Arvados 2.6.3


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Development 2023-05-24 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12684 Bug Let user specify a retry strategy on the client object, used for all API calls 2.0

Development 2023-06-07


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20522 Feature Option to load private key from specified file instead of inline in config file 0.5
20531 Bug When getting logs from child job to print error, distinguish between job couldn't start and non-zero exit 0.5
20449 Bug Background refresh tasks of "all processes" issues
20541 Bug make crunch-run API calls lighter weight, avoid fetching mounts (or returning mounts on update) when not needed
20540 Bug crunch-run should sleep-and-retry after transient failures on API calls, especially when container is succeeding 0.5
20433 Feature Config option to have crunch-run stop sending logs to logs table 0.5
20545 Bug Filter If-None-Match header in controller
20595 Bug "error inspecting container" causing containers to be abandoned
20561 Bug Log when files from input are being propagated to output in crunch-run finalization 0.5
20485 Feature Option to skip automatic SSH key deployment on cloud VMs 0.5
20511 Bug High number of "aborted" boot outcomes
20520 Feature [arvados-dispatch-cloud] configurable instance initialization script
20538 Bug Unhandled exception when trying to delete a process that you don't have write permission
20229 Bug Document /_inspect/requests management endpoint 0.5

Development 2023-06-21 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20613 Idea Reveal googleapiclient retry logs during client construction 1.0