug "Responsible person" link is wrong
18853 Idea Get input collection uuid or metadata
18845 Idea Chart comparing Arvados to similar products
18841 Feature Feature to inject additional info into wb2 details panel
18840 Feature Algorithm to repack small files into larger blocks
18810 Feature PySDK API Client wrapper methods that automatically translate properties using a vocabulary
18798 Idea Turn code cookbook into liquid template & include files separately
18726 Feature a-c-r uses arv-put internally to upload dependencies
17772 Feature use subject identifier (username etc) in "identity_url" instead of "email" for login
18695 Idea Genomics requests (tracking)
18694 Idea Roche requests (tracking)
18677 Feature Container runtime metrics API
18672 Feature [go sdk] describe + implement desired Go SDK
18671 Bug [go sdk] update documentation
18668 Feature [deduplication report] add project support
18623 Feature Ensure Etag can be used and honor If-Match header in updates
18620 Feature [LSF] use btop to adjust relative priorities of arvados jobs
18618 Bug Reusing workflows/steps is too slow
18586 Bug Remove docs/code for unsupported AsyncPermissionsUpdateInterval
18557 Idea propose NRE to improve Python SDK
18548 Feature Ability to share a link to the "Get API Token" dialog in WB"
15790 Bug [Workbench2] Non-admin users can access admin pages via urls
16300 Idea Compare 2 collection versions
15278 Feature [Workbench 2] Search for & execute workflows defined on federated clusters
16170 Bug Uploading of folder structure into collection is not working
15569 Bug [WB2] Notify the user when websockets service is disabled
12179 Feature Panel showing available instance types on the cluster
16054 Bug Responsive layout, reflows based on window width
15525 Bug [WB2] Copying a collection with files in subdirectories fails
14710 Bug [Workbench] Child containers run on federated clusters do not show up 3.0
15832 Bug [WB2] Add create data collection to context menu for projects
14904 Bug [Running a workflow] Pre-defined collections do not show up in the list and cannot be deselected
15105 Idea [Spike] Evaluate alternatives for Composer functionality in Workbench2 1.0
15798 Bug [Workbench2] Cluster label colors
13564 Bug [Workbench] Uploader should have a timeout
15217 Idea [Workbench 2] Add support for setting trashIntermediate value on workflows
16131 Idea Read only fields shouldn't be sent to the api server
16038 Bug Custom Enum Type in the workflow breaks the Workflow runner Wizard
10344 Idea [Workbench] Import CWL workflow
16970 Bug "Shared" option in sharing dialog is confusing
15917 Feature [workbench2] submit workflows via WES
17434 Bug project not shown in hierarchy on the left of wb2
17354 Feature Be able to inject additional documentation text into WebDAV/s3 info dialog
16510 Bug Indirectly trashed item's context menu show editable actions
17178 Feature Render live graphs of container crunchstat in wb2
17174 Feature Menu item ordering
18515 Idea run interactive Jupyter on shell and/or compute nodes
18500 Bug Arvados CV for "Study Type" property not active
18499 Bug Advanced Dialog on collections renders a long manifest_text as null
18498 Bug WB2 collection UUID in project URL shows blank page
18486 Bug Docker containers are always removed
18481 Bug Workbench allows setting values with leading and trailing whitespace in property values
18345 Bug Activity script crash
18347 Feature Cache negative token lookups in federation/OIDC
18463 Feature Sharing dialog shows all permissions including indirect and allows searching for users by name
18462 Idea Requesting object by uuid should return 403 instead of 404
18393 Bug [workbench2] forces relogin on every new window/tab
18385 Bug arvados-server config-dump | arvados-server config-check -config=- spurious warnings
18371 Bug Handle unreachable API server better on startup
18369 Feature [doc] describe the block packing algorithm used by our various Keep clients (arv-put, python sdk, keep-web, arv-mount)
18362 Idea cwltest results for Arvados produces badges which can be linked to from
18278 Bug [k8s] start using an ingress
17232 Support add example of readRDS() to arvadosR help
18239 Idea Add Kubernetes testing to CI
18341 Idea "arvados-server init" can set up a single-node production cluster
18338 Idea "arvados-server init" can use a local root CA to sign certificates
18166 Bug [Release] Auto-sync the arvados gem dependencies on RailsAPI and Workbench1
18335 Feature Export health checks as Prometheus metrics
18334 Bug Accept release info changes in docker recipes
18587 Bug "Copy selected into collection" incorrect behavior
18292 Bug [cleanup] remove AssignNodeHostname from the configuration. Also from the documentation.
18280 Bug Advanced Search in ARV PROD GUI non-functional
18279 Bug Data Collection page on 2.3.0 rc2
18275 Feature [terraform][provision][testing] Prepare a multi-node environment for arvados
18262 Bug [crunch-run] handle out-of-diskspace on the compute node better
18255 Idea Proof of concept Arvados single-node AMI
18218 Feature ARV GUI: perform operations on files selected via the filter
18214 Bug global search results link to wb1 not wb2
18213 Feature Arvados "display in new tab" shows outdated data
18212 Bug Read-only users can't open file in new tab
17450 Feature Terraform module that sets up a "best practices" cluster on AWS
18210 Bug Create Mountainduck Bookmark files not working
18209 Feature Re-run process on arvados throws error
18208 Bug Workbench2 search shows all sites even if just searching in one site
18297 Idea Write case study of Arvados AI4AD
18296 Idea Write case study about Arvados at Genomics
18241 Idea "NanoCPUs can not be set" Docker error
18202 Bug User Attributes Dialog are incorrectly displayed
18200 Bug Different content size of collection & files in wb2 vs wb
18199 Bug Issue with sharing settings of "open access" new projects
18198 Bug "copy selected files into collection" function in WB2 extremely slow
18197 Feature add search option to input selection when running a workflow
18196 Feature expose saved searches as browsing option on the left side
18191 Bug [doc] the compute node image doc does not take releases into account
18220 Bug Support Docker ENTRYPOINT on Singularity in crunch-run
18181 Feature Ability to specify a % of compute instance price that user is willing to go over from cheapest
18174 Feature [servers] add logging with automatic rotation to user-specified directory
18170 Bug Display of long names can be improved on WB2
18168 Bug Workbench2 Trash is not listing all trashed items
18163 Feature [Crunch] add CWL extension to limit the number of concurrently running jobs during a scatter
18161 Bug [a-d-c] the arvados_dispatchcloud_queue_entries prometheus metric should report actual instance types
18150 Idea Document configuration items for customizing text in Workbench
18125 Feature [deployment][provision][documentation] explain how to use a custom/existing postgresql RDBMS
18118 Bug investigate separate socket timeouts waiting for connection and HTTP response in Python SDK
18114 Bug [a-d-c] slow down retries when CreateInstance returns non-quota/non-throttle errors
15502 Idea endpoint to show why container requests didn't reuse
17969 Support Investigate plugins for redmine templates
18019 Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] selinux breaks many installation steps
18016 Bug [api] remove unused last_used_at and last_used_by_ip_address columns on api_client_authorizations table
18011 Bug [packaging][centos7] systemctl daemon-reload should be run by the post-inst script when upgrading packages on centos 7
18009 Bug [controller] always returns an empty "unsigned_manifest_text" field for collections
18008 Bug [api] reqid not always being recorded in the api server log
17826 Feature Mark individual collections with permission to download through keep-web.
18000 Bug [deduplicationreport] negative number in the "saved by Keep deduplication" report
17958 Bug When an admin changes the user's email through workbench1, a new user is created on next login
17838 Feature Create filter group from advanced search
17946 Feature design: add complex structures to structured vocabulary
17945 Feature design: Add type checking to the structured vocabulary
17942 Bug [arv-mount] requests manifest text multiple times when mounting collection
17941 Bug [ws] memory management issues
17940 Bug [controller] memory management issues
17937 Bug [workbench] uploader is hardcoded to X-Keep-Desired-Replicas: 2
17878 Bug [container shell] confusing error "channel 3: bad ext data" when forwarding tcp traffic into a container with API: false
17859 Bug When @AutoSetupNewUsers: true@ new users' username is added as email
3622 Bug [API] [refactor] Move system_group, system_user, etc to class methods in Group and User 0.5
3818 Feature [API] Discovery document schema should include whether field on resource is writable or read-only. 1.0
3365 Idea [SDK] Show the Workbench URI for the job when running a job or pipeline from the command line 0.5
3199 Idea [SDK] Keep clients (e.g., arv-put and crunch-job) ask API to refresh blob signatures if expiry times are sooner than ETA of collection.create 3.0
5738 Bug [API] Validate that selected columns are selectable, and return an error if not 0.5
5913 Bug [Workbench] Should validate that a job's repository actually exists before rendering the link to avoid fiddlesticks
4706 Bug [Workbench] Re-connect to websockets when the connection drops; use "last_log_id" so nothing is missed. 1.0
13766 Bug [API] bug in libyaml / Pysch used by API server to parse yaml
15051 Feature [a-d-c] EC2 driver supports AssumeRole 2.0
14952 Idea [crunchstat-summary] Add arv-mount FUSE ops time 0.5
15762 Bug [security] inactive users can re-activate themselves 5.0
11238 Bug job_task creation fails with ApiError - HttpError 422 - ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::InternalError: ERROR: invalid memory alloc request size 1718630765
11222 Bug Docker load time on compute node is too long
11251 Idea [Tests] Make workbench integration tests finish faster (at least in Jenkins)
11260 Bug [API] "arv group contents" produces a 404 error (seems to POST instead of GET?)
11405 Bug [arv-put] Lumpy / slow upload
11460 Bug [SDK] avoid interfering with socket open/close - use pycurl sockoptfunction instead of opensocketfunction
11452 Idea Support rendering of CWL description fields with embedded markup
11508 Feature HTTP 503 status for planned downtime
11520 Bug "arv collection list" command parsing allows invalid lines
11524 Idea Implement disk usage reporting for the administrator
11531 Bug [API] clean up stale/conflicting dns data from deleted node records
11547 Bug [API] Excessive memory and time consumed by API and dispatch when container fields (like "mounts") are large
11548 Bug workbench needs to handle API server timeouts better
11553 Bug [FUSE] Writable fuse creating conflicts with itself
11555 Feature [API] Webhook callbacks for server-to-server communication
11558 Idea [FUSE] Integration test using real programs with complex write patterns.
11741 Idea [Crunch2] Create workflow object for CWL runs which are initiated from the command line
11556 Bug occasional API server badness: 'incomplete response received from application'
9441 Idea [Workbench] Improve user page group memberships management [to be groomed]
11593 Bug [API] [Workbench] config option serve_static_assets to serve_static_files 1.0
11581 Bug a-c-r should log the command used to run the pipeline
11605 Feature arv-put detects symlinks to common files and directories to avoid duplicated uploads
11668 Feature [SDKs] Exceptions raised by Python SDK should include the "error token" if provided in the API response
11669 Bug [Crunch2] crunch-dispatch-slurm hits scancel too much
11680 Bug [Workbench] Provenance graph consolidates scatter steps
11691 Bug Using cwl, when you obtain files (file objects) from a directory listing they lose some fields when compare to files listed in cwl doc
11716 Bug [Workbench] The sort order of items on /pipeline_instances and /container_requests page is incorrect
7365 Idea Workbench consistently displays objects' metadata tags (on Links)
11983 Idea On the collections page indicate expiring collections
11990 Bug arvados-cwl-runner didn't keep going after some jobs failed
11991 Bug arvados-cwl-runner command on workbench is misleading
12082 Bug [SDKs] Improve wording of Keep error messages in Python SDK
12170 Bug crunch-run handling non-group readable files in output directory
11285 Idea Update Pipeline Optimization wiki with CWL/Crunchv2
12016 Bug [Performance][API] ~194seconds to return a /ping endopoint
12331 Bug [CWL] Does not distinguish between keep references to File and Directory when selected in Workbench template
11519 Bug arv-get should abort on ctrl/C
12465 Bug [crunchv2] Improve crunch-run environment reporting
12510 Bug [API] Don't create an index if it exists already. Will break install if we manually added it,
12557 Bug Failed job doesn't show log link
12558 Bug [Workbench] Bad dashboard time formatting - 60m == 1h
12613 Bug [arv-mount] error unmounting: fork/exec /usr/bin/arvmount: cannot allocate memory
11261 Bug [API] full text search on pipeline_instances table is extremely slow (wrong index?)
11296 Bug [arv-put] bad progress indicator
11410 Feature [SDK] tool for copying CWL file + input collections 0.5
13077 Idea R SDK submit to Bioconductor
13142 Bug crunch-dispatch-slurm uses a surprising number of file descriptors, and stops dispatching when it gets a "too many open files" error
13276 Bug [Workbench] workbench slow when trying to show a container request with many containers (~3000)
13322 Bug keepstore -help entry for -dump-config is unclear
13343 Bug arvbox warn if running as root or on OS X
11740 Idea [Workbench] Support display & reseting of expiration dates for collections 2.0
12900 Feature [Crunch2] [crunch-run] Prune old images before installing image for current container 3.0
15175 Idea Upgrade jQuery to a supported version 3.0
9363 Bug [keep-balance] Avoid deleting recently-referenced blocks 1.0
2679 Idea [API] If enabled by user via "preferences" checkbox in Workbench, notification service sends email to owner when a workflow finishes, fails, or is failing 2.0
15457 Feature [Controller] Delegate new container requests to other clusters based on location of input data 3.0
15476 Idea Switch all Workbench tests from PhantomJS to Selenium/Firefox 1.0
11515 Feature [CWL] [Workbench] Support for copying/moving pipelines
15588 Bug [API] "DefaultReplication: 0" should be an error
15757 Bug [FUSE] occasional deadlock in tests.test_unmount.UnmountTest.test_replace
15727 Bug [FUSE] Unhandled exception while getting discovery doc
15879 Idea Out of the box routing (NGINX) standard as part of basic install
16744 Feature [keep-web] Support more S3 write APIs: DeleteObjects, POST object
16830 Bug [keep-web] S3 PutObject response should have content MD5
16852 Bug [keep-balance] replication level distribution should account for volumes' built-in replication
17684 Feature [deployment][arvados-formula] add sudo examples to use arvados as a pam source for shell nodes
11679 Bug [Workbench] Logs containers with undefined exit code
12198 Bug Copying a project with a docker image doesn't copy the docker metadata
7366 Idea [Workbench] Users can search for objects by metadata tags (on Links)
11745 Feature Support structured markup for datasets
11875 Idea User accounts optionally have read-only access
11863 Bug [Go] CLI programs should exit 0 after giving -help
8573 Idea crunchstat-summary should calculate averages of all metrics
11183 Feature [Deployment] Use consul to report health of services/components
11962 Bug arvados-cwl-runner accepts a cwl file as a yml input
12089 Idea Javascript SDK
12028 Feature Be able to create a new collection based on a subdirectory in workbench
12050 Bug Detecting lack of memory in containers
12692 Feature [keep-web] Accept /t=token/c=collection/path (currently only /c=collection/t=token/path)
12664 Bug [arv-mount] cp: skipping file 'foo', as it was replaced while being copied (inode not stable)
12854 Bug [crunchstat-summary] broken option for skip child jobs?
12239 Idea Allow templating of the collection sharing web page
13126 Feature [keep] Investigate using signed URLs to delegate access to cloud buckets
12360 Bug Document how to add EBS tmp disk to nodemanager configuration
12929 Bug [Crunch 2] arvados-cwl-runner --local spawns individual container_requests with no link to main container_request
13005 Bug [Crunch2] All stdout gets the same timestamp and other logging problems
13102 Bug containers are not reused unless runtime constraints (including RAM) match exactly
13342 Bug [API] remove the use of PGconn, PGresult, and PGError
13096 Idea Investigate packrat to lock down R package dependencies
9653 Idea [keepstore] Limit entire process to configured amount or % of system memory (replace -max-buffers=X)
13184 Bug [arv-mount] No such file or directory when attempting to access collection via PDH
12191 Idea Support SLURM parameter passthrough from CWL jobs 2.0
13522 Idea [keepproxy] document limiting maximum number of HTTP connections 0.5
13272 Feature [keep-web] read/write support for /by_id and /users 2.0
14374 Idea Multi-site (federated) object search in controller 3.0
13351 Bug Benchmark container_request creation and see if there are opportunities for optimization
11915 Idea Support compressed docker images and make them the default 2.0
13789 Bug Document web socket server API (v0) 1.0
13048 Idea Refactor crunch2 logging 2.0
13403 Feature [crunch-run] Cancel container on FUSE error 2.0
13162 Bug [SDKs] Remove arvadosclient and keepclient libraries
14912 Feature [Crunch2] Azure driver supports attaching extra storage 2.0
8064 Feature [Keep-web] Support CORS requests with Authorization headers 0.5
14944 Support skip python/go env setup, don't print skipped tests
13110 Idea [WebDAV] WebDAV performance enhancements
14996 Idea Log crunch-run resource usage statistics 2.0
15528 Idea [docs] better explain the relationship between API server, controller and nginx in install docs
13390 Idea Document API in API discovery document
15176 Bug Update AngularJS to a supported version 2.0
13607 Bug [arv-mount] avoid excessive memory consumption of idle arv-mounts
15455 Idea Outputs of workflow runs get put into a default location other than the user's home project 2.0
13956 Bug [keep-web] (webdav) Support COPY and MOVE between collections
13218 Idea Support browsing of projects shared with me in WebDAV 2.0
13916 Bug Discovery document inconsistencies
13925 Idea Default keep cache scales with requested container size
13982 Bug crunch-dispatch-slurm / Go SDK Dispatcher not able to "let go" of deleted containers
13995 Idea [Controller] Port "collection update" functional tests from Rails API to controller test suite
15372 Idea Revise group permissions to separate them from permissions on managed objects 5.0
15732 Idea Update group sync tool for new group permission scheme 1.0
13998 Bug [keepstore] Cached block fetch for federation
15885 Idea Integrate status dashboard
15537 Bug Clarify that Arvados CLI tools are Linux only
14001 Idea [Spike] [Controller] Port "update workflow" API to controller
14004 Idea [Controller] Keep database in tune
16851 Bug [keep-balance] "underreplicated blocks" are overcounted in log messages
14016 Feature [API] Container request can provide existing collection UUID that will accept CR output
17468 Feature [controller] Skip repetitive OIDC UserInfo calls if access token validates as an ID token 1.0
17345 Bug [boot] handle dependency upgrades better in "arvados-package build" 1.0
11442 Feature [CWL] Resolve symbolic names to collections
14405 Bug [API] Avoid long-running transactions when sweeping trashed objects
14488 Bug [keepstore] Do not try to trash blocks that were already trashed in previous sweep
16462 Feature Expand arvados-controller to expose forecast features
14589 Bug [API] Fix data access loophole (access another user's container outputs by replicating their container request)
14650 Bug [arvados-cwl-runner] Inaccessible collection causes long traceback
9136 Feature [Python SDK] Add a Collection method to efficiently concatenate files
13643 Feature [CWL] Requirement for storage classes of data
10298 Bug [Crunch2] [API] Accept collection UUID or PDH as container_image in a container request
9425 Idea [API?/Workbench] Search for a link tag value returns linked objects
10390 Bug crunchstat-summary should explain why "(no report generated)" when possible
10767 Feature [API] [arvados-ws] remove all websockets and puma related code from the api server codebase
13557 Feature Copying a container request should link to the original container request
12007 Bug Hard to debug job reuse in crunch v2
11770 Idea [Python SDK] Implement support for universal newline mode in Collections API
12178 Bug Activating an account (setting is_active from false to true) does not email the new user
14906 Support [SDK] Maintain Arvados SDKs in Bioconda
12571 Idea arv-mount by_tag directory support for properties
12527 Idea [Composer] Refactor to separate vendor-specific pieces and all them to be replaced
15259 Idea Invalidate tokens federation-wide on when invalidated on home cluster
15436 Idea can run offline
15580 Idea [CWL] Register workflow and run from git repo
12791 Bug [API] fix race between arrival of trash time and next sweep
12797 Bug [Workbench] Job display inconsistent - not showing queued time
15692 Bug [CWL] test_with_arvbox integration tests use tests inside image
15697 Idea [doc] explain lifecycle of Keep blocks, and how it affects storage backend usage/cost
12985 Bug [crunch2] Container disappears after running scancel on the slurm job
11625 Bug [Workbench] Ensure that running processes are visible on the dashboard
13003 Bug Auto Tagging of container runs based on a regexp found in logs
15925 Idea Separate arvados-git-sync from API server
13062 Feature [SDK] Reduce collection class memory footprint
8181 Idea [Keepstore] Support a portable data challenge API
16426 Bug [arv-put] should calculate (worst case) manifest size up front before upload, and abort when it is too large
16566 Bug [cli] can't create a token when using a token created with create_superuser_token.rb
13326 Idea As a data provider, I would like the ability to provide metered access to my data on Arvados, including start/end dates, bandwidth caps, and % of file accessed
13325 Idea As a CWL learner, I would like to be able to run CWL workflows easily on playground
12666 Idea --ignore-docker-for-reuse not passed to crunch v2 jobs started via --submit --no-wait
13388 Feature [Epic] Zero-downtime upgrade
17413 Bug [arv-mount] Exit (instead of undefined behavior) after unhandled exception
17428 Bug [deployment] arvados-api-server fails to re-install/upgrade if the postgresql-client and the server versions differ
17490 Feature [workbench2] make filter groups creatable/editable
13636 Bug crunch-run takes a very long time for CWL steps with large numbers of File inputs - could use a new kind of mounts entry to address this
13644 Bug [STORAGE-CLASES] Report the storage classes used by a pipeline
13675 Feature [Composer/Workbench] Import of public git repo to a new Arvados repository
13760 Idea Provide more information to SLURM to make scheduling decisions on HPC
13384 Idea [Workbench] Search users by email address and shell account
17759 Bug [Keep] azure blob driver 404 errors are weird
13763 Bug [API] groups#contents response should obey caller-provided order (not sort on type first)
13794 Idea Build Docker images without requiring Docker on client
17764 Bug [arv-put] progress update does not refresh frequently enough
17775 Bug [a-d-c] the user should be able to see when preemptible nodes get shut down and the running container requeued
13972 Bug Listing collections by PDH and name can be very slow
13981 Bug Make keep-web documentation available on
13991 Bug crunch-dispatch-slurm does not warn when slurm MaxJobCount reached
17827 Feature [deployment][provision] rename the *_TAG variables to *_FORMULA_TAG
13997 Idea [Controller] Port "collection update" API from Rails
17814 Feature Send "invite" or "friend request" to connect with other users
17809 Bug Upgrade singularity version in compute{0,1}.9tee4
17805 Feature [fuse] access containers and container_requests through by_id directory in sitefs
14030 Feature [CWL] Use streamable flag as a hint to use keep output
14021 Feature [crunch-dispatch-slurm] option to set job priority directly instead of using nice values
14200 Feature [API] Reduce privilege exposure via API tokens in multi-cluster workflows
14257 Feature [controller] refresh manifest API
17478 Idea Port Rails controller and integration tests for Groups to controller
14457 Feature [api] send e-mail notification to user when their arvados account is activated
17773 Feature support token OIDC token introspection
17674 Bug add profiling infrastructure to Rails API server
14997 Idea [crunchstat-summary] Support multiple data series per graph (e.g. TX/RX, user/sys CPU, etc)
17681 Bug [controller] seems to have a really long timeout for its db connection
17718 Idea Standalone JWT token support for OIDC
14919 Bug [a-c-r][CWL] Non-portable reference false positive
15025 Feature [arvados-dispatch-cloud] GCE driver (Google Compute Engine)
14923 Idea [CWL] Reduce memory footprint by using webdav to get file/dir listings in collections (instead of Python SDK)
15070 Idea Update search API to support OR queries across text and vocabulary IDs
15082 Feature [controller] [all services] Publish entire config including secrets
15125 Feature [keep-balance] [keepstore] Procedure to halt/reverse/investigate a suspected data loss incident
15364 Idea Better CWL onboarding
15135 Feature [Crunch2] Post-run hooks
15118 Bug [keepstore] Return 5xx (not 4xx) if block is not found due to transient backend device failure
15249 Feature [cwl] a-c-r supports --js-console
15204 Feature Federation diagnostic tools/APIs
15279 Feature [cwl] expressions in keep_cache
15183 Bug [Workbench2] No errors reported when file is missing a block
15343 Idea Investigate alternate CWL grammar
15320 Feature [API] add integration test for new user signup
17768 Feature Special file/path in collection that indicates a folder shouldn't be expanded by default
15339 Idea ExpressionTool can be explicitly run under a CR
15382 Idea Synthetic database generator tool
15381 Idea can populate/use local package cache directories
15540 Idea Paginate crunchstat-summary HTML output
15579 Bug Staging a large number of files with "loadListing: no_listing" still takes more than 30 mins
17751 Feature [arvados-dispatch-cloud] expose rate-limiting condition in metrics
17741 Bug Golang SDK CollectionFileSystem uses time.Now() as default Last-Modified for all collections identified by portable data hash
15783 Idea Add Arvados services go docs
15909 Idea Systematic review of documentation gaps
17699 Idea Design new keepstore internal architecture that supports efficient streaming & range requests
16089 Bug a-d-c bad things happen when a-d-c runs out of file descriptors
16738 Feature [a-d-c] introduce concept of "quota partition"
16802 Feature [packaging] create an arvados-shell-node package
16843 Feature [a-d-c] admin cli
17314 Bug [API] [controller] [Workbench] 404 on foreign user UUID in admin interface
17694 Feature [Keep][keep-web] improve observability of buffer cache
17693 Feature [keep-web] Improve cache efficiency for a mix of fast and slow clients
17504 Bug [ws] very high memory use
17518 Feature Workbench2 lets users auto-login and access dialogs through direct links
17745 Bug [config] arvados-server config-dump with ec2 driver has confusing output
17613 Feature "created_by_uuid" field
17597 Bug [keep-web] Improve error response when AnonymousUserToken not configured and no token provided by client
17586 Feature Merge collections
17771 Bug [a-d-c] when a cluster supports preemptible nodes, there should be a knob to allow the user to choose the use of preemptible nodes, or not
17780 Bug [a-d-c] when toggling UsePreemptibleInstances, existing containers that are runnable generate lots of errors
17581 Feature Improvement: hierarchy in workflow selection in WB2
8672 Idea [CWL] option for arvados-cwl-runner to create new project for pipeline run
17578 Bug Global search results presentation in WB2
17561 Bug [arvados-dispatch-cloud] inst.SetTags() and inst.Destroy() should respect rate-limiting responses from cloud provider
17461 Feature Flag to make turn file format mismatches from an error to a warning
17520 Feature Option to delete a container and all associated child containers, logs and outputs.
17494 Bug Still updating users from login cluster when nothing changed
17472 Idea Architecture for displaying container metrics in workbench
17320 Support Explain what additonal configuration is needed for to go to production
16953 Support Test deploy in Roche AWS sandbox account.
17433 Bug Long picklists hide typing field in WB2
17424 Bug [API] group contents endpoint edge cases with filter on uuid
17416 Bug Make sure dev packages don't get included when making the production build
17401 Feature VS code plugin for Arvados
17400 Bug Directly shared collections are displayed as "read-only"
17396 Bug Favorites copy dialog further issues
17381 Bug [playground] [wb2] add a redirect
17348 Idea Example workflow template which streams data from S3 in first step, does some computation steps, and uploads results back to S3.
17347 Bug crunch-run --list fatal error out of memory
17399 Bug [crunch] undetected write failure/arv-mount crash in low-memory conditions
17073 Bug Permission links originating from users should only update that user
17310 Feature SAML support
17304 Feature Allow setting properties on processes
17303 Feature List properties and allow filtering by them in the project listings
17300 Bug array of array of File causes 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'resolved'
17292 Feature Merging collections feature
17291 Bug Copy selected to collection issue
17275 Bug Move Go Arvados RPC module into Go SDK & migrate to new API
17206 Feature crunch-run reverse proxies HTTP requests to container
16673 Support Document using OpenID Connect support for AAI
17214 Idea Investigate using tracing
17260 Idea Arvados presentation opportunties
17251 Feature Investigate mypyc for arvados-cwl-runner
17248 Idea Create low maintenance COS product
17247 Idea Define CWLtool product
17274 Idea Add "" DNS alias
17209 Feature Controller forwards web requests to crunch worker nodes
17198 Support migrate rest of su92l to salt
17195 Bug workbench2/static/js/main.ad432f16.js has hardcoded
17194 Feature support Amazon Linux
17186 Bug [dispatch] broken node logs should also be copied to a-d-c logs
17185 Feature [adc] add broken node metrics
17160 Bug [packaging] upgrade to use twine for upload to PyPI
17159 Bug [build] make build-packages-python-ruby run on a Jenkins satellite
17149 Feature Checkpoint / snapshot to support migrating tasks when more memory is needed
17148 Feature add logging middleware to lib/cmd
17116 Idea Consider excluding api_client_authorization from audit logs by default.
17112 Feature Store unsigned collection manifests in keep
17110 Feature Container reuse on sub-workflows and chunks of scatter inputs
17100 Feature Audit logs should include current/logged in user
16614 Bug Submitting workflows with large numbers of file inputs is very slow
17052 Bug arvados-server replaces
17041 Bug Upload doesn't work on arvbox-demo
17038 Feature [controller] Option to request additional scopes, and verify additional claims, during OpenID Connect auth
17037 Feature [controller] Improve use of given_name/family_name fields for generic OpenID Connect providers
16832 Bug replace linkchecker in our build environment
17166 Support Set up CWL project jenkins server
17005 Bug CWL v1.2 Conformance test 83 failed twice on the new Arvados Playground
16867 Bug Rust SDK
16866 Feature Support OpenAPI
16853 Bug [arvbox] various bugs
16849 Feature Investigate / document using Rabix Composer + arv-mount + arvados-cwl-runner
16846 Bug [su92l] download returning thousands of 503
16784 Feature Roles view
16771 Bug [keepstore,arvados-dispatch-cloud] Driver parameter should be specified consistently
16741 Idea Upload verification tool
16728 Idea Migrate federated workflow and federation user migrate tests to use arvados-boot
16701 Feature Tool to compare contents of a local file system to contents of a collection
16682 Bug Missing nodejs should not be a fatal error for submitting a workflow
16658 Bug [Bug] "Move/Copy To" Dialog does not list all possible target locations.
16656 Bug Arvados bug (GUI): Favorites not displayed in ARV move function
16651 Feature Show sharing dialog also for users with read and write permissions
16650 Feature Downloading and open in new tab for subfolders in data collection
16644 Feature Move files into existing collection
16643 Feature Notification functionality
16642 Feature Processes page
16639 Feature Display number of hits for search function
16633 Bug "Arvados VM" is not defined in the docs
16617 Feature Improve arv-copy for workflows
16590 Feature support dynamic arvados users on shell nodes (NSS)
16574 Feature Can limit which users can submit container requests.
16571 Feature Permission system supports seeing & sharing with a group without having access to group contents.
16567 Feature GCP support in arvados-dispatch-cloud
16563 Feature All services support TLS directly
16562 Feature SDKs ask API server for preferred "Services" config based on whether you are "internal" or "external"
16559 Bug Arvados Playground and Arvados Doc aren't in sync for switchyard
16556 Bug Template for Workflow Displaying Last Step instead of Main on Workbench
16519 Feature [keepstore] optimize md5sum calculations
16227 Bug Downloading folders gets HTML page from WebDAV not data
16518 Feature [keep] Allow clients to set a header to disable md5sum calculations in keepstore
16532 Support Write a troubleshooting page with debugging advice for configuration issues
16491 Feature Local/Samba/NFS Arvados uploads in pure Golang
16453 Idea [controller] Expand config comment about LDAP search filters 0.5
16448 Bug Validation should detect input/output parameter name collisions.
16436 Bug [install] Ensure postgresql has en_US.UTF-8 collation
16409 Bug User tool runs out of memory and is killed ; job still reported as being successful
16401 Bug Provenance graph not correctly capturing scatter/gather
16400 Bug Project Description editing lacks preview mode and lacks formatting instructions
16390 Feature [k8s] add support for Azure AKS
16386 Feature [k8s] make the docker images for our golang binaries much leaner
16372 Feature Vertical autoscaling
16371 Bug <ArvadosModel::UnresolvableContainerError: docker image "arvados/jobs" not found> (req-3ni7i1prpb9v3ii8ux3b) [API: 422]
16368 Bug should redirect to
16367 Bug forced download of arvados/jobs to client
16348 Feature Better metrics of keepstore bandwidth usage (especially on back end)
16346 Bug Determine best practices for error wrapping in Go
16338 Bug no way to see the CWL input object
16337 Bug is empty
16336 Feature arv keep put: accept a URL for server side loading
16334 Feature side-load public docker containers, if possible
16333 Feature Export workflows+provenance as Workflow RO-Crate w/ CWLProv
16332 Bug The user interface for approving users doesn't make sense
16251 Bug Workflows unable to show inputs
16250 Bug API Endpoint not found when opening advanced menu of collection
16249 Bug Workflow does not allow entering inputs
16228 Bug NullPointerException while uploading file using Java SDK
16160 Feature controller exports metrics per endpoint
16182 Bug Prevent login from old email addresses
16179 Bug "Move/Copy To" Dialog does not list all possible target locations.
16120 Feature [arvados-server] Add profiling flag to service components
16069 Idea [boot] start a dev cluster 5.0
16062 Support Record demo videos
16008 Feature API to query permissions (for use by 3rd party integrations)
15938 Bug [API] requesting collections via POST with _method=GET returns one result
15918 Feature [API] Support GA4GH WES as a core API
14726 Bug [CWL] Propagating input file to output gets confusing error
15906 Bug Issues with collection manifest in Java SDK v2
15865 Idea [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Cumulative instance time and cost metrics
15846 Feature [Workbench2] Data explorer page navigation
15844 Feature [Workbench2] Indicate when a DataExplorer filter is active
15843 Feature Order container_requests by container exit_code and state
15788 Idea Improve Arvados services go docs
15698 Bug 502 bad gateway logging in to shell
15689 Feature Add the ability to start arvbox with a specific arvados repo
15650 Bug Superscript element brackets showing in header
15641 Idea [keep-balance] [SDKs] rendezvous by volume UUID instead of server UUID
15614 Bug Create unit test to mirror su92l "collection from hell"
15602 Bug Workbench Integration tests errors
15594 Idea duplicate logs in a container request?
15582 Feature [API] [Controller] Per-user client login permissions
15517 Idea Improve pagination of very long lists
15503 Bug Display hashes of CWL secrets in workbench
15501 Bug Update help documentation links
15456 Feature Search/filtering in chooser
15377 Bug arv-put did not upload all the files in a directory?
15376 Bug arv-put 403 permission error
13813 Bug [CLI] arv traceback on simple timeout
15363 Idea Keep is out of sync for a file
14513 Feature [Workbench] Add "Share" button next to the shared folders breadcrumbs
15185 Bug [workbench][c6coi][security] SystemStackError when asking for ,"path":"/themes/curoverse/images/%5C../.../etc/passwd"
15178 Bug Potential security issues with Report a Problem dialog
15173 Idea Integrate arvados-tools repository into curoverse repo
15038 Bug Remove broken link from e51c5
15005 Feature [arv-mount] Fuse operations longer than the crunchstat interval
14972 Bug [arv-mount] mount-tmp flag does not start in read/write mode
14943 Bug [Workbench] add a "new group" button
14882 Bug Upgrading to 1.3.0-1 Error: no proxy available for cluster
14822 Bug e51c5-dz642-tt50rlecnb8mk5v is hanging and not spawning new jobs
14820 Bug e51c5-dz642-f3xljh337r3reks hung / did not complete
14791 Bug Can't rerun container requests from read-only project, even if copied somewhere else
14786 Bug Groups page takes forever to load
14766 Bug ResourceRequirement disk space ask should be shown in workbench / API response
14742 Bug deadlock detected in materialized view
14741 Bug [API] InFailedSqlTransaction on save_with_unique_name!
14693 Bug [arvbox] runsv fatal: unable to lock supervise/lock
14705 Bug Weird container rerun on fail?
14526 Bug [FEDERATION] [Multi-Site search] "login as" user is still having old credentials in multi-site search
14342 Support crunchstat-summary not getting updated in deploy
14429 Bug [CWL] Initial work dir error
14321 Bug Cannot figure out KeyError from a-c-r
14311 Support [idea] jenkins-style dashboard UI
14251 Bug Slow/unresponsive keep and workbench for large collections
14247 Bug [docker] Docker "repositories" referenced in an image?
14211 Bug [API] ArgumentError: Could not parse "filters" param as an array
14177 Bug Include PDH when File not found
14156 Bug Workbech dependency (ruby-ffi) security issue
14147 Bug error page with (very) old layout on api server
14117 Bug c-d-s reniceAll sets nice on jobs that are not pending
14116 Bug c-d-s reniceAll does not wait for complete information on Arvados jobs
14115 Bug c-d-s reniceAll takes a very long time and holds up SqueueChecker updates and initial job submission
14112 Bug Specifying DockerRequirement without tag latest doesnt automatically / by default pull latest
14072 Bug [workbench] ActionController::UnknownFormat
14069 Bug uncancellable container
14067 Idea Moving or Copying collections in workbench should have an input uuid field
14022 Bug [Tests] Timeouts causing build failures on jenkins
14011 Bug build/ version_from_git function dumps environment when not in a git repo
14005 Bug arv-copy will not create a new collection if copied within the same project
13909 Bug [WB] empty links get displayed weirdly
13876 Idea [CLI] arvados-server "status" subcommand
13875 Idea [CLI] arvados-server "metrics" subcommand
13871 Support please tag git revisions that result in deployed packages for -dev streams
13850 Bug [c-d-s] jobs are stuck in queue, 422 rvadosModel::LockFailedError: cannot lock when priority<=0>
13812 Bug arv cli continues to cache broken discovery document
13795 Bug crunch-dispatch-slurm too polite about killing containers
13772 Bug Rerunning a container_request that has a failed child CR should restart the failed CR
13758 Bug [Documentation] Full text search filters page
13761 Bug Issue with api on e51c5 shell node
13709 Bug [[Proxy]] How to visit API service with proxy?
16034 Bug ---- bookmark ---
13688 Feature [API] optional asynchronous flag for create/update operations
13685 Bug support "kind": "text" for workflow and cwl inputs mounts in a-c-r
13676 Bug better error dialog for un-allowed repo names
13630 Bug locking api_client_authorizations for update can deadlock ContainersController#update
13642 Feature keepstore backend for ceph librados
13533 Feature option to specify vcpu runtime constraints on arvados-cwl-runner when using --submit
13574 Idea [Controller] Update container priorities asynchronously
13515 Bug keepproxy memory usage limit?
13514 Feature Add arvswitch to shell accounts by default
15603 Idea [Workbench 2] Update Fileupload component to new error reporting & unit test architecture 3.0
13454 Bug [Documentation] Add how to work with IGV and keep
13484 Idea Support multiple load-balanced API server nodes 2.0
13422 Bug High cache thrashing should warn the user that their job will take longer than expected
13372 Feature "trash current collection" button from inside a collection
13364 Bug [a-c-r] Avoid re-uploading docker images if exists
13333 Bug arvados-cwl-runner should check the input yml to see if all files exist
13305 Bug keepstore starts returning 401 Unauthorized in the middle of a workflow
13252 Bug [CWL] RunInSingleContainer requirement errors on DockerRequirement even when no such requirement is specified
13121 Bug [crunchv2] can't copy container request.
13054 Bug Composer testing bugs found
13047 Bug Log apiClientAuth UUIDs in keep-web, keepproxy, etc.
13053 Bug [CWL] discover_secondary_files not processing expressions
13007 Idea [API] Review Postgres index usage
12996 Feature [SDKs] CollectionFS should repack highly fragmented files
12979 Bug [CWL] can't input a variable from inputs into outputTTL
12978 Feature Add method uuid() to collections
12962 Bug out: type: Directory[] glob: "*" tries to get Files
12903 Bug arvados-cwl-runner only loads cwl $import directives when run with `--local`
12873 Bug arvados-cwl-runner does not allow keep locators in command line input arguments
12868 Idea Rearrange packages so "arv" runs a Go program that shells out to Python/Ruby code only if needed
12726 Bug add units to arv:IntermediateOutput docs
12575 Bug Collection of Doom (137MB manifest, 4M files, 20TB data)
12349 Bug [API] Validate container requests "output_path must be in a writable mount"
12345 Feature [CWL] Use arv-put collection caching for file uploads
12317 Feature [FUSE] unable to rename a subproject
12314 Feature [FUSE] Incremental collection subdirectory load
12294 Feature Create better error message when file is too big to be read into cwl variable
12293 Feature Allow for larger files to be read into variables in cwl
11171 Idea [Nodemanager] Packaging for compute node setup scripts
11161 Idea [GA4GH] Support task execution API using crunch v2 containers
11160 Idea [GA4GH] Expose workflow records via tool registry API
11159 Idea [GA4GH] Import from tool registry API
11157 Bug [arv-put] When debug mode is active, report the cache file name being to be used
11154 Bug [Docs] Migrate install docs from command line flags to YAML configs (keepproxy, keep-web)
11153 Feature [API] create_token script should allow operator to provide token scopes and opaque comment
11148 Bug [Crunch2] Propagate dispatch error messages (e.g., sbatch fails) to user via logs/websocket
11147 Idea Write scalability test which can be used periodically as needed
11146 Feature [Crunch2] [Workbench] Show slurm queue position of containers submitted to slurm but not yet running 3.0
11137 Bug apt-get upgrade arvados-api-server on Ubuntu 12.04 did not update crunch-job
11026 Bug "Run a example test" Button.
10008 Bug [SDKs] [Python] When reading data through Collection et al., signatures should refresh automatically when needed
11053 Bug [Workbench] 422 Unprocessable Entity for two pipeline entities on e51c5
10978 Bug [CWL] Avoid using "+" char in mount paths 0.5
10955 Bug arvados-cli gem dependency error
10948 Bug [Workbench] Live stats should use consistent coloring for graphs
10952 Bug Inconsistent node/job reporting - 168 jobs vs 96 nodes
10705 Bug [Crunch2] [API] return a more specific 422 error message when a client calls containers#unlock without having the lock
10946 Bug [Docs] [SDKs] Mention in API docs and discovery doc that destroy=delete and index=list
10849 Idea [API] [SDKs] When client and server versions differ, the server must either implement the API the client expects, or return an error.
10830 Feature [Workbench] Support array type input parameters to Workflows
10809 Bug [Workbench] Don't create manifest with 0 length chunk
10794 Bug [keepstore] Refactor volume Get/Put funcs to BlockReader/BlockWriter interfaces
10729 Bug [Crunch2] Propagate error messages if sbatch command succeeds but crunch-run can't run (or can't log to the Arvados API)
10718 Bug add a --user-script option to install-arvados-jobs-image
10721 Bug [Docs] Missing docker_image link classes from API docs 0.5
10715 Bug [Workbench] "Public pipelines" on help menu links to wiki, not local public pipelines
10708 Bug [Crunch2] crunch-run fails trying to set swappiness on ubuntu 1204 kernel
10689 Bug Crunch1 jobs should still work on a slurm setup configured for Crunch2
10650 Bug [Python SDK] Document undocumented methods in RichCollectionBase 0.5
10566 Bug arvbox destroy fails because some files are owned by root
10561 Bug sometimes `arvbox reboot test` gets stuck asking for a sudo password
10552 Bug arvados-git-httpd returns error '500' (Internal Server Error) when a request is not authorized
10545 Bug arvbox loops forever when something goes wrong
10543 Bug implement approximate (estimated) counts for API list method
10541 Feature [Keep] Share buffers between overlapping/consecutive GET requests for the same block 2.0
10535 Bug test suite hangs (in arvbox) in sdk/python test_callback
10532 Bug Multiple links with the same relevant information can be created
10514 Bug [crunch-job] use docker instead of 0.5
10032 Idea [CWL] Improve arvados-cwl-runner job spin up time 0.5
10542 Bug [Workbench] Busy nodes number does not include nodes in draining state 0.5
10512 Bug [CI] hanging remainder tests
10493 Feature [Python SDK] Provide more control over pre-fetch behavior
9940 Bug [Keep][SDK][Performance] arv-copy hugely inefficient in CPU usage 1.0
10469 Bug Multiple virtual machines with the same hostname can be created
10444 Bug [Performance][Workbench] While in a resource #show page, switching between tabs results in fetching the object again from API server. This can cause unacceptable amount of latency for large objects such as large pipeline instances and also to collections.
10408 Bug 4xphq keep balance api request causes oom on api server
10405 Idea [API] Remove unimplemented fields from api_client_authorization
10388 Idea Request collections that don't (yet) exist via fuse interface
10387 Idea Faster downloading using arv-get
10354 Idea Add varchar_pattern_ops to all relevant PostgreSQL UUID indexes
10337 Bug remove the need of yum reinstall from the installation/upgrade of Rails based components
10327 Bug arvados-cwl-runner fails to find secondaryFiles
10319 Bug [Workbench] list of logins in the admin page isn't showing all logins
10328 Feature [CWL] a-c-r option to resubmit failed jobs
10594 Feature [API] [Workbench] Error out when unrecognized keys appear in config files 0.5
10696 Bug [CWL] Tries to run docker inside container where docker is not available, gives IOError
10268 Feature [SDK] Convenience method for resolving project/file paths
10245 Idea [Performance][Workbench] Computing user notifications in topnav is expensive. Can the user's properties be used instead?
10213 Idea Efficient queries for notification menu items
10206 Bug [CWL] arvados-cwl-runner may not be handling input files on keep mount correctly
10191 Feature Arvados should be able to cat/zcat files in collections easily
10188 Bug [CWL] local acr gets killed
10182 Bug Provide more reasonable error messages for memory issues during container dispatch
10177 Bug Confusing job duration reporting
10164 Feature Additional Crunch job logging controls
10127 Bug [API] In each request log entry, report time spent getting current permission graph
10097 Bug Python RichCollectionbase's find_or_create() method callers may assume that found object is of "create_type" type
10096 Bug RichCollectionBase's _get_src_target method would crash if "source" argument is not basestring and "target_path" is empty.
10084 Bug keep-balance reporting large numbers of replicas lost
10027 Idea Move Container related documentation from wiki to code
9985 Bug [Testing] TestErrorDuringRsync_FakeDstKeepservers
9969 Bug [Crunch2] [API] Permit container [request] with empty command (run default docker command)
9968 Feature [Crunch2] [API] Support container request expiry (expires_at)
9965 Bug [CWL][Crunch][Crunch2] crunchrunner should ignore hidden directories when uploading to keep
9870 Bug [FUSE] arv-mount installation documentation not working
9732 Bug [FUSE] performance issues stat() in python
9591 Idea [FUSE] Undelete collections by moving them out of the TrashDirectory
8179 Idea [keep-balance] Refuse to act when planning to delete data above an admin-specified threshold
9967 Bug [keep-balance] Do not delete blocks referenced by collections with replication_desired=0
9958 Idea login-sync config file & systemd unit
9937 Idea [Workbench] file upload should provide progress bar for overall upload, not just individual files
9936 Bug Workbench file upload should allow the selection of directories
9929 Bug [SDK] portable_manifest_text() normalizes manifest, breaks CollectionReader() round trip
9921 Bug [SDKs] Python SDK duplicates resource attributes in top level of params
3311 Feature [SDKs] Improve metadata created by arv-put
9852 Bug arv-put reuploads files when adding --portable-data-hash
9755 Bug [CWL] Creating intermediate folders in working directory (fails in cwl-runner)
9750 Bug [Workbench] UI should advance to new step when user submits their input
10142 Bug [Workbench] Ability to add group from Groups admin page
9443 Bug [keep-rsync] Rename "replications" to "replicas" 0.5
9659 Bug [CWL] Jobs crash when arvados/jobs:latest is not suitable to run CWL jobs
9630 Bug [Crunch2] crunch-dispatch-slurm can't successfully dispatch work when run from a directory it can't write to 0.5
9278 Idea [Crunch2] Document/fix handling of collections with non-nil expires_at field 1.0
9592 Idea [FUSE] rmdir on CollectionDirectory sets expires_at
9590 Idea [FUSE] Trash directory to list, inspect, and un-trash trashed collections
9584 Idea [FUSE] Don't display expiring collections in regular collection listings
9245 Feature [FUSE] Make .arvados#collection available in collection subdirectories
9244 Bug [FUSE] .arvados#collection is missing or outdated after writing inside collection
8317 Bug [Provenance Tracking] jobs refer to collections by uuids, not pdh
8254 Bug Add Gantt chart for pipeline optimization
7977 Bug get rid of dependencies python-pyasn1 python-pyasn1-modules
8669 Bug [SDKs] PySDK fails to load CAs for SSL verification when run inside Conda
8148 Bug [FUSE] When we give up trying to write a block, the next operation on the file should fail
8774 Idea [Crunch] Limit maximum wait time between retries
8315 Bug [SDKs] arv-copy fails to copy a Docker image specified with repo:tag syntax 0.5
8346 Bug [API] Bad compute node address detection on private networks
8388 Bug [SDKs] WebSocketClient Exception 'NoneType' object is not callable 0.5
8747 Bug [FUSE] mtime missing in an object after update
7831 Idea [FUSE] Add --umask, --fmask, --dmask options to control file permissions 1.0
9141 Bug [SDKs] Bad use of RetryLoop in
7156 Bug [SDK] arvados.arvfile.readall_decompressed() does not return all blocks on a file
8387 Bug [Docs] Many tutorial instructions are wrong outside Curoverse clusters
8781 Idea [Docs/Workbench] Document how to clone repositories over HTTPS
8775 Idea [Docs/Workbench] Improve SSH agent documentation
8557 Feature [Workbench] Re-run with same components+script versions should use the same components in the pipeline instance
8885 Idea [PySDK] API client logs a warning when you create an object without an owner_uuid
8638 Bug [API] List queries using "distinct" option return incorrect number of items_available
6772 Bug [API] Should not be necessary to host git repos on the same host as API server 2.0
8163 Feature [FUSE] arv-mount should detect and log any files/dirs that are still open after unmounting
7621 Idea [API] Job model validates that the script exists in the repository at script_version 1.0
9428 Idea [SDKs] Port arv-keepdocker to use the docker-py library
9045 Idea [SDKs] `arv keep docker` can upload an image already saved as .tar
9147 Idea [SDKs] `arv keep docker` can make links for an image already in a collection
3897 Idea [SDKs] Clients can specify which auth config file to load. 0.5
8212 Feature [SDKs] arv CLI program accepts "-" and "/path/to/file" as values for parameters that expect JSON (most notably the "body" parameter) 0.5
8313 Idea [SDK] arv-copy better Git repository error reporting
7312 Bug [API] CSS+images missing on login_failure.html
7880 Bug [Crunch] crunch-dispatch should run the bundled version of crunch-job specified by Gemfile.lock 0.5
8195 Bug [API] [Workbench] config:check catches and reports YAML parsing errors
8121 Bug [CRUNCH] Fail gracefully when arvados repo doesn't exists
7024 Feature [Keep] keepstore status.json should report runtime environment
7008 Bug [Workbench] Crashes with Fiddlesticks when trying to view a pipeline instance graph copied from another cluster 0.5
5846 Feature [Workbench] [Fiddlesticks] Live job log should show recent history 2.0
3734 Feature [Keep] Keepstore and keepproxy support HTTP Range requests 2.0
8228 Feature [SDKs] [FUSE] Python SDK and arv-mount use Range requests when a caller requests part of a block that has been ejected from the cache 2.0
7127 Feature [API] Job log cleaner should not clean logs when the job's log is the empty collection
7600 Bug [Crunch] Unhelpful translation of script parameter outside script_parameters 1.0
7418 Bug [SDKs] Unhelpful 404 stack trace when trying to arv-copy a collection without access
6780 Bug [git] "git clone https://..." with a bogus token should respond 4xx, not 5xx 0.5
7725 Bug [Keep-store] make keep-store lookup token at runtime like keep-proxy does 1.0
6968 Bug [SDKs] arv-copy continues copying when a collection's content address is wrong, but warns and exits a special code 2.0
5676 Feature [SDK] arv-copy automatically creates new repository(ies) on the destination cluster
7400 Bug [Workbench] node visibility as admin vs ordinary user does not line up
7120 Bug [Keep] keepproxy should log real IP address 0.5
7129 Bug [Documentation] RVM and passenger recipes are missing details 0.5
6883 Bug [Deployment] should set up git_repositories_dir
7170 Bug [Documentation] Various small bugs in the CLI SDK install guide
7356 Bug [Documentation] Various small bugs in the install guide
8331 Idea [Documentation] Clarify PostgreSQL setup commands for Software Collections users 0.5
8621 Bug [Wiki] Clean up Computation_and_Pipeline_Processing page
7575 Bug [Documentation] Install guide incurs RVM's sudo wrath 0.5
7342 Bug [Documentation] Install guide explains a few different deployment options 2.0
7230 Bug [Documentation] FUSE documentation should note granting FUSE permissions 0.5
6919 Bug [Documentation] Make keepproxy install guide follow nginx conventions 0.5
9017 Feature [Tests] Make slow tests optional (e.g., --short)
7166 Bug [API] specifying an invalid filter should result in an error
6992 Bug [API] Support numeric filter comparisons for numeric fields
9150 Idea [API] Synthetic collections include the "kind" field
7184 Bug [Deployment] Test distribution packages
8538 Bug [Workbench/API] Does not derive key name from comments with whitespace
7082 Idea Commit to supporting the Arvados API
9143 Bug [API] Trying to update a collection by PDH raises a NoMethodError
6240 Bug [API] "order" params should be rejected or used (not silently ignored) even when they reference columns missing from the "select" param 0.5
7695 Bug [API] Accept collection UUID as a job's docker_image constraint 0.5
9148 Idea [API] Finalize and document the collections/provenance and collections/used_by API calls
7232 Bug [Keep] keepstore should notify sysadmin about error conditions (trying harder than just log.Print())
4431 Bug [SDKs] arv-copy should not require --dst-git-repo when copying on the same cluster 0.5
6276 Bug [SDKs] Python Keep block-r/w errors should indicate which collection/file was unreadable/unwritable as a result 1.0
6387 Idea [SDKs] arv-put progress meter scales based on file size, rather than being fixed to MiB
6959 Bug [SDKs] arv-copy raises an unexpected backtrace on ^C
8065 Bug Out of memory when using arv-copy not handled gracefully
8379 Feature [SDKs] Recursive arv-copy should report progress of the entire copy, in addition to individual objects
7476 Idea [SDKs] Ensure `arv keep put` replicates properly
7477 Idea [SDKs] Go Keep client enforces a minimum transfer rate for proxy connections
7473 Idea [FUSE] [SDKs] Ensure FUSE and other SDK clients work with a default replication level != 2
8502 Feature [SDKs] Fetch all results with the CLI `list` command
8213 Feature [SDKs] arv get (and edit) should support a flag that suppresses display of non-writable attributes like "status" and "writable_by" 1.0
8501 Feature [SDKs] Add client-side join switches to `arv foo list`
8498 Feature [SDKs] GoSDK arvadosclient parameters are more transparent
8838 Idea [SDKs] PySDK Collection class lets you iterate files and subcollections separately
8780 Idea [SDKs] Git credentials helper in CLI tools
8022 Idea [SDKs] CLI tools install tab completion aids
7394 Idea [SDKs] arv-copy copies all metadata associated with an object
9144 Bug [SDKs] Can't `arv get` a collection by PDH
7385 Bug [Workbench] Pagination sets limit on last page, causing unintended side effects
6439 Bug [Workbench] Copying jobs causes "SubmitIdReused" error if submit_id is not null 0.5
7002 Bug [Workbench] workbench move and copy is incomplete
7003 Bug [Workbench] warn user when navigation will cause input text to be lost
6363 Bug [Workbench] Visible blanking between partial content reloads
6601 Bug [API] Do not accept an empty SSH key as valid 0.5
6921 Bug [SDKs] `arv create` creates an object from an empty file 0.5
8058 Idea [Documentation] Add Gitolite sanity check to install guide
8873 Bug [Docs] file_names Collection field is undocumented
8328 Idea [Deployment] .yml.example files should be consistent 0.5
7158 Bug [Documentation] Document installing the PySDK at a different PREFIX 0.5
6886 Bug [Documentation] A user with an older install may land in a page that requires the "latest" prerequisites.
6792 Bug [API] [Performace] Collection index selecting manifest_text takes too long
7471 Idea [SDKs] Provide a CLI tool to add files to an existing collection
7472 Idea [SDKs] Provide a CLI tool to remove files from a collection
7141 Bug [API] Advertise anonymous token in discovery document
7845 Feature [Crunch] Crunchstat and arv-mount print final stats before exiting 1.0
7100 Bug [Workbench] Reusing ArvadosResourceList results in inconsistent results
7439 Idea [SDKs] CLI tools support Mac
6783 Idea [Performance] Compare Collection performance benchmarks across components
6782 Feature [API] [Workbench] Generate debconf template from config yaml
6762 Bug [FUSE][Performance] Job to md5sum 1TiB of 1MiB files in parallel is very slow
7474 Idea [FUSE] Add a --replication switch
6570 Idea [DRAFT] [Workbench] More encouragement for users to send feedback
6606 Bug [Workbench] Provide a GUI interface to arv-copy
6599 Bug [SDKs] Whenever `arv` has an invalid resource name argument, it should complain about that 0.5
6574 Feature [Workbench] [Webshell] Rough edges in web shell 2.0
6677 Bug [Workbench] Anonymous user is listed in the "Share with users" popup when anonymous viewing is disabled, while "Share with groups" popup omits the anonymous group
5914 Idea [DRAFT] Provide one clear way for users to get data from an external source into Arvados
6442 Feature [Workbench] [API] Support "world-readable, but not world-searchable" permission on projects: "anyone with the link can view"
6424 Feature [Workbench] Display ultimate owner of a project or other item on workbench pages.
6405 Idea [Workbench] Allow additional curation of the public projects listing
6348 Feature [Deployment] [Documentation] Minimize system-wide dependencies for compute node setup 1.0
6318 Bug [SDKs] Go SDK locator regexp (and its tests) should agree with the documented format 0.5
6310 Feature [FUSE] Support scaling the internal block cache based on number of open files
6307 Idea [Workbench] Public project listing should exclude subprojects 0.5
6274 Bug [API] [Workbench] Home project should be a real object (group with group_class="project"), not current_user. 2.0
6175 Bug [Workbench] Add social sharing buttons to public projects [and other data?] 1.0
6174 Bug [Workbench] Propagate old search engine meta tags in sync with Open Graph data 0.5
6173 Bug [Workbench] Make public data crawlable
6172 Bug [Workbench] Breadcrumbs can occupy multiple rows when the screen is narrow 0.5
6130 Bug [Workbench] Support searching collections by their collection name
6642 Idea [API] Include a mechanism to automatically trust some clients
6076 Bug [API] walk api server installations and ensure modified_at for collections is unique + ensure modified_at is enforced to be unique at the api level.
6020 Bug [Workbench] The collection information box values for content address and content size should be updated automatically after new file(s) are added via browser upload.
5962 Feature [Keep] Use bufferpool in keepproxy to limit memory use when there are many concurrent PUTs 1.0
5952 Bug Slow to log-in to Workbench
5947 Bug [Workbench] Provide additional guidance to users running their first pipeline
5946 Bug [Workbench] "other collections have the same content" page is confusing
5901 Bug [API] Improve performance of large requests in parallel
5896 Bug [FUSE] Ensure all I/O errors properly distinguish "not found" and other API errors
5523 Bug [Crunch] crunchstat should not report errors during normal timing races 0.5
5788 Idea [SDKs] [refactor] Dry up KeepService get() and put() in arvados/ 0.5
5782 Feature [Workbench] Support entering boolean script_parameters when editing a pipeline instance 0.5
5767 Feature [API] Websockets subscribe API should accept a start timestamp, so clients don't have to miss any events logged between the given start time and websocket connection success. 1.0
5841 Bug [Workbench] Link to script sources on github when repository is a github url 0.5
5743 Bug [Workbench] Replace type-specific #index pages with generic code 2.5
6058 Idea [Workbench] Provide a guided workflow to new users who want to upload data and run a public pipeline 2.5
5713 Bug [FUSE] File access sometimes takes too long on su92l
5820 Bug [Workbench] Missing link target in iframe error message 0.5
5669 Bug [Workbench] Make Dashboard contents filterable
5668 Feature [Workbench] Favorite projects, pipelines, collections
5667 Bug [Workbench] Indicate related pipeline instances
5665 Bug [Workbench] Link to log from pipeline and/or job summary page
5614 Bug [Workbench] 504 error returned when trying to create a large new collection
5235 Bug [Workbench] Pipeline instance "Re-run with latest" button occasionally returns Not found page
5778 Feature [FUSE] Support efficient copy at command line 2.0
4835 Feature [Workbench] Log Graph - Feature requests
5415 Feature [Workbench] Improve presentation of anonymously-viewed collections (via both "sharing link" and regular copy-and-pasted Location) 2.5
5624 Idea [API] [Workbench] [Performance] Use object caching to improvement performance (such as memcache).
5560 Bug [DRAFT] [API] Good API for accessing the old_ and new_attributes in Logs table properties column 2.0
4943 Bug [Workbench] [Performance] Combining big collections should start returning a response faster (currently you can get a 502 proxy error even if the collection still combines)
5621 Idea [Documentation] Improve SDK documentation
5582 Feature [API] [Workbench] Add read-only ("locked") flag to projects 2.0
5511 Feature [Workbench] Workbench should support viewing VCF files
5495 Feature [Workbench] Change "recent pipelines" to curated selection of "public pipelines"
5459 Feature [Crunch] Job logs include node-level resource usage statistics (cpu, ram, swap, etc)
5428 Idea [Tests] Enhance keep testing to support signed locators. 2.0
5127 Bug [Docs] Note apt key information in Python package READMEs
5327 Bug [SDK] CLI tools should catch socket errors like "Connection refused" 0.5
5201 Feature [SDKs] arv-put --description X --properties P should set respective attrs on new collection. 0.5
4957 Bug [SDKs] arv keep put blows up when trying to put a danging symlink 0.5
5451 Bug [Documentation] Fix Go SDK comments so they look reasonable in godoc 0.5
5138 Feature [SDKs] arv-run-pipeline-instance should accept project and title parameters 0.5
5245 Feature [Documentation] Show footer with date last updated 0.5
3625 Bug [Workbench] API token provided in query string should not be ignored just because the session already has a token. 0.5
5439 Feature [Tests] Provide a docker image, based on puppet/packer process, that can run the entire test suite quickly.
5316 Feature [DRAFT] [Workbench] Browse change history for records
5284 Feature [Docker] Auto setup as much as possible for new users
5391 Feature [SDK] Go KeepClient offers a "read block" API that recovers from transmission errors by attempting alternate servers.
5541 Bug [Workbench] Buttons should have consistent ctrl-click and right-click behavior
5147 Bug [Docker] Make API server root URL in discovery document easier to resolve 0.5
5307 Bug [Workbench] Additional settings for ssh/config from Manage Account page 0.5
5296 Feature [Workbench] Extend Sharing tab to collections
5259 Feature [Tests] Reduce dependency on integration tests 2.0
5193 Feature [Workbench] Public project page should encourage visitors to try using Arvados themselves 1.0
5134 Bug [SDKs] CLI tools fail or warn when current working directory is gone
5139 Feature [SDKs] arv-get should support getting multiple files by shell glob
5097 Feature [SDKs] CLI tools support project paths in addition to uuids 2.0
4744 Idea [Workbench] Merge "user agreement" and "required profile fields" into a single page 2.0
5025 Bug [Docker] Make it easy to add data from the host system to containers
4358 Bug [Tests] When comparing pipelines, the graph should highlight the differences by using different colors for pipeline A/B/both. 0.5
5021 Bug [Workbench] Page for downloading collections with anonymous sharing link does not have any styling.
4906 Feature [Documentation/FUSE] Document '.arvados#collection' in shell VM keep mount
4771 Bug [Workbench] Collection content hash should stay up-to-date (e.g., while uploading files) 0.5
4767 Bug [API] Discovery doc should fix its incorrect "list" method description to be identical to "index" 0.5
4579 Feature [Documentation] Run-command docs should remind user how & why to exit non-zero on failure. 0.5
4669 Bug [SDKs] arv-put should assume --no-resume when --raw is given 0.5
4647 Feature [Workbench] Projects dropdown should have a free text filter box 0.5
4530 Feature [Workbench] Show more (earlier) log entries for a running job 2.0
4566 Idea [Documentation] Introduce compute workflow / pipeline concepts in user guide 1.0
4508 Feature [Documentation] Best practices for getting the most out of job re-use 1.0
4531 Feature [Documentation] Set of introductory tutorials each focused on accomplishing a simple task 2.0
4808 Feature [Workbench] "Add data from another project" modal supports regex filtering
4650 Feature [API] API method and CLI shortcut for refreshing the signatures on some block locators (without creating a collection) 0.5
4475 Bug [Crunch] Crunch-dispatch should ensure slurm nodes are released if they are (for any reason) allocated to jobs that have stopped running. 1.0
4919 Idea [API] Arvados clients can use standard OAuth2 protocol instead of custom token handling mechanism 2.0
4502 Feature [SDKs] "arv recent [objectType]" lists recently modified objects 1.0
4302 Feature [Crunch] Pipelines should not fail immediately after one job failure, but continue running as much as possible
4452 Bug [Workbench] Report a Problem" menu item does not like being opened in a new tab/window. 0.5
4404 Feature [API] [SDKs] Include provenance information for uploaded Collections
4350 Idea [Workbench] Order by Collections "Name" column puts "folders" (collections containing files) at the top
4349 Feature [SDKs] When editing a template in arv-edit and faced with a parse error, when trying again, it should automatically take you to the line/column of the error
4175 Bug [API] API method and interface to check if a bugfix is deployed on a cluster 2.0
4343 Feature [SDKs] arv create needs --project-uuid and --name parameters for appropriate classes
4237 Idea [Documentation] Update and expand user/tutorials/tutorial-keep-mount.html to show practical ways of finding data via FUSE mount. 1.0
4193 Feature [SDK] Make arv keep docker smarter about storing docker layers, thus making uploads of changed images (much) faster 2.0
4309 Bug [SDK] arv-copy collection copy performance 2.0
4255 Idea [SDKs] Implement "arv keep less" and "arv keep check" natively instead of hoping whless and whcheck are installed. 1.0
3853 Bug [API] Strange error when trying to update a Collection with UUID=[hash] 0.5
3964 Feature [SDKs] Command-line diagnostic suite reveals problems on a shell VM (e.g., arv-mount, SDK version skew) 1.0
3817 Bug [API] Discovery document schema does not include generated fields like job dependencies 1.0
3892 Feature [SDKs] Install man pages for CLI tools (auto generate from the --help content) 2.0
12166 Bug [API] non standard JSON output in prodution.log
12052 Feature crunchstat summary takes scattered cwl jobs and finds statistics of node usage across them
10264 Bug /etc/arvados directory permissions need to be '711'
9980 Bug [CLI] Trailing blank lines in ~/.config/arvados/settings.conf should be ignored
9939 Bug [Keep][Performance]Huge disparity in arv-copy speeds between same clusters 0.5
7237 Feature arv-copy ergonomics
7111 Bug Test arv-copy
9661 Feature collection update performance improvement
9044 Idea [Crunch2] [Workbench] Browse and show tools using the GA4GH tool registry API
9541 Feature [Keep] Handle HEAD requests without allocating a data buffer
9282 Feature [SDK] Go SDK provides method to get paged results from list queries
9255 Feature [keep] drain mode for a keepstore service
9263 Idea [SDK] Go version of arv-put & arv-get
9217 Idea [SDKs] Define and document Python events interface
8903 Bug users should not be able to hijack the arvados/jobs:latest image by creating an arvados link object
8754 Feature [Tests] Add code-checking tools to CI test pipeline
8457 Feature [Keep] Shuffle top N keep servers to balance reads
9262 Feature [API] Associate admin privileges with token instead of user account
7932 Idea [Keep] keepproxy aggregates and reports volume IDs from Keepstores
7930 Idea [SDKs] GoSDK KeepClient considers volume IDs when replicating
6468 Feature Move arvados-mailchimp-plugin to a public repo
6009 Feature should try to download the file if available
5960 Feature [API] Support transactional update of collections by multiple writers
5941 Feature When creating a new collection that is a subset of a previous collection, the source information should have some sort of description
8569 Feature [Crunch2] Impure mount from host fs
8570 Feature [Crunch2] Impure access to object store
14467 Idea [SDK] Merge Go ArvadosClient and arvados.Client and migrate to arvados.Client
15681 Feature wb2 workflows run in "Workflow runs" project by default
15730 Idea [Workbench 2] Implement UI for new group permission scheme 4.0
16431 Idea Write draft of stories / requirements / ideas for accessing external data
16344 Bug Better logging of token rejection
16161 Feature easy aggregate metrics with prometheus
16664 Idea Remove legacy config loading
16800 Feature PAM sets Arvados environment vars
16389 Feature [k8s] add support for Amazon EKS
16240 Support Curii ops can control, and DNS
16417 Support Centralize logs
17272 Idea Doc site feedback
17313 Feature [Documentation] improve federation documentation
17327 Feature Go codegen for reading/writing CWL
16058 Support wiki
17451 Idea clean up/refactor terraform code
17000 Support document jutro/pirca and copying between them
17993 Feature [deduplication-report] supports storage classes
17953 Idea [api] Remove unused "node" object
18464 Feature Batch update endpoint for permission changes
18724 Bug Collection file_names should contain full paths for substring matching
18998 Idea keepstore ability to check token validity for uploads
19081 Bug Possible bug passing cmd line arguments with spaces to singularity
18996 Bug Container request's expires_at field
18973 Idea Test combinations of federation scenarios
19276 Bug email users when events happen
18796 Idea Blog post about property vocabulary
18795 Idea Blog post about orchestrating data transfer
18295 Idea Write white paper about Arvados digital pathology project at Roche
18997 Idea ability to migrate arvbox to arvados-server boot dev mode
19387 Feature Support picking workflows uploaded as collections with type: workflow.
19386 Feature --create-workflow creates or updates collection with metadata
19782 Bug Empty user created emails 1.0
17172 Feature Stale-while-revalidate caching strategy for requests 3.0
17157 Bug Workbench should have all collection updates result in new versions
17153 Bug Displays "Your project is empty." instead of "Nothing matched the search" when a search doesn't find anything
16933 Bug [login federation] post-trashing collection UX bug
16932 Bug [login federation] trashing collections: snackbar issues
16225 Bug Issues with interactively deleting project from Workbench 2 from Project Browser
16931 Bug [login federation] Not Found modal when looking at trashed collection
16975 Feature Direct navigation to federated objects
16119 Bug display lingers after error
16123 Bug Browsing trash produces spurious errors
16065 Bug Navigate to the newly created collection when extracting files from an existing one
17510 Feature Create filter group based on an advanced search query in the UI
16063 Bug Enhance share popup dialog design
14273 Feature [Navigation] Notification system (process end, shared with someone)
13677 Feature [Workbench] System status information
13978 Feature [Data operation] Outputs expiry (collection view)
13778 Feature [Data operations] Details panel - activity tab
14435 Idea [Navigation] Investigation - Notification system 3.0
15834 Idea [docs] Document admin user management features of workbench2
14814 Support [Data operations] Missing info in the sharing page
14214 Idea [Workbench] Show expand icons only for expandable tree nodes
18516 Idea run Theia interactively for development on shell and/or compute nodes

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
15764 Bug Right clicking on a node in the navigation tree should select it
15347 Bug [Admin functionality] Admin cannot see another user's content inside the trash
17938 Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] shell node centos-7 packages
3437 Bug "Choose folder" dialog when running a pipeline displays folders you can't write to
3391 Bug [Workbench] Can see job information but cannot access output collection
3073 Bug [Workbench] Progress bar not fully green when all jobs/tasks complete successfully 0.5
3164 Bug [Workbench] resolve race condition in displaying logs from newly-completed jobs 1.0
13874 Idea [CLI] arvados-server "health" subcommand 2.0
6865 Feature [Documentation] Higher Level Python SDK Reference Page
17786 Bug [deployment][webshell][shellinabox] centos 7's shellinabox is not pam-enabled
17575 Bug "Shared with me" Tree keeps expanding even if I closed it intentionally
17309 Feature Keep “Shared with me" collapsed unless opened manually
10614 Bug [CWL] a-c-r maximum recursion depth exceeded error
10296 Bug [Centos7] [google_api_python_client] packaging with wrong permissions
10242 Idea [Performance] Fetching the pipeline instance qr1hi-d1hrv-jl9fvzy3x8sdj8v seems to take too long
9989 Bug [SDKs] Python SDK should use a more recent version of the google api client library
9802 Feature [Workbench UI] Pipeline instances should have a link to view the CWL file used.
7328 Feature [Crunch] [UX] Standard excepthook to help debug job problems 1.0
8778 Idea [Docs] Document Git 1.7.10+ dependency for shell node and HTTPS Git cloning
7823 Bug ubuntu package libarvados-perl should depend on libcrypt-ssleay-perl
8349 Bug [Docs] keep-web runit script depends on sudo configuration
6922 Bug [API] [Maybe] Update API server to support Git 1.7.2
6920 Bug [Workbench] Remove Keep disks link? 0.5
6635 Bug [Documentation] document installation of node manager
7099 Bug [SDKs] CLI SDK tools use Ruby SDK
5907 Bug [SDKs] PySDK's internal decorators lose method metadata 0.5
5906 Bug [API] crunch-dispatch should mark a job failed when its repository cannot be fetched 1.0
5902 Bug [Workbench] collection#show is unresponsive for a large collection
5494 Feature [Documentation] Run an uncommitted script straight from a working directory using arv-run-pipeline-instance --run-here
5387 Feature [DRAFT] [Workbench] Improve provenance/used-by graphs so they are legible even for large pipelines / long provenance trails 2.0
3223 Feature [Documentation] Tutorial for adding a crunch script wrapper for an existing tool that is already hosted on github. 2.0
3387 Bug [Workbench] Disable auto-refresh on tabs with infinite-scroll or editable content. 0.5
3980 Feature [SDKs] CLI tool to view real time logs from running jobs/pipelines, much like the Log tab of the Workbench PipelineInstance#show page 1.0
4503 Feature [SDKs] Option to watch logs (instead of exiting) when queuing a job or pipeline instance using arv job create, arv pipeline run, etc. 1.0
3284 Feature [Workbench] Project show page should have buttons to add objects besides Collections
3101 Feature [Tests] Websockets should work out of the box in test/development modes, even when using an ssh tunnel and a self-signed certificate. 2.0
3037 Bug [API] websocket clients should not put API tokens in path or query string 1.0

Closed Sprints