Arvados 2.7.0


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20533 Bug Better handling of request surges when canceling a large workflow
20258 Idea "Live" log view should show users the most recent logs, wherever those are
18101 Bug [a-d-c] [AWS] add option to spin up (spot) instances in more/all availability zones in the region
17070 Feature [packaging][centos] build packages for centos8

Closed Sprints

Development 2023-04-12 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19889 Feature access current container logs at /arvados/v1/containers/{uuid}/log/{filename} 3.0

Development 2023-04-26 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20319 Feature Move containers/{uuid}/log/ to container_requests/{uuid}/log/ 2.0
14070 Bug API DB needs an index on collections name 1.0
20241 Idea API server accepts modern SSH key types (elliptic curve/ecdsa/ed25519) 2.0
18799 Support Strategy to generate Python SDK docstrings based on API docs 1.0
19620 Bug Remove old keepstore S3 driver on arvados 2.6.0 1.0

Development 2023-05-10 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20470 Feature Select fields with group contents query
20462 Bug Uploading a new workflow is failing
20468 Idea Installer supports nginx/passenger config tuning for performance
20472 Bug Too many ProbesPerSecond kills the database
20475 Feature dump request queue every 5 minutes when at 90% busy
18790 Feature Access live container logs through arvados-client and crunch-run container gateway 2.0

Development 2023-05-24 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20325 Support Review dependabot alerts
20432 Bug Improve CWL runner handling 503 errors
20529 Bug Container update deadlock pt 2
20482 Idea Installer's terraform code supports customized AWS deployment 2.0

Development 2023-06-07


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20594 Bug scaling nginx settings
20031 Feature New collection file browser copy/move operations 2.0
20474 Bug Ensuring metrics are available during busy times 0.5

Development 2023-06-21 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20602 Idea Prioritize requests made by workbench 2
20652 Bug cwl runner lighter weight polling
20647 Bug container_request/.../logs endpoint needs to handle CORS preflight (unauthenticated OPTIONS) requests 1.0
20637 Bug Large number of collections ties up all connections?
20601 Feature Optimize arvados-dispatch-cloud performance when queue is very large

Development 2023-07-05 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20606 Bug Unstartable preemptible:true containers should not be reused by non-retryable preemptible:false requests 1.0
20619 Bug arvados-client deb package doesn't depend on libfuse
20663 Idea Configuration to limit resources managed by arvados-login-sync 2.0
20665 Feature Installer handles secrets separately from local.params
20425 Bug Inappropriate auto-retry when looking up collection by PDH
20374 Support tag key "arv:workflowMain" is not documented
20660 Support Merge R SDK PR
20664 Support Merge Java SDK PR

Development 2023-07-19 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20559 Bug Keep-web unable to reliably write many small files
20731 Support Merge documentation updates from Zoe
20667 Bug atQuota should dynamically lower maxSupervisors
20684 Bug crunchstat-summary doc page should mention need to set up arvados repositories
20710 Idea Stop using deprecated pipes module 0.5

Development 2023-08-02 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20797 Feature Build Rocky Linux / RHEL compatible packages
20726 Bug ListObjectsv2 on keep-web struggles with > 1000 results
20343 Bug Regular expressions written as plain (not raw) strings 0.5
20543 Idea Documentation should stop suggesting `pip install --user` 0.5

Development 2023-08-16


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20688 Idea Redirects to workbench send users to workbench 2
20735 Idea Update Go, Ruby, singularity, etc. 1.0
20822 Idea Add build-packages-rocky8 to build-packages Jenkins multijob 0.5
17244 Bug Make sure cgroupsV2 works with Arvados 2.0
20457 Bug Cancelled after exceeding 'Containers.MaxDispatchAttempts' (lock_count=5)
20649 Bug Improve troubleshooting assistance for compute instance SSH problems 1.0
20755 Feature Support multiple subnets in arvados-dispatch-cloud
20754 Bug docker-cleaner possibly broken 2.0
20705 Bug crunchstat-summary warns when data points are missing
20680 Support installer and defaults changes
20610 Idea Installer supports deploying a load-balancer to horizontally scale the controller node

Development 2023-08-30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20614 Bug "Warning: Process retried 1 time due to failure." with no additional information
20877 Bug Containers for trashed container_requests were not cancelled
19933 Bug Create working sharing URLs in login federation
20839 Feature Deprecate legacy Python SDK functions 0.5
20757 Bug arvados-client binary doesn't seem to sometimes pick up ~/.config/arvados/settings.conf
20894 Bug more config defaults
20884 Bug Add rocky8 build to workbench2
20603 Bug Trash is only showing one item 2.0
20890 Bug Remove "switch to workbench 1" from wb2
20617 Bug Table search in "Shared with me" view does not does not work 2.0
20845 Bug Filter for "Queued" not working
19793 Bug Can't use the back button after visiting a collection via portable data hash
20513 Feature Process details should include link to the CWL code that was run
20454 Bug Tweak display of "cost"
18946 Feature Support first time login profile feature
20219 Feature Log panel on container view fetches live logs using periodic range request on new container log endpoint 3.0
19991 Bug Breadcrumbs don't load when too many side panel items 2.0
20853 Idea Switch from pdoc3 to pdoc 0.5
20882 Bug Submits workflows with wrong priority
20878 Bug rocky8 libpam-arvados-go package fails tests 0.5
20858 Bug "properties exists" filter very slow

Development 2023-09-13 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20905 Bug Update for the pdoc3→pdoc migration
20840 Support Update documentation to make it clear certain APIs are deprecated
20889 Bug Installer potholes
20612 Feature diagnostic container should in check for connectivity to API server
20913 Bug Add test that updating user profile works
20750 Bug collection sharing tokens shouldn't leak account info of the person sharing (user/currrent) 3.0
20919 Bug Issue serving cached discovery doc
20899 Bug Missing "Delete" option for workflows 0.5
20829 Bug can_manage user can't write or manage permissions on a project

Development 2023-09-27 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20497 Support Update WGS tutorial to use Workbench 2
20955 Idea Crunch log transition documentation issues
17846 Bug [tutorial] inconsistencies/roadbumps
19359 Bug optional "enum" input doesn't work 1.0
20951 Idea Document deprecated api_client_authorization fields 0.5
20926 Bug Need to install postgresql-client matching database version
20850 Feature Notification that workbench 1 is deprecated
20769 Support Release Arvados 2.7.0

Development 2023-11-08 sprint


# Tracker Subject Story Points
21041 Bug [AbbVie] Upgrade development cluster (irdev) to 2.7.0